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Show Number / DateSizeLength Show ThemeStart Track Title
Badƒinger Radio 011.13MB 9:58TOMMY & OVER YOU0:41Hovercraft (jingle)
11/2/1997    1:35Waited Too Long
On-Air    6:18You And I
Badƒinger Radio 021.22MB 10:42RON GRIFFITHS0:34Dear Angie
11/9/1997    3:44Turn On Your Lovin' Mood
     5:55I Believe
On-Air   8:22Man Without A Heart
Badƒinger Radio 031.20MB 10:327 PARK AVENUE0:41Catherine Cares
11/16/1997    3:43Leaving On A Midnight Train
On-Air    7:06Hand In Hand
Badƒinger Radio 041.28MB 11:13GARY WALKER and the RAIN0:51Francis
11/23/1997    4:24Thoughts Of An Old Man
On-Air   7:17Dr. Doctor
Badƒinger Radio 051.55MB 13:36MAYBE TOMORROW0:48See-Saw Granpa
11/30/1997    4:52Sali Bloo
On-Air   7:46I've Been Waiting
Badƒinger Radio 061.24MB 10:5674 LIVE - 79 LIVE0:45Perfection (74)
12/7/1997    3:39No Matter What (74)
    6:34The Winner (Midnight Special 79)
On-Air   10:11Hovercraft (jingle)
Badƒinger Radio 071.36MB 11:59AIRWAVES SESSIONS0:45Sail Away (alternative)
12/14/1997    3:52The Winner (alternative)
On-Air   7:26The Dreamer (alternative)
Badƒinger Radio 081.35MB 11:52ALL THINGS MUST PASS 10:57I'll Live For You
12/21/1997    4:39Down To The River
On-Air   7:22My Sweet Lord (acoustic)
Badƒinger Radio 091.45MB 12:47STRAIGHT UP0:47Piano Red (Pete's Mambo)
12/28/1997    5:14Do You No Good At All
On-Air   8:02Do You Mind (alternative)
Badƒinger Radio 101.22MB 10:45IVEYS DEMO0:39I'll Kiss You Goodnight
1/4/1998    3:38Tommy interview
    4:10Another Day
On-Air   7:48Sausage And Egg

Show Number / DateSizeLength Show ThemeStart Track Title

Badƒinger Radio 111.39MB 12:14SAY NO MORE0:37Because I Love You (alternative)
1/11/1998    3:40Rock 'N Roll Contract (alternative)
On-Air   8:42Hold On (alternative)
Badƒinger Radio 121.65MB 14:30PILGRIM0:34You Make Me Sick
1/13/1998    5:08No One Likes the Rain
On-Air   9:29In My Dreams
Badƒinger Radio 131.28MB 11:14GREATEST HITS0:42Maybe Tomorrow
1/25/1998    4:09Come And Get It
On-Air   6:50No Matter What
Badƒinger Radio 141.39MB 12:13MATTED SPAM0:37Matted Spam (7 Park Avenue)
2/1/1998    4:15Matted Spam (Badƒinger)
On-Air   7:43Matted Spam (BBC 72/73)
Badƒinger Radio 151.46MB 12:51HEAD FIRST 10:41Lay Me Down
2/8/1998    4:54Moonshine
On-Air   9:50Mr. Manager (Warner's mix)
Badƒinger Radio 161.31MB 11:337 PARK AVENUE - Extra0:39Know One Knows (7 Park Avenue)
2/15/1998   3:50Know One Knows (Wish You Were Here)
On-Air   7:40Come Come Tomorrow
Badƒinger Radio 171.28MB 11:15JOEY DRINKING SONGS0:35He's A Regular
2/22/1998    3:43Market Tavern
On-Air   7:56Thoughts Of An Old Man
Badƒinger Radio 181.24MB 10:54WITHOUT YOU0:40Without You (If It's Love)
3/1/1998    3:35Without You (I Can't Live)
On-Air   5:23Without You (No Dice)
Badƒinger Radio 191.13MB 9:59NYC 71 LIVE0:45My Dark Hour
3/8/1998    3:48Midnight Sun
On-Air   6:42No Matter What
Badƒinger Radio 201.26MB 11:07TV SESSIONS0:42Come And Get It (Beat Club)
3/15/1998    3:21No Matter What (Top of the Pops)
On-Air   6:28Baby Blue (Kenny Rogers Show)

