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  The Magic Christian   |  Without You (Book) - 1st Ed.  |    Badƒinger (Video)
  Badƒinger Anthology Vol. 1 & 2  |    Without You (Book) - 2nd Ed.

Joey Molland:

  Gary Walker and the Rain - Album #1  |  Natural Gas

Tommy Evans:

  Apple Daze

Bob Jackson:

  Indian Summer  |  Ross  |  Ross - Pit & Pendulum  |  Moon - Too Close For Comfort
  The Byron Band - On The Rocks

The Dodgers:

  Love On The Rebound


  Come And Get It  |  Remembering Badƒinger


  The Apple E.P.  |  Capitol Collectors Series  |  A Minnesota Christmas
  Young Savage Florida   |  94 Baker Street   |  ROCK 4 XMAS - Vol 1  |  An Apple A Day
  Perfection-Songs of Ham & Evans  |  Hi-Fi Christmas Volume 2  |  Treacle Toffee World
  Come And Get It\Best of Apple Records   | 

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Outside Cover

Inside Spread

Gary Walker And The Rain
Album #1 (with Joey Molland)

Album Released (Japan only): 1968
Label: Philips SFX-7133
CD Release (Japan only): 2007
Universal - Catalog: UICY-93236

Band Personnel
Paul Crane: rhythn guitar, piano, vocals
John Lawson: bass
Joey Molland: lead guitar, vocals
Gary Walker (Leeds): drums

The Limited Edition Japanese pressing of this CD features the original album artwork housed as a miniature LP sleeve and has been 24-bit remastered.

Photo Credit: Chris Walter / Photofeatures
(Used with permission)


  1. Magazine Woman (Crane ) 4:53
  2. The Sun Shine (Crane) 2:42
  3. Doctor Doctor (Molland) 2:53
  4. I Can't Stand To Lose You (Leeds/Crane) 2:22
  5. Market Tavern (Molland) 3:59
  6. Spooky (Middlebrooks/Shapiro) 2:56
  7. Take A Look (Leeds/Lawson/Crane) 2:03
  8. The View (Leeds/Molland) 2:46
  9. If You Don't Come Back (Leiber/Stoller) 6:41
  10. Thoughts Of An Old Man (Leeds/Molland) 2:39
  11. Francis (Leeds/Molland/Crane/Lawson) 3:00
  12. I Promise To Love You (Crane) 3:01
  13. Whatever Happened To Happy (Bonner/Gordon) 2:13

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LP Cover

Movie Posters & DVD Cover

The Magic Christian
(original sound track / video)

Theatrical Release: December 12, 1969
Directed: Joseph Mcgrath
Produced: Denis O'Dell
LP Release: February 11, 1970
Label: Commonwealth United Records, Inc.
Video Released: January 21, 2003
Label: Lionsgate
Artists: Ken Thorne & Orchestra, Badƒinger, Peter Sellers, Thunderclap Newman

Tracks - Side 1

  1. Ken Thorne & Orchestra: Introduction 0:25
  2. Badƒinger: Come And Get It 2:21
  3. Ken Thorne & Orchestra: Hamlet Scene 2:08
  4. Peter Sellers: Hunting Scene 0:25
  5. Badƒinger: Carry On Till Tomorrow 4:43
  6. Ken Thorne & Orchestra: Lili Marlene 2:13

Tracks - Side 2

  1. Ken Thorne & Orchestra: A Day In The Life 2:15
  2. Ken Thorne & Orchestra: Magic Christian Waltz 0:58
  3. Ken Thorne & Orchestra: Come And Get It 0:46
  4. Badƒinger: Rock Of All Ages 3:22
  5. Ken Thorne & Orchestra: Newsreel March Music 1:54
  6. Peter Sellers: Mad About The Boy 2:48
  7. Thunderclap Newman: Something In The Air 3:54

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CD Package

Indian Summer - Indian Summer
(with Bob Jackson)

LP Released: 1971
Label: RCA/Neon Records - NE3
CD Released: 1993
Repertoire Records REP 4357-WP
Produced: Rodger Bain
Engineering: Robin Cable

Band Personnel
Bob Jackson: keyboards, lead vocals
Colin Williams: guitar, vocals
Paul Hooper: drums, percussion, vocals
Malcolm Harker: bass, vibes, vocals

• All compositions by Indian Summer

Photo (l to r):
Malcolm H. • Bob J. • Colin W. • Paul H.

LP Tracks - Side 1

  1. God Is The Dog  6:35
  2. Emotions Of Men  5:40
  3. Glimpse  6:41
  4. Half Changed Again  6:23

LP Tracks - Side 2

  1. Black Sunshine  5:24
  2. From The Film Of The Same Name  5:50
  3. Secrets Reflected  6:47
  4. Another Tree Will Grow  6:06

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Full Cover

Ross - Ross
(with Bob Jackson)

Released: 1974
Label: RSO Records - SO 878
Produced & Mixed: Mike Finesilver
Engineering: Anton Mathews & Gerry Leach

Band Personnel
Alan Ross: lead vocals, guitars
Steve Emery: bass, vocals
Bob Jackson: keyboards, vocals, string
Tony Fernandez: drums, percussion
Ruben White: percussion

Tracks - Side 1

  1. Alright By Me (Ross/Emery/Jackson) 6:43
  2. You're Looking Down A Road (Ross) 4:32
  3. Wherever You Go (Ross) 3:56
  4. Caroline (Ross) 3:27
  5. Changes (Ross) 3:42

Tracks - Side 2

  1. Help Me Understand (Ross) 6:37
  2. Blackbird (Ross) 3:08
  3. I Need Your Love (Ross) 3:35
  4. Buxton (Ross) 3:57
  5. Leave It All Behind You (Ross) 3:54

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LP Cover

Japanese CD and Obi

Ross - The Pit & The Pendulum
(with Bob Jackson)

LP Released: 1974
Label: RSO Records - SO 4802
CD Released (Japan): 2009
Label: AMR Archive - AIRAC-1552
Produced: Bruce Botnick by arrangement with
  The Robert Stigwood Organization
Recorded & Mixed: Rik Pekkonen
Engineered: Anton Mathews & Gerry Leach
Recorded: Hollywood Sound Recorders
Cover Art: Ken Marcus

