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The Exclusive BWR Interview with Roy Anderson - The Panthers

The Panthers - circa 1964
The Panthers - Roy Anderson Interview...

The year is 1961. We are in Swansea, South Wales in Pete Ham's kitchen; in attendance - David Franklin, Peter Ham and Roy Anderson. Three close teenage friends with one common interest...
Forming a band.

Take a step back to those exciting, formative days of rock and roll in the early 60's.

Click the band photo on the left and turn a page back in time...

What some are saying about the Interview...

Ron Griffiths says:
"Rick, This is excellent stuff, the survivors must be thrilled to bits with your input on their behalf."

Bob Jackson says:
"The Panthers project looks really great...lots of detail, which I've only skimmed at the moment, but, yes, very interesting. I'm sure the fans will lap it up!"

Dan Matovina says:
"The Roy Anderson feature looks great - this is the kind of stuff I'd hoped others would do on the Internet for years - the book is a book, there is always room for far more depth. Good job!"

Keith James says:
"I've known Roy (Anderson) for about six years, but he's never told me the things he told you and he showed you pics he's never shown me!!"

And from Roy Anderson:
"Rick, what you have presented here is fantastic!.... I'm absolutely knocked out!... Everyone is going to be so surprised when they see this over here.. I can't thank you enough for all the thought and work you have put in. I really never expected anything like this... Tremendous!!"

BWR Interview: Brenda (Hornberg) Watkins -The Birth & Demise of the NMW Fanzine!

Interview by Rick Kellogg - "For the fans, by the fans..."

I first met up with Brenda and her husband, Tom at the August 2001 Chicago Beatlefest - we had been corresponding with each other since she connected on the Internet and found my Badfinger Web Ring pages several years ago. This was going to be a special treat for me because I was quickly learning just how much Brenda knew about our favorite band, Badfinger...

Around this time I also learned that she was, in the early 90's, involved with Amy DeFalco and Rob Rodriguez in helping with the conception, implementation and promotion of a new Badfinger fanzine soon to be titled "No Matter What - The Official Badfinger Fanzine" - a song title name that was suggested by Brenda.

Just recently, Brenda wrote an article titled; "From Little Acorns" for the Keith James' "Better Days - Photographs and Memories" - booklet #2. In that article, she tells us how she first met Amy and Rob at a Badfinger concert in a Chicago club in mid-June of 1990. Then how quickly all the pieces fell into place for getting the Preview/Discography issue ready for the Beatlefest show held in Chicago, on August 11 and 12th. This included a meeting with Joey where he gave his blessing and this advice: "do it right!"

BWR Brenda, thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions about your involvement with the NMW fanzine and for providing me with a few photos from the 1990 Beatlefest. Take us back to 1990 for just a bit. Joey was finishing up the re-mixing of the "Day After Day" release for Rykodisc and he had just put together a new Joey's Badfinger touring band.

Brenda & Kevin E.

Brenda This was a fairly busy time for Badfinger fans. Joey was doing a few Midwest shows, The "Day After Day" release party/concert was fast approaching in October and Rob & Amy's new fanzine was just about ready for the info-hungry fans.

BWR How was the response about the 'zine' received at the Beatlefest? Were there quite a few subscriptions or at least names taken at that event?

Brenda I talked with lots of Badfinger fans that weekend - I was hoarse for days afterwards. We sold almost all the preview copies and handed out a big stack of flyers. Amy began receiving subscription requests soon afterwards.

BWR I noticed in the photographs that you provided me, your two friends Paul Nyman and Kevin E. were also involved with the promotion of NMW.

Brenda Yes. The boys were as enthusiastic about the fanzine as I was. And we were thick as thieves in those days, anyway - always hanging out together.

BWR How about the content and features that were to be in each issue? How was that basic formula derived?

Brenda Amy had a pretty clear picture of how the fanzine would be put together. The regular features were her idea right from the beginning. I think I suggested "Matted Spam" (the trivia column) and some other minor details.

BWR I know that early on, you needed to step back from being too involved in the creation and production of the fanzine. What briefly was happening with you during this time period?

Brenda Well, I had a rather demanding day job, so I hadn't really expected to become so heavily involved with the fanzine in the first place. I was very flattered when Amy invited me to be an editor and Joey had encouraged my involvement. But I discovered fairly early on that Amy and I had very strong differences and communication problems, so I felt it would be best if I stepped back from the project.

