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Badƒinger Convention ~ Report & photos by Steve Sage

Photo by Steve Sage Bob Jackson and Ron Griffiths

A highlight was Bob Jackson's one man show on Saturday night. The crowd was over the original 150 people (including the Ham's and Ron Griffith and the Panthers guy) [John Horrell] as some other original band family members had shown up by that time. When I talked to Bob earlier in the day he had said he was very nervous about the show since he's always played with three or four other guys on stage before. As it turned out, it was literally a one man show. Bob set up his keyboards, amps and guitars and, by himself, played some of his own songs he's working on for an upcoming solo CD, and also a lot of Badƒinger material. He played his tracks from Head First plus several other Badƒinger cuts, including No Matter What, Day After Day, Just A Chance, Moonshine, and several more. Although he of course didn't sound like the whole band at all, he really caught the heart and soul of those songs and did a great job up there. As he had predicted he would be, you could see he was very nervous through most of it, but when he started playing each time he sounded very good. It was an inspiring performance.

  Morten's "Wish You Were Here" pages  

Badƒinger Convention ~ Swansea, Wales ~ report & photos by Tom Brennan

The Badƒinger convention consisted of one large room filled with numerous pictures, articles, pieces of memorabilia, and a collection of videos playing repeatedly throughout the day. Most of the surviving Iveys & Badƒinger members, family and friends made an appearance at one time or another during the day. The convention portion lasted from 12 Noon to about 7PM.

View Tom's full report and many excellent photos of the event including the displays and Bob Jackson's concert. Ron Griffiths also sang one song along with Bob!

Tom Brennan, Keith James & Janet Sears

Added June 2006: Post-2006 Badƒinger Convention FAQ by Keith James

  Tom Brennan's Badƒinger Library  

Janet Sears paints a picture, and a kitchen in Golders Green - "days gone by..."

Janet Sears with Gary Walker It was 1970... I was a fan of the Walker Brothers who had actually split up in 1967. Gary, John and Scott went their separate ways, and I followed each of them devotedly... Scott had some great solo albums over the next few years. John had several hit singles almost immediately and then lost tough a bit. Gary, well Gary, formed the Rain, who were far more successful in Japan than anywhere else. They were Gary Leeds, Paul Crane, John Lawson and Joey Molland.

After an initial hit period with "Spooky" and "Come In, You'll Get Pneumonia", and a tour of Britain in 1968 with The Kinks, The Herd, and The Tremeloes, the Rain split in 1969. Joey moved into Badfinger when Ron Griffiths left.

Myself, in my teens, moved along with Joey and caught up with Badfinger in 1970, and was a great fan for a couple of years. I went to their house in Golders Green quite a few times and saw them on tour quite a bit too. I got to know the boys pretty well. I wish I could remember it all now. I have been racking my brains to try to tell people various stories, but the little things seem to disappear from our thoughts after all those years, don't they?

I remember one day helping Pete paint the kitchen. He was doing it when a few of us went round there, so we couldn't really refuse, could we? I helped put white paint on the glass cabinet. He was in a lovely carefree mood that day, I remember, full of optimism for the future, and we were laughing and joking.

Janet Sears with Bob Jackson My special story is of one day when two of us went round to 7 Park Avenue. Tommy let us in and said he was writing a song. He was so happy. He seemed to be really pleased to see us. He asked us into his room and said would we have a listen. He then sat on his bed and picked up his guitar and proceeded to play and sing "Without You" - his part - just the chorus. "What do you think?" he asked!! "Yeah, like it" we said. I could never have imagined then what would happen with this song or the group.

That was so long ago now, but I can remember it so clearly. I often wonder what would have happened if I had said no, I wasn't so keen on it. Changed the course of music history?? Guess not, it is such a fine song. It would still have been put with Pete's "If It's Love" verses anyway, and been a massive hit worldwide. I always feel a sense of nostalgia when I hear it in the radio though - that it is just a little bit mine... just a little bit...

I heard that song before most of the world heard it, in its infancy, in its earliest beginnings. I've always been a Badfinger fan, but over the years you tend to drift off a bit in other directions, don't you? I have now come back in a big way!!

Special thanks to Bob Jackson! It means so much to get back into Badfinger.

Janet Sears - July 2003

"Faced with yet another day of the sex, drugs and rock'n'roll lifestyle..."