Band Personnel
Alan Ross: lead vocals, guitars & filing cabinet
Steve Emery: bass, vocals
Bob Jackson: keyboards, vocals, string
Tony Fernandez: drums, percussion
Ruben White: percussion
String Orchestration: Jack Nitzsche

Tracks - Side 1

  1. Swallow Your Dreams (Ross) 4:15
  2. Gotta Get It Right Back (Ross) 4:19
  3. Madness In Memories (Ross) 5:26
  4. Standing Alone (Ross) 4:09
  5. Discovery (Jackson) 4:41

Tracks - Side 2

  1. Now I See (Ross) 4:14
  2. So Slow (Ross) 3:59
  3. The Edge (Ross) 1:50
  4. Nearer And Nearer (Ross) 4:14
  5. Free (Ross) 1:00
  6. I've Been Waiting (Ross) 5:37
  7. Oh, I'm Happy Now [Words: E.A.Poe] (Music: Ross) 2:05

Resignedly beneath the sky
The melancholy waters lie.
So blend the turrets and shadows there
That all seem pendulous in the air,
While from a proud tower in the town
Death looks gigantically down.

(from "The City in the Sea" by Edgar Allen Poe)

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Outside Cover

Kosh Portraits

CD Package

Mobile Banner

Promo Poster

Natural Gas - Natural Gas
(with Joey Molland)

LP Released: 1976
Label: Private Stock Records, LTD
CD Released: 2009
Label: Renaissance Records
Produced: Felix Pappalardi
Engineering: Ralph Moss, Jeff Sanders
Dedicated to: Mal Evans - R.I.P.

Band Personnel
Mark Clarke: bass, vocals
Joey Molland: guitar, vocals
Jerry Shirley: drums
Peter Wood: keyboards

LP Tracks - Side 1

  1. Little Darlin' (J & K Molland) 3:09
  2. Once Again, A Love Song (Molland) 3:59
  3. You Can Do It (Wood/Clarke) 2:56
  4. I've Been Waitin' (Molland) 3:19
  5. I Believe It's Love (Shirley/Molland) 4:04

LP Tracks - Side 2

  1. The Right Time (Clarke) 3:50
  2. Christmas Song (Molland) 5:02
  3. Miracle Mile (Clarke) 2:43
  4. Dark Cloud (Molland) 3:02
  5. St. Louis Blues (Clarke) 3:32

Bonus CD Tracks

  1. Christmas Song [Rehersal] (Molland) 4:43
  2. Little Darlin' [Demo] (J & K Molland) 2:59
  3. Christmas Song [Demo] (Molland) 4:37

Photo (l to r):
Mark C. • Peter W. • Joey M. • Jerry S.

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LP Cover

LP Labels

"It's Getting Better"
w/ Bob Jackson

Moon - Too Close For Comfort
(with Bob Jackson)

Released: 1976
Label: CBS Records/Epic
LP: EPC 81456
Cassette EPC 40-81456
Producer: Stewart Levine for
  Outside Productions

Band Personnel
Doug Bainbridge: saxophone, flute, percussion
Graham Collyer: guitar
Ron Lawrence: bass
Noel McCalla: vocals
Loz Netto: guitar, vocals
Nicky Payn: saxophone, flute, harmonica
Luigi Salvoni: drums, tabla
Gary Moberly - Keyboards
Bob Jackson - Fender Rhodes on "It's Getting
  Better" and Organ on "Day Dreaming"
Backing Vocals - Moonettes - Dave Dennis,
  Loz Netto and Noel McCalla

LP Tracks - Side 1

  1. Lone Ranger (Salvoni/Dennis) 3:19
  2. Don't Wear It (Salvoni/Dennis) 3:30
  3. Cold Nights (Netto) 3:35
  4. Makin' Love (Netto) 1:57
  5. Too Close For Comfort (Salvoni/Dennis) 5:13

LP Tracks - Side 2

  1. Day Dreaming (Netto) 3:32
  2. I Can't Stop This Feeling (Salvoni/Dennis) 3:50
  3. Back To Your Old Ways (Salvoni/Dennis) 4:12
  4. Desolation Alley (Netto) 4:24
  5. It's Getting Better (Salvoni/Dennis) 4:00

Cassette Tracks - Side 1

  1. Don't Wear It (Salvoni/Dennis) 3:30
  2. Desolation Alley (Netto) 4:24
  3. Cold Nights (Netto) 3:35
  4. Makin' Love (Netto) 1:57
  5. Too Close For Comfort (Salvoni/Dennis) 5:13

Cassette Tracks - Side 2

  1. Day Dreaming (Netto) 3:32
  2. I Can't Stop This Feeling (Salvoni/Dennis) 3:50
  3. Back To Your Old Ways (Salvoni/Dennis) 4:12
  4. Lone Ranger (Salvoni/Dennis) 3:19
  5. It's Getting Better (Salvoni/Dennis) 4:00

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Full Cover

The Dodgers - Love On The
Rebound (with Bob Jackson)

Released: 1978
Label UK: Polydor Super 2383513
Label US: Polydor PD-1-6174
Produced & Engineered: Pat Moran

Band Personnel (for this album)
Roger Lomas: guitar, bass, vocals
John Wilson: guitar, bass, vocals
Paul Hooper: drums, percussion, vocals
Bob Jackson: keyboards, guitar, vocals

Dodgers - 1978

Roger L. • John W. • Paul H. • Bob J.

Dodgers - 1975

John W. • Tommy E. • Bob J. • Dave P.

US Tracks - Side 1

  1. Love On The Rebound (Wilson) 3:34
  2. Little Darlin' (Lomas) 2:49
  3. Anytime (Jackson/Wilson) 3:41
  4. Come Out Fighting (Jackson/Hooper) 2:55
  5. It Was You (Jackson/Wilson) 2:32

US Tracks - Side 2

  1. Don't Know What You're Doing (Jackson) 3:49
  2. For Your Love (Jackson) 3:48
  3. I Call Your Name (Jackson/Wilson) 3:17
  4. Take Another Piece (Jackson) 2:21
  5. Don't Let Me Be Wrong (Wilson) 2:23
  6. All I Do (Wilson) 2:44
  7. Das Ende (Jackson/Lomas) 1:05

Band Notes
  After Badƒinger disbanded following Pete Ham's suicide in 1975, Bob Jackson remained in contact with Tom Evans. The two joined The Dodgers in 1975.
  The Dodgers released two singles for Island Records. In August of that year, Paul Hooper joined the group. They started to record their debut album and a first single of this line-up was released in early 1977.
  In April the group's management decided that Tom Evans did not fit to the group's image and therefore he was asked to leave. Roger Lomas was hired to be the new member of the Dodgers. With the new group member on board all bass parts and vocals that had been recorded by Tom Evans were scrubbed and re-recorded.
  In 1978 two more singles and the debut album of the group were released. The same year Jackson was released by the band due to management disagreements.