Show Number / DateSizeLength Show ThemeStart Track Title

Badƒinger Radio 211.25MB 11:00HEAD FIRST 20:38Turn Around
3/22/1998    5:24Mr. Manager (plus intro)
On-Air   9:18Saville Row
Badƒinger Radio 221.16MB 10:21HEAD FIRST 30:39Rockin' Machine
3/29/1998    2:13Back Again
On-Air   5:16Rock N' Roll Contract
Badƒinger Radio 231.32MB 11:37KANSAS 72 & NYC 710:39Day After Day (Kansas)
4/5/1998    3:52No Matter What (Kansas)
On-Air   7:08Blodwyn (NYC)
Badƒinger Radio 241.42MB 12:30NYC 710:39Feelin' Alright?
Badƒinger Radio 251.11MB 9:48ASS SESSIONS0:39Cowboy
4/19/1998    3:29Cowboy (instrumental)
On-Air   6:29Untitled (instrumental)
Badƒinger Radio 261.32MB 11:35DAY AFTER DAY0:00No Dice advertisement
5/10/1998    0:59Badƒinger radio show 1970
    2:30Blind Owl (alternative)
    5:42Radio show 4/23/83
    6:58Joey interview - Day After Day
On-Air   8:02Day After Day (Vancouver 3/8/74)
Badƒinger Radio 271.22MB 10:451986 DEMOS0:47Strike While The Fire Is Hot
5/17/1998    6:20Call Me
Badƒinger Radio 281.30MB 11:28NATURAL GAS0:49Little Darlin'
5/24/1998    4:20I've Been Waiting
On-Air    7:51Dark Cloud
Badƒinger Radio 291.11MB 9:45DODGERS BBC 760:48Just Want To Love You
5/31/1998   4:03Down
Badƒinger Radio 301.96MB 17:13MIKE INTERVIEW 10:50Interview
6/7/1998    1:55Sue Me
On-Air   13:53Bad Boy Blues

Show Number / DateSizeLength Show ThemeStart Track Title

Badƒinger Radio 311.96MB 17:14MIKE INTERVIEW 20:42Know One Knows
6/14/1998    3:55Interview
    4:51In The Meantime/Some Other Time
On-Air   13:37Your So Fine
Badƒinger Radio 321.56MB 13:42MIKE INTERVIEW 30:48Warcloud
6/21/1998    3:41Interview
On-Air   10:16Up On Cripple Creek
Badƒinger Radio 331.45MB 12:34MIKE INTERVIEW 40:42Knocking Down Our Home
6/28/1998    4:20Interview
    5:57Sing For The Song
On-Air   9:51No Good At All
Badƒinger Radio 341.45MB 12:46MIKE INTERVIEW 50:42Egg
7/5/1998    4:44Interview
On-Air   6:38Layaway (Young Savage Florida)
Badƒinger Radio 351.07MB 9:23PHILLY 10:38Lay Me Down (clean copy)
7/12/1998    4:12My Dark Hour
On-Air   6:14Midnight Sun
Badƒinger Radio 361.49KB 13:05PHILLY 20:52I Can't Take It
7/19/1998    4:53No Matter What
On-Air   7:34Medley
Badƒinger Radio 371.45MB12:44PHILLY 30:43We're For The Dark
7/26/1998    4:10Feelin' Alright?
Badƒinger Radio 381.24MB 10:52IVEYS BBC 10:43River Deep, Mountain High
8/1/1998    4:08Respect
On-Air   6:10Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Badƒinger Radio 391.06MB 9:21IVEYS BBC 20:40Revolution
8/9/1998    3:48Maybe Tomorrow
On-Air   6:26Drive My Car
Badƒinger Radio 401.09MB 9:37IVEYS BBC 30:53Just One Look
8/16/1998    3:46Proud Mary
On-Air   6:20Needle In A Haystack