Bob on tour Bob Jackson recently contacted me and wanted me to pass along some of the Latest News from his side of the pond.

Bob, a member of The Fortunes, finished up an extensive month long tour of Australia in December of 2002. They did make it home just in time for Christmas eve... After recovering a bit in January, they began their extensive 2003 touring schedule. The month of February will be mostly spent in the Nederlands, (Holland). The shows in Holland are together with The Tremeloes and The Buffoons; spanning twenty days and covering seventeen cities! It will be a theatre tour. Two of the cities on the tour that I visited long ago in another lifetime, are Apeldoorn and Nijmegen...

  The Fortunes webpage  

As briefly mentioned a little over two years ago, Bob had a growth removed from his left index knuckle. The problem ended up not being with the growth, which was benign, but in the complications that developed because of the surgery - scar tissue. It left Bob's finger sore, stiff and not very limber - it was affecting his keyboard/guitar playing. "I miss playing guitar greatly....."

But on a positive note, Bob went into theatre, the operating kind, several weeks ago and had another operation on his finger. Bob reports that his finger is still very stiff, but he does go to the physical therapist three times a week, and the early indications are encouraging. "With some effort I can achieve about 90% of the original movement." I told Bob that with lots of work on his part, "that 100% cannot be far behind..."

As a side note about the operation, Bob stated that he remained awake during the entire procedure! "I actually watched the surgeon from start to finish whilst he operated, cutting, pulling up the tendon, stitching etc. Couldn't feel a thing..It was quite a surreal experience..." Bob comments that he is determined to get it working again and hope that in another month or so it will show a real improvement. Obviously, we all wish Bob a complete recovery!

  Email: Bob Jackson  

What is the mysterious factor connecting all these people together?

Bob Jackson - Ron Griffiths - Roy Anderson - Alwyne Jackson - Marilyn Jones - Dave Duffield

They all met up with MIKE GIBBINS in Swansea, Wales this past month!!! Here are some of their stories...

Swansea Gig - the stars were in alignment??!! - A report from Bob Jackson

Just a quick note to say that the Swansea gig worked out well. By some coincidence Mike, Ron and myself all met in the bar before the gig! Incrediblurrr!! And the photo is there to prove it. Great to see the boys again...I also managed to see Marilyn, (from Swansea Library) and husband; Dave Duffield and daughter; and Gaynor (Gibbins) too. I did ask after Roy Anderson but he didn't show apparently.

The show went well as usual, but I must confess to making a HUGE gaffe... When introducing 'Without You' and slightly nervous, I mentioned that 'everyone here must remember this was co-written by Peter Ham from Liverpool!!!!!!!?????' (I had meant to say, 'Peter Ham from Swansea and Tommy Evans from Liverpool). As I began the vocal, I knew I'd said something wrong but it was all in the moment and I had to wait till later to correct myself. ('I mentioned it once but I think I got away with it!'...Basil Fawlty). My brain obviously needs an MOT...

Well that's the update. Gigging most every night and tonight is no exception.

Best to you Rick, -Bob Jackson

It is early in the morning as I write there no end to my good nature!!!????" - A report from Ron Griffiths

I asked Ron: "Bob Jackson tells me that you, Mike and he met up before the Swansea Fortunes show in the bar - and there are photos! Ummmm... Do you have any copies of these incriminating photos that you would be willing to share? Isn't that a first time meeting of all three of you at the same time? And now on that Ron-Bob-Mike collaboration - what's the REAL story?"
-Rick Kellogg

It was great to meet up with Mike last weekend. Another ex-resident of 7 Park Avenue who became re-united with me last year, (2000) at Peter's 25th anniversary bash, was also present..Dave Duffield, the former Kinks tour manager. He came across to my place on Thursday the 11th and we picked up Mike at the airport Friday morning and drove down to Wales - laughing most of the way...

Mike was present before the gig and a couple of photographs were taken by Marilyn Jones, (Swansea Central Libraries) of the three of us. I believe you are correct in recognizing that Mike, Bob and myself had not previously been in each others company. The only collaboration likely, is when I eventually do some guesting with Bob on his project - just as soon as there is time available. Nothing seems on-going with M.G. - at least, nothing was discussed.

By the way if anyone asks, the disc centres, (labels I sent with the "Permissive Paradise" liner scans) were presumably to stick on either side of the flexidisc.