Paul Nyman

BWR But you were still able to contribute an article every so often over the next several years. Were you happy about the way the fanzine was proceeding? How about any feedback that you were hearing from either Joey or Kathie?

Brenda I wrote some pieces for the fanzine because Joey asked me to! Basically, I thought the fanzine was well done. I know Kathie provided Rob and Amy with lots of photos and clippings, and there were wonderful contributors like Cary Caldwell. What I didn't like were some of the sarcastic "editorial comments." For instance, I wrote an article called "Back on the Airwaves," which saw my print peppered with remarks that Joey himself later referred to as "snotty." Joey did tell me that he liked my article, though, and I remember Kathie telling me that she wished I lived closer to them so I could help answer the fan mail!

BWR What do you feel was the most important role for the NMW fanzine?

Brenda It filled a void! Back then, there was no Internet, and no other regular Badfinger fanzines or newsletters. NMW got information to the fans, and provided a way for the fans to contact each other.

BWR Was there anywhere else that you think the fanzine's content could have expanded upon?

Brenda Possibly more fan contributions. I think that would've happened if the fanzine had kept going. It's interesting to note that several NMW subscribers have their own Badfinger websites now... (BWR Note: Read the 'zine' and discover who they are...)

BWR The pricing structure was set fairly low for a one year, four issue subscription. Any comments on how the finances of running the NMW fanzine was proceeding? I take it Rob and Amy were not raking in the dough on this venture.

Brenda No, I'm sure they lost money on it. But making money on the fanzine was never their intention. They only charged enough to cover the printing and postage. All of their time was free! "For the fans, by the fans..."

BWR From what I've read in the "Why Don't We Talk" fan feedback section in each of the fanzines, subscribers were for the most part very supportive of what Rob and Amy were doing. Did that change over time as the issues became strung out and mailed later and later?

Brenda I did hear from some subscribers at the time who were unhappy when months went by with no new issue and no explanation from Rob and Amy.
Amy & Rob

BWR Your closing remarks in your "From Little Acorns" article states that; "...'No Matter What' mysteriously disappeared and no satisfactory explanation has ever been given for its untimely demise." Would you elaborate?

Brenda I'm not sure I really can, Rick!

BWR Have you had any contact with either Rob or Amy over the past several years? Do you know what they are each doing now?

Brenda I haven't heard from either of them since the final issue of NMW, nor did I see either of them at Joey's shows after that. Kathie told me later that they had broken up. Whatever they're each doing now, I don't know, but I hope they're well and happy. They must be proud that the fanzine is revered all these years after its demise. I know I'm glad I was able to play a small part in bringing a fan's dream to fruition.

BWR Thank you again Brenda for this update. I know that from time to time more contributions will be coming from you. I know that you were instrumental in helping me put all this together for presentation on the BWR. THANKS BRENDA!!!

In the last issue of the NMW fanzine, Issue #8 - Timeless, Amy and Rob finish up with an article titled: "Just one more thing before we go......" With their closing paragraph, they comment about the several years that the fanzine existed. Their words are a mix of poignant anxiety about the present situation, but with a positive spin as to what the future will bring for all Badfinger fans. They rightfully take pride in what they accomplished, yet their statements are also filled with some remorse as to what ultimately transpired with their dream. They do correctly state that they feel that the NMW fanzine would "stand as a body of work and future resource...(for) delving into the history of Badfinger." Then they close the last issue with, "We've spent our time, had some fun - and for that we thank you, but It's Over."

As a newsletter editor and webmaster of my own little contribution in helping to disseminate and preserve the legacy of Badfinger - past, present and future; I understand some of the pressures and complications that Amy and Rob faced. It was no small task in what they were able to assemble! Publishing a webpage on the Internet is quite different than publishing a nicely printed and bound booklet - then there was all the mailing hassles! That is why I feel that it is so important to recreate and preserve the "No Matter What" fanzine on the BWR. Thanks Amy and Rob and Brenda! - What you did is still relevant and certainly not forgotten...

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BWR Interview - Kevin McElligott DBA-BFR Restoration Engineer - Photos by Daniel R. Patmore

Interview with Recording Engineer: Kevin McElligott
Photos by: Daniel R. Patmore ( Six New Exclusive Photos! )

BWR: Hello Kevin! Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions about the new double live CD: "DBA-BFR." After I've played my copy of the CD through several times, I really like it! Very nicely done Kevin! It sounds like the band was having a great time at this show, and I think the balance between the audience feedback and the music is really well maintained.

