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From all over the Internet: The "94 Baker Street" CD musings

Thank you to a super-fan for sending me these reviews:
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Review on the Sweet Floral Albion webpage

(RPM RPM270) CD comp.

RPM have won yet another important trophy by here compiling some of the finest music published by or connected with Apple Music. In effect this is the perfect aural accompaniment to Stefan Granados's "Those Were The Days" (reviewed in SFA 10, Sept 2002).

The packaging is beautiful and the wordy bits of a very high standard. The musical contents (see 'Previews', SFA 19, Aug. 2003) include many classics, plus an important stash of previously unissued material. Most of which has not been widely or ever heard outside a tiny coterie of devotees and insiders. The three out-takes by Focal Point (including one track - "Cept Me" - formerly available on ISSS12 as "Except Me" - "artist unknown") are surely - without any hype - to be placed in the very highest realms of British Psych pop. Instant classics! The Grapefruit out-takes (especially "Lullaby"!) add another dimension to the band's sound, as do the magnificent "Tube Train" and "I've Been Here Before" by The Iveys. Plans are being made to reissue (legitimately) all their surviving unreleased songs.

"94 Baker Street" is a great comp, one of the best of 2003 (which has been a vintage year!), full of great sounds and further evidence of RPM's pre-eminence in the reissue field.

MARMALADE SKIES guestbook comments

Subject: "94 Baker Street" comp, something to enjoy!!!(a review of sorts)
Name: Stuart Robertson

Well I just received my "Baker Street" comp yesterday and I must say it's got some ace stuff that IS pop/psych and pop-sike, first of all this comp really can claim to unearthed some beauties, first off the main buying point for me was definitely the Focal Point tracks and The Iveys tracks but the other surprise were the two Grapefruit tracks of four that do sound different from the "Around Grapefruit" versions of "Lullaby and Another Game", excellent finds indeedy, stripped of their orchestration and lush production, those two tracks sound brilliant like this with some screechy guitar on "Lullaby" and a more raw psych/pop vibe on it as compared to the lush pop/psych on the excellent "Around Grapefruit" album!! As for "Another Game" this has no woodwind parts that feature on the album along with the absence of see-saw chorus parts that feature on that version too, I really like those stripped down versions, a slightly harder sound for sure!!

...Now onto The Iveys tracks, well anyone who has heard their album "Maybe Tomorrow" may have an idea of their sound, but the tracks on this are rawer and a bit more beefy, "I'm Too Shy" is a rather spiky popper with high pitched vocals, good number, "Maybe Tomorrow" which was the title track of their only album is a stripped down affair with no orchestration but is a fab pop song with some springy sounding guitar in the background, "Tube Train" is a side of The Iveys I would love to hear more of as it's a spiky Who inspired track with a real pop art sound plus the use of train effects which for a demo must've been rare!, "She Came Out Of The Cold" is a slower acoustic based pop number that does sound like The Iveys we have heard on the album, "I've Been There Once Before" is a rockin track with spiky guitar licks and does have a psych vibe, a truly marvelous find, with roaring drums, cymbals and heavy bass, and check out the freaked out finale of this track, this is The Iveys at their most way out!! All I can say is if there's more tracks like this in the vaults I really am looking forward to hearing them!!!!

...All that's left for me to say is this is a must buy, even just for the Iveys and Focal Point tracks, good liners, great sound, and not too expensive either, what more could we ask for, a big thanks to Stefan Granados for the fab book "Those were the Days" and for getting the ball rolling on this venture and compiling it) and Jim Mac(for his marvelous article on Focal Point on Marmalade Skies, which helped bring this fab group to our attention)and RPM for releasing this to us hungry music fans, all I can say is roll on The Iveys next year!!!

VARIOUS ARTISTS 94 Baker Street: Pop-Psych Sounds From The Apple Era 1967-79 (RPM; CD)

  VARIOUS ARTISTS 94 Baker Street  

Wow, this was an inspired idea! Apple will be forever remembered as The Beatles' record label despite being the brand name behind several other brave yet ill-fated business ventures and fab follies. Magic Alex springs to mind! Yet it began life as a publishing house for new sounds in 1967 and it's those early psych-tinged recordings that take centre stage on this juicy little comp.