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CD Package

Badƒinger - Apple Daze
Tommy Evans Interview Disc (Australia)

Recorded: January 1983 - Under a tree
  in Tommy's backyard
Released: 1991; June 30, 1998
Label: Raven Records

Interview Disc
Glenn A. Baker: Interviewer
Tom Evans: Interviewee


  1. Tommy Evans Interview 32:45

Track Notes
  Come inside the world of the late 60s Beatles empire through the acute insights of a young Liverpool musician who saw it all unravel before his eyes.
  Tommy Evans and his cohorts were personally groomed by the Fab Four and for a time, captured their original innocent essence.
  Here Tommy Evans talks about being signed to Apple, recording with Paul McCartney (and acting as a sounding board during his disputes with John Lennon), the Concert for Bangla Desh, Badƒinger's string of hits, the tragic death of Pete Ham, songwriting, his dispair over the Apple legal morass, and much more. Honest and earnest, this interview is an integral part of an essential rock time capsule.

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Limited Apple Cover Spread

Limited Apple Back Cover

Standard CD Cover

Cassette Label

The Apple E.P.

Released: 1991
Label: Apple Records LTD
Catalog Number: CD APPS 1
  Tracks 1 & 4: Paul McCartney
  Tracks 2 & 3: George Harrison
Digial Remastering: Ron Furmanek
Engineering: Mike Jarrat

Of Interest - Badƒinger song
Track 4 taken from the album
Magic Christian Music


  1. Mary Hopkin: Those Were The Days (Raskin) 5:08
  2. Billy Preston: That's The Way God Planned It
    [Parts 1 &2] (Preston) 5:32
  3. Jackie Lomax: Sour Milk Sea (Harrison) 3:52
  4. Badƒinger: Come And Get It (McCartney) 2:21

Also released in 45 RMP record format
View Information [ 45s & EPs ]

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Full Cover

CD Graphics

Capitol Collectors Series & Apple Sampler

Released: 1992
Label: Capitol Records, Inc.

Catalog Number: DPRO-79471

Of Interest - Iveys & Badƒinger songs
Track 3 - The Iveys
Track 8 - Badƒinger


  1. Ray Anthony: Dragnet 2:50
  2. Grand Funk Railroad: We're An American Band 3:25
  3. The Iveys: Maybe Tomorrow (Evans) 2:50
  4. Raspberries: Go All The Way 3:10
  5. The Kingston Trio: A Worried Man 2:51
  6. Peggy Lee: Caramba! It's The Samba 2:46
  7. Sammy Davis, Jr.: I Ain't Got Nobody 2:23
  8. Badƒinger: No Matter What (Ham) 2:59
  9. Bobby Darin: Hello, Dolly! 3:14
  10. Dean Martin: That's Amore 3:07
  11. Doris Troy: Ain't That Cute 3:50
  12. The Four Freshmen: Graduation Day 3:01
  13. Gene Vincent: Be-Bop-A-Lula 2:34
  14. Nat King Cole: Send For Me 2:35
  15. James Taylor: Caroline On My Mind 3:37
  16. Frank Sinatra: High Hopes 2:52
  17. Tennessee Ernie Ford: Sixteen Tons 2:34
  18. George Harrison: Red Lady Too 1:55
  19. Stan Freberg: C'est Si Bon (It's So Good) 3:13
  20. The Andrews Sisters: Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy 2:36
  21. Louis Prima (with Keely Smith): That Old Black Magic 2:54
  22. George Harrison: Cowboy Museum (Music) 1:28

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Full Cover

A Minnesota Christmas

Released: 1993
Label: Zomax
Conceived & Directed: Glenna Lewis
Technical Advisor: Andrew Lindquist

Of Interest - Joey Molland song
Track: 5 (listed on the CD as track 4)

Track 5 Band Personnel
Greg Eidem: bass
Eric Bretl: drums
Joey Molland: vocals, guitar

Disc Notes
Independent local, (Minneapolis) release.
All proceeds from the sale of this album will be donated to:
Missing Children Minnesota
P.O. Box 11216
Minneapolis, MN 55411


  1. Reynold's Remarkable Rhythm Cattle: All Around The World (Philipsek) 3:10
  2. Mei Young introduction:   0:18
  3. Big Logic: Every Child (Lindquist) 3:26
  4. Casey, Amundsen and Russ: Merry Christmas To You, Darlin' (Casey) 4:01
  5. Joey Molland: Merry Christmas, Follow Your Star (Molland) 4:48
  6. Big Logic: Christmas Moon (Erickson/Wachner) 4:38
  7. Tom Barnard introduction:   0:24
  8. Reynold's Remarkable Rhythm Cattle: Red And Green (Philipsek) 4:05
  9. Big Logic: Peace In The World (Wachner) 4:41
  10. Reynold's Remarkable Rhythm Cattle: Five Days 'Til Christmas (Philipsek) 4:37
  11. Tom Barnard wrap-up:   0:15
  12. Casey, Amundsen, Russ and Ashe: The Man With The Hungry Children (Casey) 4:41

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Full Cover

Young Savage Florida

Released: 1996
Label: Rotten Sun
Compiled: Rob Keith
Mastered: John Stephen

Of Interest - Two Mike Gibbins songs
Tracks: 7, 18 - Produced: Mike Gibbins
Copyright © 1996 Adivo Music (ASCAP)

Tracks: 7 & 18 Band Personnel
Mike Gibbins: vocals, piano, drums
Allen Hewgley: bass, bottleneck guitar
Greg Reinel: guitar

Disc Notes
Independent local, (Florida) release with only 1,000 copies produced, and even less made available to the public.