'til next time. best wishes. -Ron Griffiths

Photo Copyright 2002 Marilyn Jones
Bob Jackson - Ron Griffiths - Mike Gibbins

Roy Anderson's report...

Hi Rick, Good to hear from you again - Unfortunately I could not get to the Fortunes gig as I was 'out of town' that day. It was connected with work for a very good customer of mine so I had little choice in the matter.

The BBC interview has taken place with myself, Alwyne and his brother Dave who came all the way down from Taunton on the Day....(expenses paid). They tell me it is to be shown some time in June - they will let us know. They were also kind enough to take us out for several meals and plenty of beer!!!

The production company asked us where we thought would be the best place to do the interview - and I came up with the idea of using the pub where Alwyne and I often go to watch live music - The Uplands Tavern ( ) They were very pleased with this location - we did the interview on the stage which you can see on their web site.

Tuesday night of this week, Alwyne and I visited a local Blues club run by local drummer Terry Williams (ex-Dire Straits). Terry has his own web site if you are interested Rick - but I don`t know the address, I'm sure you will find it via the search engine for him, or links from Dire Straits. Anyway while we were at his club who should walk in none other than Mike Gibbins! So we spent best part of the evening talking to him - we are supposed to see him at a different club on Friday night. I think he leaves for home next week......

Take care Rick be in touch soon..." -Roy Anderson

Quick note from Mike Gibbins

Hello to all! I would like to say for everyone back home in Wales...I had a great time and it was great to see everyone again. Really enjoyed playing again and having a few pints. Until the next time...Keep Rockin'
-Mike Gibbins

Historic photos provided by Marilyn Jones - Swansea Libraries

Hi Rick. Nice to hear from you! Yes, I did take some photos on the night of Bob's great gig with the Fortunes here in Swansea. We got together in the bar of the Grand Theatre just before the show. There was Ron, Mike, Bob, Dave Duffield, Dave's daughter and her friend, my husband and me. Gaynor joined us later. I will happily forward the photos to you as the boys are happy about it and they're my personal pics.

So, as promised, here are the scanned photos of Bob, Mike & Ron in the Grand Theatre bar, Swansea, on the evening of Friday 12 April 2002, before Bob's gig with The Fortunes. The one, (shown below) I think is really nice. I hope that you and everyone else enjoy seeing them. We certainly had a good night!

Best wishes -Marilyn Jones

Photo Copyright 2002 Marilyn Jones
Bob Jackson - Mike Gibbins - Ron Griffiths

Thanks Marilyn! I'm certainly glad that you were there to capture the moment! Great photos!!!

From the Reverend Bob Jackson: The Fortunes - Solo Recording - LIPA

Hello my son!!! Oops..just slipping into my Rev persona!!

The band, (the Fortunes) has been busy as always and things show no sign of letting up. Denmark last week with both Holland and Australia slated for tours over the next 6 months. The work is always a double-edged sword. It does eat into your time and slows down domestic and personal stuff. I'm still moving forward on my solo thing and Ron Griffiths, at last, has indicated that we will be able to get together soon. I also decided to change my recording setup recently and am very happy with the upgrade. Of course, there was a price to pay. Five manuals of technical info ...a pretty steep learning curve..but I'm getting there.

Bob & BevBob with the Fortunes
Bob Jackson & BeverleyBob belts one out!
Photos used with permission - Mick Smitham - The Fortunes website administrator

On the tour in Denmark I met up with Morten (Vindberg) and his boys. It was great to meet them all - we got on really well together. I think they enjoyed the gig and we had a fun just chatting. The promoter booked the band back straight away, so I hope to be meeting up with them again.

Regarding Bill Collins; of course I met him many, many times, but I wouldn't say that I ever really got to know him. He had a very strong ego, that could be difficult to get past and, of course I didn't go through all the earlier stuff, so I didn't bond with him in quite the same way as the guys. All the same, it's never pleasant to hear sad news and my thoughts are now with Anne, his partner, and how she will cope.

My daughter is off to University soon to start a 3 year music degree course. She managed to get a placing at LIPA (that's the McCartney backed thing in Liverpool - The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts). The competition is so fierce, with applications from all over the world so she did well to get in. The course has a contemporary approach and really sounds great- I wish I were doing it!!  

Anyway, I'll finish there.. Hope that you and yours are 'in the pink.'