Familiar titles like Grapefruit's "Dear Delilah" and The Misunderstood's "Children Of The Sun" nestle amongst a dozen or so previously unreleased and alternate versions. Of these, the stripped down demo of Grapefruit's "Lullaby" is much more effective than the "Around Grapefruit" version, Focal Point's dreamy atonal (and very Liverpudlian) demos instantly propel them into the Brit psych major league, The Iveys' surprisingly fiery tunes (particularly "Tube Train" which could hold it's own next to similarly urgent cuts by pop-art gods The Creation or The Game) wipe the floor with their usual bubblegum 'n' ballads approach, The Ways And Means' pre-Grapefruit George Alexander-penned "Breaking Up A Dream" remains a high watermark in psych-era beat singles and Paintbox (another, slightly less remarkable Alexander/Easybeats-related one-off from 1972) is kinda fun and screws up the '1967-69' tag of the album's title nicely.

Stefan Granados, author of "Those Were The Days: An Unofficial History Of The Beatles' Apple Organization 1967-2002", contributes illuminating liner notes and there are plenty of rare photos. The omission of better-known Apple psych cuts such as Fire's "Father's Name Is Dad", The Sands' "Listen To The Sky" and Paul Jones' "The Dog Presides" suggests a second volume is likely. Let's hope so. -Andy Morten

  Cherry Red - RPM  

"...but it is "I've Been There Once Before" that is perhaps the pinnacle of the more experimental songs recorded by the group. On this track, the surreal, horrific lyrical images of an air show crash are perfectly matched by the music, which veers between two time signatures before exploding into a full-freakout ending that is as chilling an evocation of a plane crash that you are likely to ever hear."

-From the liner notes: "94 Baker Street" CD

I had a sleep last night that scared me
Upon a strange and distant shore
And though I feel inside it can't be
I know that I've been here before
A supersonic flying delta
A flying fortress at its side
Spectators flee in holy terror
As they watch the two collide

- I've Been There Once Before (Pete Ham) - Lyrics quoted from Matovina's book.

The BWR mini-review:
Even though this is not a modern-day, crisp-sounding CD, it is packed with 21 samples of some up-and-coming bands during the 1967-1969 Apple Records era. That luckily involves the Iveys well before they became known to the rest of the world. Ron Griffiths commented to me that he thought that the Iveys recordings sounded pretty good as compared to some of the other groups, especially since they were all recorded on a Revox "sound-on-sound" tape machine at Golders Green. Ron is impressed to this day with the vocals they put down.

Excerpt from Dan Matovina's book "Without You - The Tragic Story of Badfinger" "The Revox "sound-on-sound" tape machine was quite cumbersome to use. It had two recording heads, and as you record, you bounce back and forth from one tape head to the other: Unfortunately, each bounce tends to cause noticeable loss in sound quality." Page: 18 - Revised Edition, Copyright 2000 Dan Matovina.

That being understood, most of the other recordings on the CD are 'studio' versions of the songs and that shows just how talented the Iveys were in getting the sound that they wanted, including sound effects, on a demo tape. These are much better recordings than what surfaced several years ago on the bootleg CD titled, "Someday We'll Be Known (1968 demo tape)". And the "94 Baker Street" CD liner notes hint of more to come...

"By the time Mal Evans came across the Iveys in January 1968, the band had already recorded dozens of quality demos. (By the way, the songs selected for this CD are just the tip of a vast trove of unissued recordings made by the Iveys. RPM plans to release a comprehensive collection of these rare demos, live performances and radio sessions sometime in 2004, tentatively titled "The Iveys: How Much Is The Sky").

Here are my impressions of what is presented with the five Iveys songs on this CD:

I'm Too Shy (Tom Evans)
Ah, this is the song that VH1 "Behind the Music of Badfinger" used! You will recognize it moments into the song - very Tom Evans sounding. This would have stood up on the "Maybe Tomorrow" album as well, if not better than some of the other songs that were included on that release. Good early Tommy song!

Maybe Tomorrow - demo version (Tom Evans)
This is the 'naked' version of this song with no strings or overly embellished vocals from Tom. The song is fully fleshed out and sounds just like they would lay it down in the near future. I really like this somewhat sparser version!