  1. Baskervils: Inspired (Keith) 1:43
  2. Hate Bombs: Run And Hide (Chiodini) 2:27
  3. Leonard Croon Band: Gonna Run My Mopar All Over You (Korman) 3:24
  4. Car Bomb Driver: Electric Sheila (Reeder) 3:22
  5. Surf Kings: Walking Bristol Bridge (Bailey) 2:17
  6. Lears: Is This Her Day? (Mutchler) 3:35
  7. Mike Gibbins: Dream Harder [Ballad Of The Red Coats] (Gibbins) 3:53
  8. Rancid Polecats: Peterbuilt (Rancid Polecats) 3:21
  9. Edison Shine: Modulator (Hammill) 5:06
  10. Vodkats: Stupid Cupid (Sedaka/Greenfield) /Kill the Keg (Jarvis/Dozier) 3:34
  11. Loco Siempre: Hunk Of Nookie (Hayward) 2:41
  12. Baskervils: Mr. Wilson's Got The Bends Again (Keith) 3:16
  13. Hate Bombs: 1" Punch (Ewing/Sugiuchi) 1:21
  14. Leonard Croon Band: Queen City (Korman) 3:31
  15. Car Bomb Driver: Chick's Don't Dig Me (Reeder) 2:15
  16. Surf Kings: Phantom Of The Jetties (Bailey) 2:38
  17. Lears: Her Magic Smile (Dalcin) 3:15
  18. Mike Gibbins: Layaway (Gibbins) 5:24
  19. :Rancid Polecats: BBBB.... (Rancid Polecats) 3:23
  20. Edison Shine: Suburban Compound (Hammill) 4:27
  21. Loco Siempre: Tell The King The Killer's Here (Elliot) 3:46
  22. Escargot: Shopping Mall Queen (Barone) 1:57
  23. John Stephen: Coffee Angel (Stephen) 3:26

Mike's bio from the booklet:
In the early 70's, under the wing of the Beatles' Apple label, Badƒinger helped to pioneer a musical style that years later would become known as "power pop", laying the groundwork for modern practitoners like the Posies and Matthew Sweet.

With their trademark heavy yet melodic guitars, gorgeous melodies, and superior song writing, it was no accident that Badƒinger stood out like a sore thumb among most of the album oriented, FM rock dreck of the day.

Today, a revived Apple Records has reissued the band's entire back catalogue and artists like Mariah Carey, Aimee Mann and many others continue to record their songs and have hits with them.

So what does all this have to do with Mike Gibbins, you may ask? Well, Mike filled the drummers seat during Badƒinger's entire career. He now lives in Florida where he'd rather look to the future. He has built a studio and is prepairing to record his first solo record. These two tracks are the first demos he put to tape with his new toys and are a hint of great things sure to come.

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CD Package

Come And Get It
a tribute to Badƒinger

Released: September 1996
Label: Copper Discs
Mastered: Jerry Tubb

Disc Notes - excerpt
  Badƒinger have become one of the most beloved of all post-Beatles pop/rock bands. Originally called The Iveys when they formed in England in the mid-Sixties, Badƒinger was one of the most sought-after unsigned bands on the British scene...

 ...Twenty years later, their music remains timeless, and Copper Discs is proud to present this tribute album featuring some of the finest and most successlul musical decendants of the band's sound as well as some new bands, who have yet to gain their own record deals, performing 22 of Badƒinger's most beloved songs.

  Special thanks to: ...Joey and Kathie Molland, and finally the boys in Badƒinger: Tommy, Joey, Pete and Mike. May your music live on and on.


  1. Adrian Belew: Come And Get It (McCartney) 2:25
  2. P. Hux: Perfection (Ham) 3:33
  3. Loud Family: We're For The Dark (Ham) 4:09
  4. Cotton Mather: Flying (Evans/Molland) 3:12
  5. Brad Jones: It's Over (Evans) 3:42
  6. The Knack: No Matter What (Ham) 2:52
  7. 20/20: Day After Day (Ham) 2:49
  8. Chris Von Sneidern: Midnight Caller (Ham) 2:41
  9. Aimee Mann: Baby Blue (Ham) 3:52
  10. Bill Lloyd: Lonely You (Ham) 2:54
  11. Cockeyed Ghost: Name Of The Game (Ham) 4:44
  12. Cherry Twister: It Had To Be (Gibbins) 2:37
  13. Solteens: Know One Knows (Ham) 3:29
  14. Dwight Twilley: I Can't Take It (Ham) 4:09
  15. Plimsouls: Suitcase (Molland) 3:32
  16. The Rooks: Get Away (Molland) 4:33
  17. Circle Sky: Just A Chance (Ham) 3:23
  18. Erik Voeks: I'll Be The One (Ham/Evans/Molland/Gibbins) 2:52
  19. Walter Clevenger: Better Days (Evans/Molland) 4:01
  20. Paranoid Lovesick: Icicles (Molland) 2:40
  21. Al Kooper: Maybe Tomorrow (Evans) 3:53
  22. Lon & Derrek Van Eaton: Apple Of My Eye (Ham) 5:06

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CD Graphics

Badƒinger - Without You:
The Tragic Story of Badƒinger
First (Limited) Edition Disc

Released: 1997
Label: Francis Glover Books
Produced: Dan Matovina

Track Information
1 & 2 ©1997 Estate of Tom Evans (GEMA)
  Adm. by Estate of Tom Evans (ASCAP)
3, 4 & 5 ©1970 Apple Publishing Ltd. (PRS)
  Adm. by WB Music Corp. (ASCAP)
6, 7 & 8 ©1997 Estate of Peter Ham (PRS)
  Adm. by Bug Music (PRS)
9 ©1978 Estate of Tom Evans (ASCAP)
  Adm. by Polygram Publishing (ASCAP)
10 ©1994 Bob Jackson (PRS)
  Adm. by Bob Jackson (PRS)


  1. Good Times Together (Evans) 2:13
  2. Uncle C (Evans) 1:28
  3. Without You [If It's Love] (Ham) 1:38
  4. Without You [I Can't Live] (Evans) 1:35
  5. Carry On Til Tomorrow (Evans/Ham) 4:30
  6. Just How Lucky We Are (Ham) 5:12
  7. It Doesn't Really Matter (Ham) 2:59
  8. Ringside (Ham) 3:59
  9. Lost Inside Your Love (Evans) 2:50
  10. I Won't Forget You (Jackson) 4:07

CD & Book Notes
  This Limited Edition Disc was produced only for the special hard covered book. Only 1,000 were made of this special edition. The soft cover version of the first edition did not include this CD.
  See the Second Edition listing as this version of the book and its own CD are still available.