Photo copyrighted by Daniel R. Patmore        

Mike Gibbins Kevin: It's great to hear from you Rick! I am very happy you are enjoying the CDs. I'm also glad that you contacted me as I would love to share my experiences in doing this project with you. What I am really hopeful for is that Mike finds more treasures to be brushed up and dusted off - that would be quite exciting. I hope the positive response to this set maybe prods all the guys to do something like this, it would be great for all involved! I spoke to Mike Gibbins the other day and we are both quite happy with the response to the CD set so far.


I also want to send out a huge "Thank You" to Daniel R. Patmore! Dan personally dug into his photo files just for this BWR project and released the above six new photos from this show that have NEVER been before published!!! I am honored!

Here is a note from Daniel about his photo-shoot at the DBA-BFR show:

"As far as that night, I remember hanging with the band after the show in the managers office; partying with them and talking about the Beatles. It was very cool. The pictures on my web page and the ones shown here (on the BWR), are the best from the shoot. I hope that you enjoy them."

  BWR Exclusive Showing!!! Story & Photos  

(Tis best on a PC using Internet Explorer 5.x - but works elsewhere too!)

Badfinger Web Ring Interview with Dan Matovina - April 12, 2003

BWR - Dan, tell us how the song "No Matter What" came to be included in the upcoming film "The In-Laws."

Dan - The film's production company has a music coordinator who selects the outside music for the film's score. He then attempts to secure all the rights and the individual selections for a soundtrack CD/DVD. The gentleman contacted me, as I am currently the American agent who handles certain music issues for the heirs of the estates of Peter Ham and Thomas Evans. I have experience in music publishing dating back to the mid-80s.

The "In-Laws" music coordinator was told by Warner/Chappell representatives there were complications to getting the rights for the song and they were discouraged from trying any further. Time was running out, but the film's music coordinator particularly loves Badfinger's version of "No Matter What" and felt it worked great in the segment of the film it was projected for. I told him this exact scenario had happened with another film last year and I had helped sort out that situation, so it was possible to sort this out. On that previous situation, I had been contacted by the lead Executive Producer of the film "Rules Of Attraction." He was pursuing the publishing rights clearance for "Without You," after he had been told basically the same thing by Warner/Chappell, not to even bother. In both cases I knew it simply took some concerted efforts in the proper way to coordinate communications, and to follow-up consistently, until everything was resolved. The difficult part in both of these scenarios was that there was very little time left to get these deals done.

The long-story-short is, after many calls, faxes, emails, etc. over a brief period of time, very lucrative deals were struck, and, in fact, for "Rules Of Attraction," that film's company got to use Nilsson's version of "Without You" versus a cover version they were going to throw together. Nilsson's estate had initially said "No" to them. I had interviewed Harry Nilsson for my Badfinger book and I spoke to him and his wife again after the book was published, not too long before his death. He really honored the song and loved Pete Ham as a songwriter. Once his estate heirs found out the song had been cleared on the Ham/Evans end, they allowed Harry's version to be used. The "Rules Of Attraction" Executive Producer told me the film's director actually cried when he found out it had gone through. I had met the director in L.A. and he told me "Without You" was probably the most significant song in his life. The story he gave me was very compelling. As it turned out, the use of the song in the film is quite intense. It is shown over a suicide scene. The film is often very graphic and I would caution people to research what the film is like before seeing it. It's definitely not for everyone. It is very dark, arty and thought-provoking.

Back to "The In-Laws" film - I communicated with all the relevant parties which got proper negotiations going, and it did happen, again, at the very last possible moment before the song would have been dropped. "The In-Laws" is a major film with a soundtrack featuring many prominent musical artists and former huge hit songs. For example, "Don't Bring Me Down" by ELO, "Good Times" by Chic, "Let's Get Down Tonight" by KC And The Sunshine Band, "Its Now Or Never" by Elvis Presley, not to mention three Paul McCartney songs, including an excellent previously-unreleased gem from his Ram period called 'A Love For You," and an alternate version of "Live And Let Die" from the original era of the song.