Tube Train (Ron Griffiths)
Very complex song from Ronnie G. Sound effects, tape loops, Ron's cockney accent during part of the song and several cord changes bring this song to the forefront. All the high harmonies, a signature of the Iveys, are present. I hope that Ron will fill us in on this song some more.

She Came Out Of The Cold (Pete Ham/Tom Evans)
A ghost story sung by Tommy! This we first heard on the CD that accompanied the "Without You - The Tragic Story of Badfinger" - revised edition. This is essentially the same song as presented on Dan's CD, but not as 'bright' sounding.

I've Been There Once Before (Pete Ham)
Ummm... I hate to focus on such a dark topic as a plane crash, but this is the song where the lyrics have intrigued me ever since first reading them in Dan's book, years ago. Now we have it at last and it is really an amazing song on several levels! Between Pete, Tommy and Ron on guitars and bass respectively, they really churn out this nightmare that was one of Pete's. Plane engines roar in the background; Sirens scream in warning; and Mike's drumming keep the nightmare very real as you listen to what unfolds before your horrified eyes....

Dan Matovina comments on who played what on this song:
Pete - backward guitar, distorted guitar, and airplane sounds (pretty amazing!!)
Ron - bass
Tommy - chop guitar parts (clean sound) - probably the hi-pitched guitar noises at end (but maybe Pete)
Mike - tympani effects
??? - whistling

Last comment from Dan Matovina:
"I'm glad to have helped Ron Griffiths coordinate this project - he and The Iveys deserve their day in the sun."

The Mike Gibbins Album!... ARCHEOLOGY - Can you dig it?

Featuring the following tracks:

  • Heavy Weather
  • To The River
  • Listen To Me
  • Sad The Clown (vocal by Ron Griffiths)
  • Dead Ratz (written by Chapman, Warsing, and Gibbins)
  • The Golden One
  • Dream Harder
  • Love Is Lookin' Over Me

Again Mike is joined by Ron Griffiths, Warsing and UFO's Paul Chapman...
Order now for $15 plus shipping:  

From - BFR Double Live CD!


This live CD of BFR was resurrected from my personal collection. The gig was recorded on a consumer cassette recorder and has been painstakingly cleaned for posterity. Special thanks to Kevin McElligott at the Audio Department for his excellent work in the clean up process. This also happens to be the last tour that Tommy and myself took to the stage and gave it our all. Many thanks to the musicians and all involved for the magic time past.
-Mike Gibbins 2002.Corrected Badfinger DBA-BFR

Tommy Evans, Mike Gibbins, Bob Jackson, Reed Kailing, Donny Dacus.

SET I                           SET II

1. Sooner or Later (6:15)       1. Rock N Roll Contract (5:30)
2. Come and Get It (3:15)       2. Airwaves/Look Out California (4:50)
3. Hold On (6:36)               3. Baby Blue (3:41)
4. Day After Day (3:48)         4. Without You (4:11)
5. Midnight Sun (2:41)          5. Rock N Roll Me Over (5:44)
6. Band Introduction (1:45)     6. Crocadillo (4:39)
7. Suitcase (5:13)              7. No Matter What (2:52)
8. I Won't Forget You (5:10)    8. I Got You (5:29)
9. C'mon (4:16)                 9. Back In The USSR (3:10)
                               10. Long Tall Sally (3:46)
                               11. Money (4:36)
The 'collector's edition' artworkThe corrected artwork

From Mike & Ellie Gibbins:
"We have a slight difference in the DBA_BFR disc. The year is incorrect on the first printing of the artwork. It should be 1982. All has been corrected thanks to a fan that called this to our attention. This tour did go into early 1983 but this particular show was in 1982. The artwork has been corrected."

From Mike Gibbins to Tom Brennan: (edited)
I found myself doing some research after responding to your e-mail. We dug up my diary that I kept back in '82 and I also have spoken with Bob Jackson who couldn't remember the year but did remember the part of the Tommy working with the other people afterwards."

"We (have made the corrections to the artwork), so the first batch will just have to be collector's items. One thing that did make me feel better was that we were not the last people that Tommy worked with before he passed away. I knew that Tommy had a great time with us on tour and really enjoyed himself. Not a cause for him to be depressed."

"Thanks for the e-mail. It's amazing to me that some people know more about my life than I do and I lived it!"