View 2nd Edition

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DVD Package

The Complete Interviews (Sales Flyer) PDF

Badƒinger (Video) DVD
Director's Cut

Released: December 16, 1997
Label: Pioneer Artists
Produced & Directed: Gary J. Katz
Formats: VHS, DVD, Laserdisc
Aspect Ratio(s): 1.33:1
Audio Encoding: Dolby Digital 5.1
Rated: NR
Run Time: 84 minutes

DVD Notes
Perhaps no other group in rock history has a more tragic story than Badƒinger. Signed by Apple Records, Badƒinger went to score a number of chart hits including Come & Get It, No Matter What, Day After Day, Baby Blue and the mega hit, Without You. Sadly, after leaving Apple, managerial problems which bordered on the sinister, torpedoed this immensely talented band's career which led to the suicides of two of its members. For a long overdue look at one of Rock's most underrated groups, "Badƒinger" is a must see.

- Ken Sharp, co-author "Power Pop"


  1. Come And Get It
  2. The Iveys: Carry On Till Tomorrow
  3. Bill Collins
  4. Apple
  5. Maybe Tomorrow
  6. Iveys to Badƒinger
  7. The Magic Christian
  8. Come And Get It (Live)
  9. Ron Griffith's Leaving the Band
  10. Joey Molland Joins the Band
  11. Mal Evans and No Dice Album
  12. No Matter What
  13. Without You Story
  14. Richard Lush
  15. Farmhouse
  16. Kathy Molland: I Don't Mind
  17. Straight Up Album
  18. Day After Day
  19. Bangladesh
  20. Baby Blue
  21. Leaving Apple: Apple Of My Eye
  22. The Deal: Money
  23. Suitcase
  24. Spiral Downward
  25. The Suicide: Name Of The Game
  26. Epilogue / Credits: Take It All
  27. A Deeper Look Into Pete Ham's Suicide
  28. Tommy Evans
  29. Hey Jude
  30. Imagine
  31. Richard Lush & Day After Day
  32. Stranded in New York

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Vol.#1 Full Cover

Vol.#2 Full Cover

Badƒinger Anthology
Vol 1 & 2

Released: 1999 ~ Withdrawn: 1999
Label: Eleven Seven
Produced: Bob Evans

Band Personnel
Tommy Evans: lead vocals, bass guitar
Bob Evans: lead vocals, guitar
Jim McCullough: guitar
Steve John: keyboards
Mike Gibbins: drums, vocals

Track Notes ~ Recording Quality
[S] = Studio ~ Excellent
[R] = Rehearsal ~ Good
[L] = Live ~ Fair

BWR Notes
This was a short lived, rather dubious double CD release orchestrated by Bob Evans. These capture the Badƒinger band, at that time, during rehearsals and several live shows from 1981 thru 1983. Several problems arise with this release: the crediting of the songs, song titles, the use of both Paul and Linda McCartney's name associated with "CancerBACKUP," among other situations. Listed to the right is exactly the way they are credited on the CDs...

This Bob Evans self-released CD set is very hard to locate, because it was pulled soon after its original release. The quality level is [L] fair, [R] good, [S] excellent, with several 'essential' recordings for Badƒinger/Tommy fans. Otherwise, it is an unremarkable item.

Tracks - Volume 1

  1. [S] Clock Stopped Ticking (B.Evans) 3:16
  2. [R] I'll Be The One (T.Evans/Ham/Molland/Gibbins) 2:05
  3. [R] 24 Reasons (B.Evans/T.Evans) 2:01
  4. [R] Don't Fade Away (B.Evans/T.Evans/Ham) 5:21
  5. [R] I've Been Waiting (T.Evans/B.Evans) 2:10
  6. [R] Worlds Apart (T.Evans/B.Evans) 3:10
  7. [R] Lucky Star (T.Evans/B.Evans) 3:00
  8. [R] Photograph (T.Evans/B.Evans) 3:11
  9. [R] Jam 1: Look Out California (T.Evans), Back On The Airwaves (T.Evans), Look Out California (T.Evans), Back On The Airwaves (T.Evans), Rock-N-Roll Contract (T.Evans), Back On The Airwaves (T.Evans) 13:55
  10. [R] Jam 2: Hold On (T.Evans), Crocadillo (T.Evans), Come And Get It (McCartney) 11:55
  11. [L] Day After Day (Ham), Perfection (Ham) 7:51
  12. [L] Come And Get It (McCartney) 2:40
  13. [L] No Matter What (Ham) 2:46
  14. [L] Hold On (T.Evans) 2:21
  15. [L] Baby Blue (Ham) 3:47
  16. [S] Without Your Love (T.Evans/B.Evans) 2:03

Tracks - Volume 2

  1. [L] Intro/I Can't Take It (Ham) 3:05
  2. [L] No Matter What (Ham) 3:03
  3. [L] I'd Die Babe (Molland) 3:50
  4. [L] Suitcase (Molland) 2:53
  5. [L] Hold On (T.Evans) 2:43
  6. [L] Baby Blue (Ham) 3:45
  7. [L] Rock Hard (B.Evans/T.Evans) 4:23
  8. [L] The Midnight Sun (Ham) 4:23
  9. [L] Perfection (Ham) 4:28
  10. [L] Day After Day (Ham) 3:35
  11. [L] I Got You (Molland) 3:36
  12. [L] Rock It Tonight (B.Evans/Molland) 4:07
  13. [L] Take It All (Ham) 4:14
  14. [L] Little Darling (B.Evans/T.Evans/Molland) 3:04
  15. [L] Kix Tonight (B.Evans/T.Evans) 2:59
  16. [L] Come And Get It (McCartney) 2:37
  17. [R] Reasons (T.Evans/B.Evans) 2:02
  18. [R] Airwaves - Take 1 (T.Evans) 2:10
  19. [R] Jam 3: Rock & Roll Contract (T.Evans), Look Out California (T.Evans), Airwaves (T.Evans) 4:26
  20. [R] Hold On (T.Evans) 0:26

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Full Cover

CD & Tray Liner

Preview Book

Badƒinger - Without You:
The Tragic Story of Badƒinger
Second Edition Disc

Released: June 1, 2000
Label: Francis Glover Books
Produced: Dan Matovina

Track Information
1, 2, 3, 6, 14, 15, 16, 19
  Adm. by Bug Music
4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11
  Adm. by Warner/Chappell Music