Show Number / DateSizeLength Show ThemeStart Track Title

Badƒinger Radio 411.08MB 9:30IVEYS BBC 40:48Surrender
8/23/1998    3:17The Way You Do The Things You Do
On-Air   5:48You Can All Join In
Badƒinger Radio 421.15MB 10:05TIMELESS BOOT 11:01Girl Next Door
8/30/1998    3:31Man Without A Heart
On-Air   5:15Crimson Ship
Badƒinger Radio 431.52MB 13:21TIMELESS BOOT 20:51I Don't Mind
9/6/1998    4:03Sometimes
On-Air   7:00Name Of The Game
Badƒinger Radio 441.37MB 12:00ALL THINGS MUST PASS 20:50It Don't Come Easy
9/13/1998    4:36Run Of The Mill
On-Air   7:27Art Of Dying (backing track)
Badƒinger Radio 451.45MB 12:44CAMBRIDGE 10:48Day After Day
9/20/1998    3:39Constitution
On-Air   8:26Baby Blue
Badƒinger Radio 462.27MB 19:58CAMBRIDGE 20:44I Don't Mind
9/29/1998    4:00Perfection
On-Air   10:45Timeless
Badƒinger Radio 4777.3KB 0:16technical difficulties 0:00 announcement
Badƒinger Radio 481.62MB 14:13AFTER THE PEARL1:23Here Comes Heartache
11/15/1998    5:09Too Late To Cry
On-Air   9:02Life Song
Badƒinger Radio 491.53MB 13:27JOEYFINGER 11:03Baby Blue
11/22/1998    4:41No Matter What
On-Air   7:44Day After Day
Badƒinger Radio 501.17MB 10:20JOEYFINGER 20:47Come And Get It
11/29/1998    2:59Love Is Gonna Come At Last
On-Air   6:33Suitcase

Show Number / DateSizeLength Show ThemeStart Track Title

Badƒinger Radio 51893KB 7:38IVEYS BBC 50:44Nobody
12/6/1998    2:41Birthday
On-Air   5:00Her Daddy's A Millionaire
Badƒinger Radio 521.09MB 9:38DODGERS 10:45Don't Let Me Be Wrong
12/13/1998    3:17Get To You
On-Air   5:58Just Want To Love You
Badƒinger Radio 531.33MB 11:43DODGERS 20:52Down
12/20/1998    4:42Love On The Rebound
On-Air   8:10Come Out Fighting
Badƒinger Radio 541.01MB 8:51JACKIE LOMAX0:43Take Me Down To The Water
Badƒinger Radio 551.00MB 8:47IVEYS/BADFINGER BBC 10:40Midnight Sun
1/24/1999    3:06Come And Get It
On-Air   5:23Rock Of All Ages
Badƒinger Radio 561.00MB 9:15IVEYS/BADFINGER BBC 20:44Maybe Tomorrow
1/31/1999    3:31Come And Get It
On-Air   5:35Midnight Sun
Badƒinger Radio 571.31MB 11:31IVEYS/G.W.RAIN BBC 31:04Maybe Tomorrow
2/14/1999    3:54Interview: Joey
On-Air   7:41Surrender
Badƒinger Radio 581.29MB 11:20DODGERS-EBBETS FIELD 10:55Take Another Piece
5/16/1999    3:15Don't Know What You're Doing
On-Air    6:59Love On The Rebound
Badƒinger Radio 591.26MB 11:06DODGERS-EBBETS FIELD 20:48Little Darlin'
5/30/1999    3:38Anytime
On-Air    7:16Come Out Fighting
Badƒinger Radio 601.35MB 11:54DODGERS-EBBETS FIELD 30:49It Was You
6/20/1999    3:18Don't Know What You're Doing
On-Air    7:03For Your Love