Keep in touch mate, best to you all. -Bob Jackson

From Morten Vindberg - Wish You Were Here webpage:

Bob Jackson and The Fortunes Gigs in Denmark

On August the 10th and the 11th The Fortunes, with former Badfinger-member Bob Jackson, played in Denmark. Saturday night's show was in Holstebro and on Sunday night they played in Randers on a small festival where The Mersybeats and Marmelade were also on the bill. They did a terrific one hour show and with Bob as lead singer did powerful versions of Badfinger's "No Matter What" and "Without You." Most of the Fortunes' well known hits were there and another highlight was a "new" song called "From a Distance." Before and after the show Jesper, Thomas and I had a very pleasant time with Bob, who besides from being a very talented musician is also an extremely nice person.

Look out for a more detailed report on this site with pictures of Bob before and after the show.

  Bob Jackson and The Fortunes Gigs in Denmark  

Report from Mick Smitham - The Fortunes website administrator: 14th August

Denmark! Now there's a country. LOTS AND LOTS of country!

We did a couple of shows there last weekend with Marmalade & The Merseybeats. The first one on the Saturday, was in Holsterbro in an amphitheatre which I think originally might have been a quarry or something similar. The seats started off at stage level and rose to a neck breaking height above our heads! I saw a few Danes who were, shall we say, rather the worse for wear, start to walk 'down hill' quite sedately but ended up galloping like demented Vikings before eventually going arse over tit into tables full of beer and salami! Hilarious!


  The Fortunes  

"How I Met Mike" by Brenda Watkins - "blodwen"

"My sister, Linda, and I were excited about going to Chicago Beatlefest - 1987. Scheduled to appear were Joey and Mike - with a newly reformed Badfinger! Well, when Joey walked onto the stage, he told the audience that Mike was ill and couldn't make it. (We later found out he'd actually quit the band just days before due to a conflict with their then agent - the infamous Bob Evans.) We met Joey briefly that day and had a nice natter with guitarist Randy Anderson following the performance."

"...Sunday morning we all hit the road - myself, Randy, Linda, Paul, Kevin, and friends, Dave & Gina - we had to take two cars. When our convoy arrived at the venue, we saw a man setting up a drum kit, and a tremor of excitement went through our group. At long last - it was Mike!"

Brenda & Mike
Brenda & Mike

  "How I Met Mike"  

"That'll Be The Day" - Experiences of Beatlefest 2001 by Peggy-Sue

Written by: Peggy Morris Burneka & Sue Groseclose Combs

Sue: "...We were enjoying watching all the Beatlefest activity bustle and hustle four floors below us. I caught a glimpse of my husband as he got on the ground floor's elevator and, as I tried to catch his eye with my wave, I saw another familiar face. Hey! That looks like Mike! I said, "Peg! Look! Mike!" She wasn't sure what I meant for a split second but then recognized who I meant! Yes! It WAS Mike Gibbins and his lovely wife Ellie!"

Peggy: "I impulsively shouted out, "Hey, Mike!" which echoed all around this cavernous courtyard. He looked around as if saying, "What the .....?" but couldn't see us. When they got to the bottom of the escalator and were within sight, I shouted, "BADFINGER FOREVER!" (I couldn't believe I was doing this, but I was just so excited to see him!) This time he spotted us and waved, and we waved wildly back and yelled that we'd be down to see him, (events didn't start for another hour or so...) I'm sure he wondered what kind of loonies would show up!"

2001 Beatlefest - A Mod Odyssey! - and my Hard Days Night! - August 17-19, 2001

The official 25th Anniversary Midwest Beatles Fans' Convention - Chicago
Featuring (for me): Mike Gibbins of Badfinger!

My first trip to a Beatlefest was an eye-opener, but it wasn't the main reason that I wanted to go. (My fervor for collecting all things Beatle, subsided years ago). My main reason was that Mike Gibbins was going to be at the show. I had never met Mike, and with the very positive vibes that I had received during my several meetings with Joey Molland, I was hoping that I would be able to connect with Mike at near the same level. I chose Saturday as the day that I would go to the fest...

Ellie & Mike Gibbins

  BeatleFest with Mike Gibbins  

From Roy Anderson: The Continuing Story of Bungalow WILL...
(As in Peter WILLiam Ham!)