CD & Book Notes
This CD is only available with the purchase of the Second, (Revised) edition of the book, as they are bundled together:
Without You: The Tragic Story of Badƒinger
Copyright © 2000 Dan Matovina


  1. Man Without A Heart (Ham) 2:32
  2. Taxi (Ham) 1:53
  3. Take Good Care Of My Baby (Ham) 4:20
  4. She Came Out Of The Cold (Evans/Ham) 2:16
  5. Knocking Down Our Home (Ham) 3:19
  6. Clown Of The Party (Ham) 3:52
  7. Maybe Tomorrow (Evans) 3:04
  8. Midnight Sun (Ham) 2:32
  9. Take It All (Ham) 2:09
  10. Radio & backstage interviews with Pete Ham: June 25, 1972  6:30
  11. Blind Owl (Evans) 2:29
  12. Hotel interview with Pete Ham, Tom Evans: March 29, 1974  19:09
  13. Pete Ham/Steve Craiter phone call: October 27, 1974  1:41
  14. Hey, Mr. Manager (Evans) 3:34
  15. Ringside (Ham) 1:09
  16. I Believe In Love (Evans) 2:13
  17. Tom Evans/Steve Craiter phone call: May, 1983  1:49
  18. Tom Evans/Steve Craiter phone call: August 19, 1983  3:13
  19. Over You (Evans/Roach) 3:53

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CD Package

...i guess that's just the way the story goes... remembering Badƒinger

Released: April 15, 2002
Label: Phantom Records/Virtual Studio
  Systems, Inc.
Executive Producers: Eddie Imbriano,
  Steve Jacovino, Ron Spiegelhalter
Mastered: Joe Clarke


  1. Rain: Baby Blue (Ham) 3:51
  2. Bill Scherer: Without You (Evans/Ham) 3:42
  3. Riitala: Name Of The Game (Ham) 4:21
  4. John Palumbo: Day After Day (Ham) 2:42
  5. Andrew Deal: Know One Knows (Ham) 3:58
  6. Nasty Digit: No Matter What (Ham) 3:00
  7. Disguising Godiva: Maybe Tomorrow (Evans) 2:47
  8. Andrew Ratliff: I Can't Take It (Ham) 3:23
  9. The Bird: Take It All (Ham) 4:07
  10. Third Level: Day After Day [Instrumental] (Ham) 5:31

Disc Notes - excerpt
  ...It is the spirit of this tribute album to capture the essence of the Badƒinger genius. We, the artists and suppoting cast, dedicate this body of work to this band's gripping saga and to surviving members Mike Gibbins and Joey Molland.

  Everyone involved with this tribute has contributed their time and talent without want of compensation in the hope that the Badƒinger story will never be forgotten. Any economic gains from the sale of this work will be distributed to musical causes and organizations whose missions are to promote and celebrate music as a work of art and not as a means to profit. To this end, we are inspired to bring you, the listener, the music of Badƒinger.

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CD Package

Read About It

94 Baker Street
The Pop-Psych Sounds of the
Apple Era 1967-1969

Released: November 4, 2003 ~ RPM 270
Label: RPM Records/Cherry Red Records LTD.
Compiled: Stefan Granados
Produced: Stefan Granados, Dan Matovina,
  Mark Stratford, Paul Tennant

Of Interest - Unreleased Iveys material
Tracks: 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
  © 2003 The Iveys represented by and
  licensed courtesy of Ron Griffiths.

Disc Notes
The listing to the right is from the first release of the CD. The second, (current) release removed, due to contractual reasons, the Misunderstood tracks. Tracks 16, 17, 18.

BWR Report
From all over the Internet: The 94 Baker Street CD musings


    Focal Point:
  1. Sycamore Sid (Tennant/Rhodes) 2:41
  2. Love You Forever (Tennant/Rhodes) 2:57
  3. Never Never (Tennant/Rhodes) 3:26
  4. Girl On The Corner (Tennant/Rhodes) 2:20
  5. 'Cept Me (Tennant/Rhodes) 2:53
  6. Dear Delilah (Alexander) 2:36
  7. Ain't It Good (Alexander) 2:40
  8. Lullaby (Alexander) 3:15<
  9. Another Game (Alexander) 2:50
    Way And Means:
  10. Breaking Up A Dream (Alexander) 2:28
    The Iveys:
  11. I'm Too Shy (Evans) 2:45
  12. Maybe Tomorrow (Evans) 2:46
  13. Tube Train (Griffiths) 2:27
  14. She Came Out Of The Cold (Evans/Ham) 2:42
  15. I've Been There Once Before (Ham) 5:00
  16. Children Of The Sun (Hill/Brown) 2:51
  17. I Unseen (Hill/Brown) 2:03
  18. Find The Hidden Door (Hill/Brown) 2:16
  19. Getting Ready For Love (Alexander) 3:04
    John Fitch And Associates:
  20. Romantic Attitude (Fitch jnr. -arr. Laurence) 3:24
  21. Stoned Out Of It (Fitch jnr. -arr. Laurence) 2:25

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Full Cover

ROCK 4 XMAS - Volume 1

Released: 2005
Label: Retrospect Records

Of Interest - Joey Molland song
Track: 10

Track 10 Band Personnel
Bob Millea: drums and bells and stuff
Tom Lecher: bass
Harry Pulver Jr: accordian, keyboards
Randy Anderson: acoustic, lead guitar
Doug Molland: acoustic guitar
Joe Molland: vocals, rhythm guitar, slide guitars


  1. Ilous, Keel, Shortino, Johansen & Black: Rock 4 Xmas Anthem (3:44)
  2. Cheap Trick: Christmas Christmas (1:39)
  3. Eddie Money: Everybody Loves Christmas (4:09)
  4. Robert Fleischman: The Lords Prayer (4:30)
  5. Black, West, Johansen & McCaslin: Happy Christmas (3:24)
  6. Mark Farner: Mary (Return From Calgary) (6:23)
  7. Paul Shortino: Home For Christmas (2:51)
  8. Southern Rock All-Stars: 12 Days of Christmas (4:05)
  9. The Threads: I'm Feeling Christmas (3:00)
  10. Joey Molland: King of Kings (2:38)
  11. Terry Ilous: Silent Night (4:00)
  12. Every Mother's Nightmare: I Won't Be Home For Christmas (5:20)
  13. John Ford: White Christmas (3:18)
  14. Keno: Peace On Earth (2:35)
  15. Larry Hoppen: Winter Wonderland (3:03)

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CD Package

An Apple A Day
More Pop Psych Sounds from the
Apple Era 1967-1969

Released: April 3, 2006 ~ RPM 312
Label: RPM Records.
Concept & Compiled: Stefan Granados
Produced: Stefan Granados, Mark Stratford

Of Interest - Unreleased Iveys material
Tracks: 5, 6, 11, 19
5, 6 ~ Estate of Peter Ham administered by Bug Music
11 ~ Estate of Tom Evans administered by Bug Music
19 ~ Ron Griffiths administered by Bug Music

Disc Notes
Two of the released Iveys songs have been available before, but only on the bootleg Someday We'll Be Known. Click [ HERE ]
The two songs presented here are different recordings and utilize different lyrics.


