A Hot Time in

Joey's Badfinger concert in Ohio

July 14, 2001

Joey Molland

Cincinnati ChiliFest Concert Series - Hugh Blow-out!

The greenish glow in the sky in downtown Cincinnati that was witnessed by thousands at 9:00 PM brought in many calls to the Cincinnati police on July 14th. Was it a rare occurrence of the Northern Lights? Or maybe the fireworks show after the Reds game? No! It seems that during a concert show featuring Joey Molland's Badfinger, concert-goers by the hundreds, in unison lit their lighters in tribute to the band. Big mistake! After thousands of people digested thousands of pounds of chili, the inevitable happened... The not-so-sweet smell of success...

And now if you believe that, try following this story...

My "Lost Weekend" (or The 'Sir Barbaronius Maximus' Factor)

The weekend of July 14th, when Joey's Badfinger were to play at the ChiliFest in Cincinnati, I knew I was going to go. It was one year, minus one day, since the band was last here in Ohio - and I knew that the wait was going to be worth it. Soon after the date was announced, the word went around that this would be a good time to have a Badfinger fan get together. It ended up that four of us made plans for a long weekend. There was Teresa, (pronounced "Te-ray-sa") Scarpelli from Dayton; Ron Saunders, ("the best of British Rock") from Maryland; Sir Barb Atkinson, ("The Badfinger Boogie") from Oklahoma; and myself that decided to finally get together after knowing about each other only through our Badfinger connections on the Internet.

All four of us knew what we each looked like and we have all chatted with each other on Barb's Badfinger Boogie site for several years; so we pretty much knew that we would all be compatible...or would we??? Teresa and I acted as the hosts for the event since it was in our backyard, so to speak. Ron Saunders was going to fly in to Dayton on Friday morning and Barb was going to drive and arrive on Thursday, midday. But Barb was going to first go up and see the Badfinger show at the Hoffman Estates near Chicago the weekend before. You can see quite a few photos from both Barb and Kevin from the Hoffman Estates on the Badfinger Boogie.

The plans for Saturday was to have my son Brian, along with Teresa's brother, John (a huge Golden Earring fan - See Goldmine December 22, 1995 Vol. 21, No. 26 - Issue 402 for John's featured story about the band) and a friend of John's, to join us for the days festivities. In Cincinnati, the weather was going to be perfect! Mid 80's, lots of sun, nice breeze and a group of good friends looking forward to the concert. Wow!

We left our cars on the Kentucky side of the river and walked across a bridge that connected to the Yeatman's Cove area in downtown Cincinnati, where the ChiliFest was being held. As we had plenty of time, we were able to try out lots of interesting chili concoctions... I had crab chili with grilled shrimp on the side that was really excellent. So we all milled about and scoped out the best place to see and photograph the concert along the Serpentine Wall right next to the river. At 6:30 PM, "Little Eddie and the Fossils" came on stage and played a pretty good mix of 60's and 70's covers hits that really brought in the crowd and got everyone going. Their set was one and one-half hours long and they seemed to be having fun and the audience was too! Towards the end of their set, a van pulled in behind the stage and Joey's Badfinger piled out. Joe saw Barb and came over to the security fence. Ron and Teresa walked over to say "Hi", and Sir Barb disavowed any knowledge of just who these people were... Joe smiled and said that he would be back to talk after the show.

The concert - at last!!!

"Little Eddie and the Fossils" finished up and invited everyone to stick around to listen to Badfinger. No problem here... After a few minutes, John Richardson was up on stage setting up the provided drum set to his liking. Then one by one, Mark Healey, Billy Davis, Steve Wozny and Joey Molland took to the stage to begin setting up for the show. The crowd shouted out and they all waved back and then they got busy tuning up - this was going to be good!
Joey Molland
All seemed to be set in about half an hour, but Steve's keyboard was not set up yet. Badfinger left the stage... And we waited... About twenty minutes later, a car comes screeching up to the stage and several roadies jump out and run up to the stage with a keyboard in hand. Steve's keyboard is quickly set up - Steve walks on, the crowd applauds, he pumps his fist into the air and the rest of Badfinger take the stage!!!