Hi Rick,
...Yeah, things come to mind all the time, especially when your mind has been so focused on a part of your life that happened along time ago - they sort of spring up out of the blue, so to speak. But I can assure you Rick, everything I give you is perfectly true.

i.e.: We spent a weekend at John Horrell's caravan at Port Eynon, on the Gower Coast. The same caravan that Pete spoke of his "...makes me think of my future" episode; but at another time. (By the way Rick, this has slipped my mind, John Horrell was always affectionately known as "Herby", which is what we still call him today).
Port Eynon coastline
Copyright 2001 Capstone
Photo used with permission

There were six of us on this occasion staying in a four birth caravan! Herby, myself, Pete and Dave Franklin, plus two mates of ours (male!!) When it was time to sleep, Peter, myself and Dave Franklin all slept in one bed, (strictly due to accommodation purposes!!) and the other three in the other bed. Peter and I had one hell of a night. Dave Franklin slept in between us and was very restless. He kept thrashing his arms around, hitting us in the face. It must have been about three in the morning, I could hear Peter was awake - and we discussed the situation quietly between us. We decided as it was a very warm summer evening, to go and sleep on the sand dunes to get some peace. Great for a while, but we woke up freezing cold!! When we got back to the caravan, everyone was asleep - especially Dave Franklin!! His hands were outside the blankets, and Pete saw an opportunity for one of his jokes. He quietly opened a packet of biscuits and placed one between each of Dave's fingers - almost waking him on several occasions! There he was, laying there with six biscuits stuck between his fingers. He looked so funny, but not funny enough for Pete - he had to go and place another one in his mouth!!

I swear to you Rick, this is true! I'm only sorry that it's a bit late coming back to me - I have more, but I have forgotten them again at the moment. But I will have more for you next week.....
Roy Anderson

From Alwyne Jenkins - Road Manager - Iveys

We played a lot for the agency called 'Jayvee' who ran a dance hall called 'The Ritz' near Swansea. This agency then took over a notorious dance hall called 'The Regal' which was in a town called Ammanford, and was known for it`s fights. The previous people running the dances had given up, they had, had enough. The local police also given up; but were prepared to give the new organizers time to sort the problem out. The Iveys played there quite a lot with big groups of the time such as "The Who," "Merseybeats," and "Moody Blues" etc: At one big concert the hall was filled with 2000 people and at one stage it looked as if all of them were fighting! I was on the front of the stage most of the time, holding back the crowd with a chair in my hands for protection. The following day we heard that a human ear had been swept up by the cleaners... Not long after this event the building which was built of timber was burnt down, and the rumour went about that the authorities had now had enough and had it burnt down. (This was the place where Bill Collins first saw The Iveys play). We also played in a place called 'Llandeilo' which was not far from Ammanford, but further north from Swansea. The dance was 'The Young Farmers Dance' held at the local community hall. When we got there and looked at the stage we could not make out what the chicken wire was for. It was fixed over the front of the stage from floor to ceiling right across the front of the stage. At the end of the night after the boys had finished their last number, everybody in the audience threw bottles and glasses that they had in their hands, at the stage! Complete 'nutters' - they were all 'drunk as skunks'.

From Alwyn Jackson - Boyhood friend of Pete Ham
Pete Ham - with harmonica?? in hand

"We were always together, and we both attended Gors Infants School. My first memories of Pete doing anything musically was at a very early age. We must have been about 4 or 5 years old. I used to play the triangle and Pete used to play the tambourine; it was not a school band, it was just a way of keeping us kids occupied for an hour or two. We then both went on to Gors Junior School, and this is where Pete really became interested in music. His elder brother John, used to play the trumpet and most weekends you would see John sitting above his front door playing the trumpet. (All front doors had a platform; this was a form of shelter for visitors). I think John was a major influence on Pete learning an instrument. Pete didn't really need encouragement because by the time he was 7 years old, he had taught himself to play the mouth organ, (at that age, we couldn't pronounce 'harmonica'). Every day at school during play time, Pete would be playing the mouth organ and usually a small crowd would gather around - even at that early age he was an accomplished player. Pete always wanted to form his own band, but one day disaster struck in the school play ground. Pete jammed his hand in a school gate and crushed his little finger on his left hand! Today, I live opposite the exact place where he jammed his hand, so I am constantly reminded of Pete..."

More stories from Alwyn Jackson....