  1. The U (Don't) No Who: An Apple A Day 2:30
  2. Jigsaw: Great Idea 2:35
  3. Gallagher & Lyle: Ivy Unrehearsed 2:24
  4. Dennis Couldry: I Am Nearly There 3:17
  5. Iveys: Black & White Rainbows (Ham) 2:20
  6. Iveys: Girl Next Door In The Mini-Skirt (Ham) 2:52
  7. Lace: Soldier 3:34
  8. Gallagher & Lyle: Technicolour Dream 3:14
  9. Gallagher & Lyle: In Your Wonderful Way 2:32
  10. Mortimer: People Who Are Different 6:52
  11. Iveys: Tomorrow's Today (Evans) 2:23
  12. Dennis Couldry: James In The Basement 2:48
  13. The U (Don't) No Who: Strange People 3:20
  14. Majority One: Charlotte Rose 2:53
  15. Goldrush: Somebody's Turning On The People 2:00
  16. Second Hand: Fairytale 2:14
  17. Turquoise: Sister Saxophone 3:09
  18. The U (Don't) No Who: Now And Again Rebecca 3:09
  19. Iveys: Mr. Strangeways (Griffiths) 3:06
  20. Cups: Good As Gold 2:51
  21. Turquoise: Woodstock 3:24
  22. Peter Cooper: Evil Lovin Woman 2:22

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CD Digipak

Perfection - The Songs of Badƒinger's Pete Ham & Tom Evans

Released: August, 2006 ~ PRCD14
Label: Bug Music
Tracks 1-21 performed by Badƒinger
Track 22 performed by Harry Nilsson
CD Preparation/Remastering: Dan Matovina

Disc Notes
This is the rare CD, (only 1,000 copies produced) Perfection - The Songs of Badƒinger's Pete Ham & Tom Evans that has been released "for promotional use" by Bug Music Publishing U.S. to promote the writing talents of Pete and Tom to the entertainment industry. It comes in a "digi-pak" package containing 22 songs, 21 performed by Badfinger.

The Liner Notes:
Pete Ham and Tom Evans of Badƒinger were two of the brighter talents signed to the Beatles' dream empire Apple. The duo composed the majority of the group's successful 45's and received great acclaim for writing Harry Nilsson's #1 hit "Without You." Badƒinger, then called The lveys, had originally been signed to the Fabs' creative conglomerate based on the undeniably strong songwriting skills of its members.


  1. Day After Day (Ham) 3:09
  2. No Matter What (Ham) 2:58
  3. Baby Blue [Album Version] (Ham) 3:36
  4. Without You (Evans/Ham) 4:41
  5. I'll Be The One (Evans/Gibbins/Ham/Molland) 2:52
  6. The Name Of The Game (Ham) 5:16
  7. When I Say (Evans) 3:05
  8. Blodwyn (Ham) 3:24
  9. It's Over (Evans) 3:24
  10. Carry On Till Tomorrow (Evans/Ham) 4:44
  11. Lonely You (Ham) 3:41
  12. Perfection (Ham) 5:05
  13. I Can't Take It (Ham) 2:52
  14. We're For The Dark (Ham) 3:53
  15. Maybe Tomorrow [MCM Version] (Evans) 2:50
  16. Just A Chance (Ham) 2:57
  17. Believe Me (Evans) 2:58
  18. Know One Knows (Ham) 3:13
  19. Dennis [Edited Version] (Ham) 3:47
  20. Midnight Caller (Ham) 2:50
  21. Apple Of My Eye (Ham) 3:0
  22. Without You [Harry Nilsson version] (Evans/Ham) 3:08


Following their own highly-praised 45 "Maybe Tomorrow," the group exploded with their recording of Paul McCartney's "Come And Get It." The song charted in the Top 10 worldwide throughout the early months of 1970. From there they shone their beacon of harmonious, melodic pop over a storming sea of eclectic radio programming. In an era when teen idols, country-rock, blues, singer-songwriter and progressive all were proliferating, Ham and Evans broke the airwaves standards by penning hit after hit of well-crafted Beatle-influenced songs when rare was the act bold enough to even attempt it. Five consecutive hit singles kicked off Badƒinger's recording career. Outstanding accomplishments were predicted.

Sadly, their run was abruptly cut short through behind-the-scenes corruption, management gaffes and crippling personal demons. Despite the 1974 release of the innovative, well-reviewed album "Wish You Were Here," the group was essentially finished, ending with the tragic suicide deaths of Pete Ham in 1975 and Tom Evans in 1983.

Fortunately, they left behind a wealth of high-caliber material now ready to be aggressively showcased to potential new audiences. This duo's well-respected studio catalog is only partially reflected here. Bug Music, as the new administrator of the domestic publishing rights for the estates and heirs of Pete and Tom, is both honored end eager to promote this music out to the masses. Besides this CD of remastered tracks, nearly the entire Ham/Evans recorded catalog is also available for your licensing consideration, including many songwriting demos which have been released on the CDs "7 Park Avenue," "Golders Green" and "Over You."