Happily, the advance income deals for "No Matter What" and 'Without You" will put big money into the hands of the Ham and Evans estates, Mike Gibbins, Joey Molland, and Bill Collins widow. Not to mention, there will also be later residuals for them, and the resulting promotion of Badfinger's catalog. The amount of these deals were at the very top end of the scale. The music coordinator of 'The In-Laws" told me he is going to fight for a key position of "No Matter What" on the soundtrack CD. I've been told the song will be heard very prominently in the film. I've also been told it plays for over two minutes, including during a chase sequence.

BWR Note: Dan forwarded me an email from Jim Sall, the music coordinator for the film which stated: "I want to thank you very much for all of your assistance in helping us by your communications with Neil Aspinall at Apple, Apple's attorney, the Pete Ham estate lawyer, and for clearing the approval by Pete Ham's heirs, thus making sure that we were able to use the Badfinger song "No Matter What" in the upcoming movie "The In-Laws", and on the accompanying soundtrack album. We had seemed to hit a dead-end with Warner/Chappell, and it did seem as if we were going to have to go with our second choice in that spot. Although that would not have been the end of the world, everyone involved was truly very happy, and even relieved, that it all worked out. The scene that "No Matter What" appears in is one of the best in the film, and the song sounds great there. As the Music Supervisor of the movie, and on behalf of all involved, I again thank you for your efforts and want you to know that it was all very much appreciated." -reprinted with permission.

BWR - Wow! That is all really great Dan... What other Badfinger-related projects have you been working on?

Dan - I've had an Iveys Anthology CD type project ready-to-go for over a year, but it is still needing clearances and re-negotiations. My hands were tied for awhile and I had health issues which slowed me down. It will hopefully come to fruition by later this year or next. The project concerns home demos and live performances of The Iveys. It will surprise a lot of people. I think the consensus would be that it is better-than-expected, based on the mixed reactions many people feel about The Iveys LP. I think it especially lays more justification to what a quality member Ron Griffiths was of that group. Beyond that project, I hope to get another Pete demos project out and maybe a Tom Evans home demos release.

BWR - Again, this is all great news! I know personally that I am putting in my vote for a Tom Evans release. I've heard that Tom has hours and hours of home tapes, some specially made for his young son Stephen. Aside from that, what keeps you going on and on with Badfinger and related projects?

Dan - It is truly a pleasure to help get the music of Badfinger and The Iveys out to the public. That is what it most important and what ultimately brings most people reading your "Passin' Time" newsletter to still follow the band. I'm consistently pleased at the wealth of good material that has been showing up from the Iveys, Badfinger, and the related parties. I hope everyone gets to eventually enjoy most of the rare material still unreleased from a legitimate release standpoint. I'll continue to help as I can.

BWR - Thanks again for what you are doing Dan - Keep 'em coming!!!!

  Email: Dan Matovina  

The Mark V. Perkins - Badfinger Artist Interview

Mark with 'Tommy'"Your eyes have seen the glory of the future that is past"

BWR: Mark, thanks for taking the time for this update on one of your projects; the Tom Evans lithograph. Can you give us a behind the scenes look at how this all came together?

MVP: Hello Rick, first let me start by thanking you for taking the time, and for this opportunity to elaborate on my latest lithograph project. The Tom Evans lithograph was prepared in part for keeping my promise to produce a companion to the Pete Ham lithograph. As you may know, these were prepared in an effort to help raise money for the release of more recorded material from Pete, Tom and early Iveys.

BWR: I know the quality of your work, which we first saw with the Pete Ham lithograph, but still to actually see the new Tommy litho...well it's STUNNING!!!

MVP: Thank you very much for the kind words. Preparing Tom was the most difficult portrait I have ever done, for I knew that it would have to be pleasing to his family and friends as well as withstanding the scrutiny of all the Badfinger fans out there. I spent a total of 85 hours drawing and when he was all done I couldn't bear to show anyone for fear of criticism. When I finally got up enough courage to show him to Dan Matovina, he calmly said "It's definitely Tommy, but can I suggest something? I believe he needs to have thicker eyebrows, longer eyelashes and more stubble." I took it home, did just what he said and the portrait came alive! Dan was totally right, after looking at it for so long, I didn't have anymore insight as to what he might have needed.

BWR: I noticed his eyes right away! It feels as if you had just walked up and caught him in a pensive moment. It is a penetrating gaze...Just what is Tommy pondering? Your eyes have seen the glory of the future that is past.


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