Gors Inn "During the mid 1960's, I can remember Pete coming home from London and finding out that the Hollies were playing in the Tower Ballroom. The band was then called the Iveys, so Pete and myself went up to the 'Tower' to see if he could get on the bill as the "Hollies and the Iveys." Since it was around Christmas, this seemed to be an ideal billing and an opportunity for Pete`s band to be recognized. Unfortunately, Pete was turned down... To say he was disappointed would be an understatement. I know he did go back to try his luck again but was still turned down. He came to our local pub, (the Gors Inn) with his cousin, Robert Bishop. I recall him telling me that he was totally skint - he had no money whatsoever. He said this was usual; so Pete never bought a drink. I know Robert gave him a few 'bob' and so did I. That was the way we were in those days; always helping one another out of a jam. I did not realize the amount of pressure Pete must have been under. He must have been hurting badly inside, but he never confided in me, nor did he let his predicament be known. I don't think we could have helped him much in any way, but at least we would have known, and he would have known that we would have been there for him... I don't think his parents were aware of Peter's problems either. He just seemed to bottle everything up..."

"The Tower Ballroom was originally the Tower Cinema. Every Saturday morning without fail, Pete and myself went to the pictures. The popular kids programmes were, Dan Dare and Buster Crabb; both very far fetched and futuristic serials. The price we paid was 4 pence - we loved every minute of it..."

-Alwyn Jackson 2001

Additional note from Ron Griffiths

Rick! How's it going?
Just a quick note as a follow up to the story of Pete and the Tower gig supporting that great Manchester band ...the Hollies.

We did actually do a support show to them at the Ritz in Skewen (near Swansea) and it was advertised as "The Hollies and The Iveys." As a matter of fact Mike Gibbins did the artwork for the poster which graced the venue. I will also add that they are a band worth listening to if you can get a copy of their hits album. They were as big as any of the other 60's groups, certainly better. For those who did not know, Graham Nash was an original member and on many of their early hits.

With best wishes....Ron Ivey (Griffiths!)

From Alwyne Jenkins - Road Manager - Iveys

"I can remember the time we bought this minibus (people carrier) an old Bedford (Chrysler). The engine had gone over 100,000 miles and the driver's door came off the runners if handled to roughly - usually landing on the highway! Anyway, we played at a seaside resort called Tenby, in the county of Pembroke, West Wales. The dance hall was down on the cliffs on the beach, which was approached by a steep highway.We got down to this dance hall in the vehicle, but at the end of the night when the equipment and all five of us tried to drive up the hill, the engine would not pull us up the very steep hill. All the boys got out and I tried to drive up the hill again, but the engine still would not pull us up. So all the boys had to push the vehicle as I drove up until we had got to the top. That made our minds up that we needed better transport; after we had all got up off the ground from laughing so much..."

-Alwyne Jenkins

An 'eye-witness' account....Ron Griffiths

Hi Rick.
Once upon a time a rock band were on their way back from Merthyr to London having completed a run of gigs in South Wales. It was a miserable night and quite a longer-than-usual drive because of the weather.

After a 'pit-stop', Bill swapped driving duties with Pete for the final part of the journey, Pete being the only other person at that time who was legally entitled to drive. All the way home I had been riding up front. Feeling a little tired, I swapped places with Mike so I could sit in the air-line seat we had at the rear for a bit of sleep. Well, as we were about 15-20 minutes away from Golders Green on the A406 (North Circular Road), we were approaching a set of traffic lights which had been green for some time. Pete anticipating a stop light braked a little too hard and the van started to swerve and smash into the central reservation. Pete finally lost control and we hit a lamp-post side on caused a lot of damage. There was blood, smashed ribs and broken band gear! The ironic thing was I did NOT drop off to sleep, Mike did up front!! I saw the impact approaching and braced myself, Mike was unfortunately thrown up into the ceiling of the van and lost four of his upper front teeth. We were lucky it was not more serious.

By the way, I was the only one left in reasonable shape after that, the casualty list was:

Bill- Broken Ribs
Mike- Lost upper front teeth
Tom- Suffered shock
Pete- We discovered soon after gigging in Germany - broke his collar-bone
Me- Suspected dislocation of thumb, which proved negative!!

To quote Dave Amara - keep believin'

Open letter from Alwyn Jackson - boyhood friend of Pete Ham

Rick, please accept my apologies for the long delay; this should be my last contribution to your most excellent 'Panthers' project - but first, just two short memories.