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Front Cover

Hi-Fi Christmas Volume 2

Released: 2006
Label: Vandalay Records (837101274036)

Of Interest - Joey Molland song
Track: 6

Track 6 Band Personnel
Bob Millea: drums and bells and stuff
Tom Lecher: bass
Harry Pulver Jr: accordian, keyboards
Randy Anderson: acoustic, lead guitar
Doug Molland: acoustic guitar
Joe Molland: vocals, rhythm guitar, slide guitars


  1. The Elvis Brothers: Rock-A-Billy Christmas
  2. Sketch Middle: Turtlenecks & Eggnog
  3. The Grip Weeds: Christmas, Bring Us
  4. Mari Pavelich: Up On The Housetop
  5. The Bradburys: A Christmas Wish
  6. Joey Molland: King of Kings (2:38)
  7. Lisa Mychols & Wondermints: Lost Winter's Dream
  8. Rob Paravonian: We're Breakin' Up For The Holidays
  9. Jeremy: It's That Time Of Year
  10. Ed James: Will You Marry Me (On Christmas Day)?
  11. Husky Team: Auld Lang Syne
  12. The Spongetones: Christmas Boy
  13. Gary Pig Gold: A Christmas Song
  14. Dipsomaniacs: Christmas Night
  15. October Elsewhere: When Christmas Is Here
  16. The Brothers Figaro Orchestra: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
  17. Marti Jones: Snow

It's here just in time for CHRISTMAS! Dan Pavelich of The Bradburys original idea was to have bands record their favorite holiday tunes on a CD which could be sold as a fundraiser for Von Willebrand's Disease and research efforts. With the help of some of his musician friends and his wife Ellen, Pavelich accomplished that task and, in the process, some of the participants suggested that they also perform the music live as part of the benefit efforts.

VOLUME #2 INCLUDES: Elvis Brothers, Sketch Middle, Grip Weeds, Mari Pavelich, Bradburys, Joey Molland (BADFINGER!) and the Echo Boys, Lisa Mychols and Wondermints, Rob Paravonian, Jeremy, Ed James, Husky Team, The Spongetones, Gary Pig Gold, Dipsomaniacs, October Elsewhere, The Brothers Figaro Orchestra, Marti Jones. 17 tracks in all, most of them unavailble elsewhere! Money from this project will go to research to cure Von Willebrand's Disease (A bleeding disorder that Dan Pavelich's daughter Mari is being treated for. Dan is a member of the power pop band The Bradburys and is the brandchild of this charity CD. Buy this CD and you are helping a very good cause!

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CD Package

Treacle Toffee World
Further Adventures Into The Pop Psych Sounds From The Apple Era 1967-1969

Released: October 27, 2008 ~ Retro 843
Label: RPM Records.
Compiled & Produced:
  Stefan Granados, Mark Stratford

Of Interest - Unreleased Iveys material
Tracks: 8 and 15
8 ~ Ron Griffiths administered by Bug Music
15 ~ Estate of Tom Evans administered by Bug Music

Disc Notes - from the RPM web site:
Treacle Toffee World completes the exploration of the catalogue of the Beatles’ Apple Music Publishing Company that began with RPM’S release of 94 Baker Street In 2004 and continued with An Apple A Day from 2006. Eighteen new and very Rare tracks appear on Treacle Toffee World.


  1. Fire: Father’s Name is Dad 2:33
  2. Sands: Listen To The Sky 3:46
  3. Grapefruit: Trying To Make It To Monday 3:11
  4. Rawlings and Huckstep: Forgive And Forget 2:47
  5. Gallagher & Lyle: Goodbye Mozart 3:21
  6. Fire: Spare A Copper 2:42
  7. Rawlings and Huckstep: Even The Sun Shines Cold 2:23
  8. Iveys: Bittersweet Adieu (Griffiths) 2:59
  9. Dennis Couldry: Tea And Toast, Mr. Watson? 2:32
  10. Fire: Treacle Toffee World 2:09
  11. Grapefruit: Fall Of The Castle 3:04
  12. Denis Couldry: Penny For The Wind 2:43
  13. 23rd Turnoff : Another Vincent Van Gogh 2:19
  14. Rawlings and Huckstep: Thinking Pictures 3:15
  15. Iveys: How Does It Feel (Evans) 2:00
  16. Fire: Will I Find Love 2:19
  17. Legay: Fantastic Story Of The Steam Driven Banana 2:57
  18. Grapefruit: This Little Man 2:53

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CD Package

Come And Get It
The Best Of Apple Records

Released: October 26, 2010
Label: Apple Records
Catalog Number: 5099964639727
Compiled & Produced:
  Andy Davis & Mike Heatly
Remastered: Guy Massey, Sean Magee,
  Steve Rooke & Alex Wharton

Of Interest - Iveys & Badfinger
Tracks: 3, 12 and 21

Excerpt - from the Apple Records web site:
Between 1968 and 1973, Apple Records issued around different 50 singles by artists other than The Beatles. Here is a judicious selection from that catalogue, each an A-side, a few US-only, and each epitomising in its own way what Apple was all about. It's an electric, eclectic collection, spanning the musical genres and drawing upon influences from around the world.
While never run intentionally on a wholly commercial basis, Apple Records was nevertheless a highly successful record label. Let it be remembered that around a quarter of its singles charted in the UK or the US - that's a hits-to-releases ratio that few other labels have ever achieved. This is the first ever compilation of Apple Records releases so, in the words of the great Billy Preston, let the music play..


  1. Mary Hopkin: Those Were The Days (1968) 5:11
  2. James Taylor: Carolina In My Mind (1968) 3:38
  3. The Iveys: Maybe Tomorrow (1968) 2:53
  4. The Black Dyke Mills Band Thingumybob (1968) 1:56
  5. Brute Force: King Of Fuh (1969) 3:04
  6. Jackie Lomax: Sour Milk Sea (1968) 3:54
  7. Mary Hopkin: Goodbye (1969) 2:25
  8. Billy Preston: That's The Way God Planned It (1969) 3:26
  9. Jackie Lomax: New Day (1969) 2:52
  10. Trash: Golden Slumbers-Carry That Weight (1969) 4:05
  11. Hot Chocolate Band: Give Peace A Chance (1969) 4:33
  12. Badfinger: Come And Get It (1969) 2:21
  13. Doris Troy: Ain't That Cute (1970) 3:49
  14. Billy Preston: My Sweet Lord (1970) 3:22
  15. Ronnie Spector: Try Some, Buy Some (1971) 4:12
  16. Radha Krishna Temple: Govinda (1970) 4:46
  17. Chris Hodge: We're On Our Way (1972) 2:59
  18. The Sundown Playboys: Saturday Nite Special (1972) 2:12
  19. Bill Elliot & The Elastic Oz Band: God Save Us (1971) 3:11
  20. Lon & Derrek van Eaton: Sweet Music (1972) 3:37
  21. Badfinger: Day After Day (1972) 3:09

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