Regards, Mike Gibbins  

A Global Tribute Album: "Remembering Badfinger"... A Tribute CD!!!

About "Remembering Badfinger"... $15.95 plus shipping and handling

Three decades have passed since the band Badfinger signed with Apple Records and scored a number of chart hits that included: "Come and Get It," "No Matter What," "Day After Day," and "Baby Blue." During the early 70s, they also wrote the timeless mega hit "Without You," first made famous by Harry Nilsson.

However, for Badfinger, fame and fortune did not last long. In fact, fortune did not come at all. While at the pinnacle of their careers, unscrupulous management sold the band down the river, and in doing so, this economic disaster directly and indirectly contributed to the suicidal deaths of two band members. The untimely deaths of Pete Ham and Tom Evans - two very talented and prolific song writers - resulted in a great loss to the music world.

It is the spirit of this tribute album to capture the essence of the Badfinger genius. We, the artists and supporting cast, dedicate this body of work to this band's gripping saga and to surviving members Mike Gibbins and Joey Molland.

Everyone involved with this tribute has contributed their time and talent without want of compensation in the hope that the Badfinger story will never be forgotten. Any economic gains from the sale of this work will be distributed to musical causes and organizations whose missions are to promote and celebrate music as a work of art and not as a means to profit. To this end, we are inspired to bring you, the listener, the music of Badfinger.

  • Baby Blue - performed by Rain
  • Without You - performed by Bill Scherer
  • Name of the Game - performed by Riitala
  • Day After Day - performed by John Palumbo
  • Know One Knows - performed by Andrew Deal
  • No Matter What - performed by Nasty Digit
  • Maybe Tomorrow - performed by Disguising Godiva
  • I Can't Take It - performed by Andrew Ratliff
  • Take It All - performed by The Bird
  • Day After Day (instrumental) - performed by Third Level

MP3 samples are available for downloading...

  A Global Tribute Album: "Remembering Badƒinger"  

2001 Badfinger Tribute Artists and Supporting Cast

Jimi Alba • Tracy Blanchard • Eddie Imbriano • Tom Peters • Ron Spiegelhalter • Brian Glock • Brian Simpson • Bill Scherer • Jari Riitala • Andrew Ratliff • Matt Aukofer • Steve Eisen * Joe Clarke • John Palumbo • Gary Oslund • Ron Oslund • Chris "Chrinch" Marion • Mike Fishell * Frank Barajas • Jeff Maulhardt • Steve Jacovino • Corinne Jacovino • Gitte "Mouse" Olito * Doug Millaway • Rob Denton • Andrew Deal

Joey Molland's Fantastic New Video!!! - "Isn't That A Dream"

Best Christmas present so far this year!!!
Thanks Joe & Kathie!

Wow! This is an excellent new video! The song's new 'phased' arrangement is terrific and the video portions coincide with the music really well! I like the tempo and the pacing of the video too - and the DVD copy will look so much better than the Quicktime version available on the web... I hope that VH1 picks this one up right away for rotation on TV.

This is a very exciting new phase in Joe's career. I wish the absolute best for this latest promotion. I hope a follow-up video will be presented for the song, "A Way To Be" or one of the other great songs on Joe's CD.

Again, THANKS! Joe and Kathie - Well done!!!

To view Joey's new video - Click below:

  "Isn't That A Dream" video   ( a 7.4 MEG DownLoad - Quicktime .MOV )

Joey's "This Way Up" CD is shipping now!!!

Angels Like UsI have my copy and after reading several other very positive reports from the fans that have also received their discs, I can say that I too anxiously opened the CD mailer... And there it was! Wow! Looks good... Great fold-out CD booklet - I can see that Joe had fun with this... Crystal clear jewel case and by gosh!, somebody finally used the clear 'spine' window section for a graphic! - "---This Way Up--->". Great! Hummmm... I even got a personal black sticky-note using fluorescent yellow ink saying "Rick, Enjoy! Thanks for your order. The Mollands".

I also noticed the raised hand, (i.e. Paul McCartney - "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band") above a 'gas-masked' Joey looking towards his song title "Angles Like Us". What does it all mean??? "What Else (Nothing)".... ;-)

I'm into my third listen all the way through... I like! It is not revolutionary, but it is a very infectious CD! Hummmm.... Maybe that is what the gas mask is all about.... Nah!