The other evening, I was watching the television where two young children were learning to roller blade. One of the children got onto his feet first and promptly fell flat on his back. The other just stood up and waltzed off as if those skates were a natural extension to his legs! Well, this analogy fits Pete and myself from some 45 years ago...

The other memory occurred when again, I was watching the Tele; a mimic imitated the voice of Donald Duck - Pete also did this quite regularly. I couldn't help but smile...

Rick; I would like to thank you for all the effort you have selflessly put into the 'Roy Anderson Interview' project. Most of all, you have given back to me another of my childhood friends - Roy Anderson. As you go from teenage years into adulthood, people sometimes drift apart, but yet remain distant friends. Then the inevitable happens, you lose touch and people just go their own way in life. Well, this was just so in the case of Roy and myself. We remained distant friends, but in our own way and in different surroundings. Now because of this project, we go out together on a Saturday evening and enjoy reminiscing, (and a couple of pints)! Roy is a true friend, but I feel sad because we have lost so many years. Now that our friendship has been rekindled, I don't intend to let our friendship slip. Thank you Rick!

Just to finish off, I would like to pay tribute, relate sad and bitter memories, and to send a special message to a lost friend.

RICK - Your portrayal of Pete Ham in your website is absolutely tremendous; you must have spent many long lonely hours in your research - EXCELLENT!!!

DAN MATOVINA - I first met Dan some years ago - here we go, another story! Dan was taking some photographs of Peter's house in Gwent Gardens; when he was approached by my uncle, Tom. Being inquisitive, Tom said to Dan "What are you doing butt?" (slang) "Just taking some pics." was Dan's reply. "Why?" said Tom. "Because, this guy, Pete Ham, was someone special!" said Dan. "Did you know Pete?" Dan asked. "Well, yes!, of course I did." said Tom. "But my nephew, Alwyn was his closest friend for years." "Can you introduce me to Alwyn?" asked Dan. "No problem." answered Tom. (This is not exactly accurate - but it was something like that anyway).

Next thing, a knock on the door. I was in bed, this was about midday, (I had been on night shift). I was not too pleased to be dragged out of bed, but when I knew the reason, I really came to life! I trust that I gave Dan as much information as possible. Unfortunately, my mum had not long passed away and I had inadvertently thrown away a lot of old photographs. This makes me so angry because they were all treasured memories, and I had promised Dan that I would forward some photographs on, but alas, I couldn't - Sorry Dan.

I would like all your readers to know that Dan Matovina is an incredible guy! The dedication and effort that has been put into the book "WITHOUT YOU", is second to none. Some books, you just read; there is a beginning, a middle and an ending and then the book is finished. Well, Dan is an author that makes you stop and think and read every line, every sentence, every paragraph, and then you still want to ask a lot of questions! Dan, you have started the ball rolling, now finish it - MAKE THE FILM!

ROY ANDERSON - Roy, a tremendous job of documenting all the years prior to Badfinger and a special thanks for being a true friend! Your enthusiasm is second to none. I know you have worked very closely with Rick over the past few months, and you have gone to great lengths to involve a lot of people. I know you have some additional stories to tell, and I look forward to reading them! (I know most of them through our Saturday nights out, but it will still be exciting to read all the details).

SAD MEMORIES - Because I lost a true friend many years ago... When I first started to write down my memories; I was overcome with emotion. Yes! At 53 years of age, I was crying... If this would have been hand written, you would clearly see the stain of teardrops on the paper. One instance really sticks in my thoughts: My computer is set in one of my back bedrooms, and when I first started recording my memories, I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes. So I stopped and took a short walk to my front bedroom - a big mistake, because as I looked out my front bedroom window, I was directly in line with Gors School where Pete and myself started our education. And where Pete jammed his finger, all those years ago. I just broke down and cried...

View from Alwyn's window

BITTER MEMORIES - Of the B------s who put Pete in such a state that he took his own life! These people should be brought to justice! To anyone who reads this note; please read the book "WITHOUT YOU". It is a book written with tremendous feeling. Not just any ordinary book, but a book that makes you stop and think. I will have a personal E-mail address in the near future, and I would welcome any comments that you make. Rick will post my E-mail address shortly.

And finally I would like to finish as I started...

PETER WILLIAM HAM - As long as Alwyn and Roy both shall live, we will never be "WITHOUT YOU" - God Bless.

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