Show Number / DateSizeLength Show ThemeStart Track Title

Badƒinger Radio 611.13MB 9:55DODGERS-EBBETS FIELD 40:43I Call Your Name
7/11/1999    4:00Don't Let Me Be Wrong
On-Air    6:22All I Do
Badƒinger Radio 621.43MB 12:36DODGERS-EBBETS FIELD 50:49Miles Away
7/25/1999    4:0624 Reasons
On-Air    7:59Matter Of Pride
Badƒinger Radio 631.86MB 16:19DODGERS-EBBETS FIELD 60:48Just Want To Love You
8/8/1999    3:45Down
     8:50Don't Know What You're Doing
On-Air    12:25Where Were You?
Badƒinger Radio 641.35MB 11:51GEORGE & JOE1:01Going Down To Golders Green
8/22/1999    4:01Happy
On-Air   7:20It's Alright
Badƒinger Radio 651.35MB 11:54BASIL (Joey Molland)0:50Borderline '84
9/5/1999    3:47Moonlight '81
On-Air   8:01Miss Misunderstood '72 (complete)
Badƒinger Radio 661.46MB 12:49SHOCK HORROR THEATER 1 - 19830:51Day After Day
9/26/1999    4:10Look Out California
On-Air   8:00Hold On
Badƒinger Radio 671.17MB 10:17SHOCK HORROR THEATER 2 - 19830:44Come And Get It
10/24/1999    2:50Baby You
    5:20Come And Get It (reprise)
On-Air   6:01Come On
Badƒinger Radio 681.48MB 13:00KICKIN' ASS 11:05My Dark Hour
11/7/1999    3:07I Can't Take It
On-Air   6:55Dreaming
Badƒinger Radio 691.25MB 10:57KICKIN' ASS 21:01Midnight Sun
12/4/1999    3:28We're For The Dark
On-Air   7:21Rock And Roll
Badƒinger Radio 703.67MB 8:12ALIVE1:19Love Is Easy
12/26/1999    6:48Blind Owl
On-Air   12:40I Can't Take It

Show Number / DateSizeLength Show ThemeStart Track Title

Badƒinger Radio 711.40MB 12:1819740:40Oh Wow
2/6/2000    4:08Give It Up
On-Air   8:20Song For A Lost Friend
Badƒinger Radio 721.96MB 17:14UNHEARD ASS OUTTAKES1:01Timeless
4/8/2000    6:29When I Say
On-Air   13:10Do You Mind
Badƒinger Radio 731.69MB 14:52LIVE IN THE PAST (7-2-98)1:04Come And Get It
3/27/2000    3:35I Don't Mind
On-Air   10:23Baby Blue
Badƒinger Radio 741.86MB 16:21MIKE GIBBINS SOLO 1972!0:56Cowboy
4/16/2000    3:30Get Up Off Your Knees
    6:52For So Long
On-Air   10:25This Time
Badƒinger Radio 751.25MB 11:02STRAIGHT UP SESSIONS0:52Sweet Tuesday Morning
5/5/2000    3:28Day After Day
On-Air   6:45Suitcase (live)
Badƒinger Radio 761.68MB 14:46WHISKEY A GO GO (2-23-72)0:59My Dark Hour
6/5/2000    4:32Johnny B Goode
On-Air   8:50Rock 'N Roll Medley
Badƒinger Radio 771.75MB 15:24PLUGGED INTO THE 90's1:10I Don't Mind
7/4/2000    4:19Suitcase
    7:50Long, Long Way Back Home
On-Air   12:05Maybe Baby
Badƒinger Radio 783.10MB 27:10One last time...0:36Just Juice (ad)
7/15/2000  Darren's last radio show2:02She Belongs To Me - Masterminds
    4:43Take My Love - Masterminds
    7:43Name Of The Game (alt)
    11:43Light kind of wine (ad)
    13:03Christmas Song - Natural Gas
    18:11Tommy instrumental demo
    20:07Lay Down - Goodfinger
    23:16You And I - Goodfinger
On-Air   25:51Peaceful Christmas (ad)

Darren English's - Badfinger Radio - No Matter What

"G'day to everyone and welcome to this episode of Badƒinger Radio..."

From November 1997 through July 2000, Darren's Internet radio show was a beacon for all Badƒinger and Iveys fans. These shows, along with Darren's other supporting pages: Badƒinger Bootleg Pages and Head First Pages supplied the needed information for a hungry Badƒinger fan base. It was with these shows and his pages, that many fans were for the first time able to hear and read about some of the obscure recordings of the group that were available.

These shows have been "off the air" for several years, so the BWR is blowing off the dust and presenting them again for your enjoyment. Sit back and listen again, or for the first time, to all of these unique Internet radio shows. This is a historical archive of what once was...

"...for now, this is Darren English. See ya next week!"

Darren English - 1999

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