Paul's pencils of his buddies from the rock group BADFINGER, inked by Dave (ROCKETEER) Stevens.

Here is the story as related to the BWR by Tom K Ranheim
Comics Interview #33 features an interview with Paul Power.

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Here is the part where they talk about Badfinger:

KEN: Let's talk about music. I've noticed the great influence of rock music in your work.

PAUL: I used to write for RAM magazine, an Australian rock magazine, and I was art director at EMI Records Sidney, Australia, in 1974. I was directing rock clips for them: AC/DC, Little River Band. Yeah, you know, the Beatles were a big influence on me. I got to meet John Lennon, which was a real blast.

KEN: Tell us about that.

PAUL: Well, I made a phone call to a friend of mine, Joey Molland, who was in Badfinger. I found out from another guy that Lennon was coming to town in 1980. He was doing his come-back. He was jamming with people in Los Angeles like Cheap Trick and some punk bands. Joey Molland and Tom Evans played on the IMAGINE album and they were on the Apple label - so they all knew each other. There's an interesting story about IMAGINE. They were playing acoustic guitars on "Jealous Guy" and doing back-up vocals. Some of the chords they were told to play, the group didn't feel were right. George Harrison was in on that session, too. They said to John that they didn't feel that the chords were right. So Lennon says, "What? These f***ing Badfinger boys are trying to tell me how to run my song?" They were a bit nervous because the group members were big fans of the Beatles. They were one of the first bands the Beatles signed to their Apple label. So Joey and Tom played the chords and Lennon said, "F***ing right, these Badfinger boys aren't bad, George." That's a nice story, eh? So they were having a bit of a jam session doing "Mack the Knife." I came to it. He made me a cup of tea. Nice fella. Too bad he's gone.

KEN: A real tragedy. Do you play any musical instruments?

PAUL: I sang in a band a long time ago. I did some back-up vocals on friends' albums - oohs and ahhhs. Been on a couple of Joey Molland back-up tracks.

KEN: Would you care to comment on this? I am a guitar player myself and I used to do it professionally. You're the only cartoonist that puts everything on the guitar approximately where it belongs.

PAUL: Thank you. When I was doing some drawings of Joey Molland, he said, "Hey, these guitars aren't right, you're cheating." And he was right - so I fixed it. Also, when I was doing the comic strip "Eddie Riff" in RAM magazine, I had a rock audience and that's what they expected. "Riff" wasn't drawn real well. I was more interested in my boxing, at that stage, than I was my artwork.