Joe's new image??? But Seriously Folks: This is a very strong offering from Mr. Joe Molland. Thirteen tracks and 55:19 in length. Several of these songs are almost legendary for Joey Molland fans... "Mirrors", "Happy" and "Isn't That A Dream" are different versions from the hard to find "Timeless" CD from 1996. And the song "Angels Like Us" has been raved about by the few who have heard the song, for years - and for good reason. It is a great song! - But so is Joe's new song "A Way To Be". Is it possible that we are talking 'radio play' on this one???

I'm not sure that I can pick a favorite from this CD at this time... Maybe "Tell Me", or "A Way To Be"... Ask me tomorrow and I'll likely tell ya something different. But I can safely say that this is an album worth owning. If you haven't ordered, do so today!

Joey Molland's "This Way Up" - The fans speak out...

Many times when an album is highly anticipated for a long period of time there is a sense of disappointment when it is finally released. This isn't one of those times. This is a great well rounded CD! What more can I say except when will we see the next one??????? -Barb

YES!!!! "This Way Up" arrived today!!!! I just got through the first 3 tracks and it seems REALLY GREAT!!! The cover art is also UNBELIEVABLE!!!! More soon!!!! -kevin e!

My favorites so far are "A Way To Be", "This Must Be Love", "Another Honeymoon", "Tell Me", "The Bust". This CD is loaded with great material. Great CD! -Randy

I'm listening to "This Way Up" as I'm writing this, what a great disc! This is quite likely his strongest work to date! Where are those radio people? This disc needs to be heard! The arrangements, the production, it's all great! I can't wait to see Joey perform some of these newer songs live. "A Way To Be" is quickly becoming a favorite! -Owen Kelley

The Joe Molland CD came in the mail yesterday...thank you Joey and Kathie! It hasn't left the CD player because I'm constantly playing it. "This Way Up" is an instant classic. What a great collection of tunes. -Joe P.

Finally, the album Joey should have made all along! Outstanding writing, music, harmonies, production, cover art, etc. Not a thing lacking here. This one sounds like he put some thought into it, took his time and did it right. More... we want more of the same!!! (We all knew you had it in ya' Joe(y). -Gary Craden

I haven't been able to pick a favorite yet. There are so many great songs on this one. I think it is by far Joey's best work. And Randy, I'm like you...I can't stop playing the damn thing! If this CD was an album I would have worn it out already! -Mark V.B.

This is certainly Joes strongest collection of songs. The songs appeared to be of different styles and as such did not appear to be related. This is not however a criticism as the overall quality was high. In the past Joe has always shown talent but some of his material did not measure up to that talent and as such some of his cds/albums were disappointing. On this CD however all of the songs lived up to Joes talent. The artwork is also fun. I dont think there is any symbolism in the cover just interesting designs and colors that grab your attention. The thank you sticker that came with the CD was a nice touch. My congratulations to everyone involved. -Steve

I can tell you a few things from looking at the album cover. A quick scan of the lyrics sheet (bravo for including the lyrics, Joey!), shows that this isn't bubblegum music or mindless rock 'n' roll (not that there's anything wrong with mindless rock 'n' roll!). Rather, at least on some of the tracks, there's some thought behind the words with some seriousness in the lyrical content. I think that this album may have some staying power. -Scott Jackson

Folks I likewise received Joey's new CD yesterday. It even had a thank you note from the Mollands!!! I have listened to the CD just once thus far but I can promise you that I will be listening to it much in the future. This is a great CD. In my opinion this is Joey's best work. Far better than "After the Pearl" and "The Pilgrim". I have seen debates on this web site about Joey as a songwriter. This CD will put those arguments to rest. Come on people buy this CD! I just want to see more great stuff from Joey in the future. -Todd Burns

I was quite surprised at all the heated comments after Randy's posting (on my message board). I want everyone to know that I had the pleasure of meeting Randy who flew down to Florida to see my "Madfinger" gig. He is a good person and undeserving of the comments. His support of Joey's new CD is just the same of the supporters for my new CD. This is not a who is better than who contest. Joey and I have our differences as all people do but they have nothing to do with the music. The music stands by itself and should not involve any personal conflicts. Just for the record...Randy, I wouldn't mind giving the CD a listen, just send me a copy. -Mike Gibbins