Badfinger 2001
Badfinger 2001
Steve Wozny-Keyboards • Joey Molland-Guitars • Mark Healey-Bass • John Richardson-Drums • Billy Davis-Guitars

Joey and band hit the stage just before 9:00 PM by launching into the song that put Badfinger on the map - "Come And Get It". This is the same 5 piece band that wowed crowds last year, and they were even tighter as a unit this time around. The band consisted of: Joey Molland - lead guitar, vocals; Mark Healey - bass, vocals; John Richardson - drums; Billy Davis - guitar, vocals; and Steve Wozny - keyboards, vocals. The singing duties were spread around much more this year - and that change made for a fuller, richer show.

Steve Wozny
Steve Wozny
Billy Davis
Billy Davis
John Richardson
John Richardson provides a steady beat...
Mark Healey & John Richardson
Mark Healey and John Richardson
Steve and Joey
The band kicks into "Come And Get It"
Steve and Joey
Next song: "I Don't Mind"
Mark, Billy and John
Joey Molland
Followed by "Suitcase" and "Baby Blue"
Billy and Mark
Billy puffs Billy fires up the crowd
Billy fires up the crowd
Steve Wozny
"Meanwhile Back At The Ranch/Should I Smoke"
Joey Molland

The band was charging through the songs with Billy being very animated; encouraging the audience to clap their hands, or he was jumping up and down on the stage. Everyone, band and audience was really getting into the songs and the mood of the show, when all of a sudden during the playing of the song "Meanwhile Back At The Ranch/Should I Smoke", the vocals went out! The crowd very audibly moaned and the technician quickly ran around the side of the mixer board, jiggled some cables and hit a reset switch. The full sound kicked back on and a cheer went up from the fans. The band never missed a beat as the vocals were still coming through their stage monitors. Joe finished up the song with that classic soaring guitar riff at the end - and he hit it perfectly!

Joey Molland
"The Dreamer"
Billy Davis
Joe and Mark
Mark takes the mic for "Midnight Caller"
Mark - Billy - John Mark - Billy - John
Joey Molland
"Mean Mean Jemima"
Joey Molland
Billy sings 'Without You' Billy Davis
"I can't live if living is without you"

All the songs from the show were great, but there were some standouts for me. Billy's singing of "Without You" was really well received by the audience, as was "Day After Day" also sung by Billy. The entire band really smoked on Joey's song "No More" from the "Say No More" album. The audience was up and dancing, clapping their hands and just having a great evening along the Ohio River listening to all the music! There were also several boats just off shore, behind the stage listening to the show too.

Steve and Joey
"Vampire Wedding"
Joey Molland
Joey Molland Joey Molland
"No More"
Mark - Billy - John
"No Matter What" and "Come And Get It" - reprise
Joe Molland

After "No More", the band kicked into "No Matter What" and then segued into a reprise of "Come And Get It" to close the show. Joey's band left the stage and the crowd was on its feet stamping, clapping and shouting for more! In a few minutes, Badfinger returns and launches into a rollicking version of "Rock Of All Ages", sung by Steve. This has always been a good rocking keyboard song, and Steve was really into his role. Sweeping keyboard strokes, animated singing and just totally losing himself into the song; this put an excellent cap onto an excellent show... What a night!!!

For a complete text version of this show - Click here: [ °Passin' Time° [ V3.19.133 ] 07-22-01 ]

After the show, Joey, Billy, Mark, John and Steve came out to the fans and talked, signed autographs,
and answered dozens of questions!

Billy, Mark and SteveJoe and the fans

I hope you enjoyed the concert as much as I did!
Just like last year... If you can, go to the nearest one playing to you. You will not be disappointed!
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