From the liner notes: "This album is dedicated to my family and all my pals. From Liverpool to Tokyo, from Minneapolis to Brisbane, and to all the places in-between. You know who you are, and to Tommy, Pete, and Mike, for all the good times." -Joe Molland

Joey Molland's new CD "This Way Up" is now shipping.
$15.00 + $2.99 Shipping
CALL (813) 243-1987 to use Visa/MC (9:00am  6:00pm EST Mon-Fri)
Send check or money order to:
Independent Artists
4737 S. Highway 101
Suite 255
Minnetonka, MN 55345 USA

Snapper Music and the "Head First" CD release

The BWR review of "Head First"

Click to



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View: Release NoticeView: CD Sleeve Notes

An all new and revised Snapper Music web site is up and running! Stop by and click on the links.

HOME: Read about the new Badfinger Double CD release.
POSTCARD: Send a Badfinger postcard to one of your friends or someone you know who likes them. The Postcard requires the Flash 3 Plug-in or higher.
DISCOGRAPHY: Covers eleven Badfinger releases.
AUDIO: RealPlayer samples of - "Lay Me Down," "Hey, Mr. Manager" and Mike's "Back Again."
BIOGRAPHY: Covers the last days of Pete Ham recording with Badfinger.
LINKS: A few important related web links are listed.

"More Annoying Songs" - CD from Mike Gibbins

Mike Gibbins IT IS HERE! OCTOBER 31, 2000...

Read my BWR review of Mike's Excellent new CD!

"More Annoying Songs" by Mike Gibbins:

1. Wired [9:46]
2. Two And Two [3:22]
3. Time Will Tell Us [4:20] vocal by Ron Griffiths
4. Chains [5:32]
5. Dirty Old Bugger [5:41]
6. Oxydynamo [6:34] background vocals by Ron Griffiths
7. Love Song [3:24]
8. Hold On To Your Dream [4:14]
9. Dream On... Fall To Pieces [9:37]

I have posted my BWR review of Mike Gibbins' excellent new CD on the BWR page. Take a look at this CD then go and get one for yourself. Good stuff on this release!
>>> R i c k <<<

"..."Dream On... Fall to Pieces": In my opinion, Mike's strongest song on this CD and one that takes you back to the best crafting of the songs from the Badfinger days, but right in style with today's music. The theme of this song plays off the previous song, and like what Chris Thomas did on "Badfinger" and "Wish You Were Here," Mike blends two songs together seamlessly in a spacey segue into the song "Fall To Pieces." I hit the replay on this as soon as the song ended! One of Mike's best songs ever, and an excellent close to this much stronger CD from Mike Gibbins." -MORE-

"Thanks for the kind review of "More Annoying Songs". Your reference of the similarities to Badfinger's "Wish You Were Here" is appreciated. Rick Warsing played certain solos uncannily like Peter Ham...example: the solo that joins "Dream On/Fall to Pieces". This solo in particular gave me the goosebumps...a good thing!"

"Rick's playing is impeccable, he has perfect pitch and timing. I couldn't have done this album without him."

"I recently spoke with Ron Ivey (Griffiths) and we are getting together in early spring to record as many songs as time will allow him. The new songs will be featured on the next CD. It's a blast working with my old band mate Ron!"
-Mike Gibbins

VH1...Badfinger...Fan's reactions... ( from all over )

vh1 We saw the show this morning and have viewed it a couple of times. It's very good and full of great clips and music and performances. The emotions run high seeing it again. Enjoy it and keep playing the music. Thank you for your support.
-Kathie and Joey-

VH1 Behind the Music. Tonight! At last VH1's Badfinger documentary is upon us (in the U.S. at least). Go to VH1 for the schedule (and the worst shot of Mike I have ever seen!...Please note Mike has lost 30 pounds since this interview!)
-Owen Gibbins-

More can be said of Badfinger.....but if you only had an hour to say it in...I guess this is what should have been said. VH1 did a superb job of the Behind The Music episode of Badfinger... Almost everything was covered....great archival footage (some things that I never knew exsisted).....I'm still buzzing from's on tape to view at my convience. This is most definitely a MUST SEE!!! The legend lives on.


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