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To Be Posted: Cincinnati ChiliFest Concert Series - Hugh Blow-out!
The greenish glow in the sky in downtown Cincinnati that was witnessed by thousands at 9:00 PM brought in many calls to the Cincinnati police on July 15th. Was it a rare occurrence of the Northern Lights? Or maybe the fireworks show after the Reds game? No! It seems that during a concert show featuring Joey Molland's Badfinger, concert-goers by the hundreds, in unison lit their lighters in tribute to the band. Big mistake! After thousands of people digested thousands of pounds of chili, the inevitable happened... The not-so-sweet smell of success...
And now if you believe that, try following this story...
My "Lost Weekend" (or The 'Sir Barbaronius Maximus' Factor)
The weekend of July 15th, when Joey's Badfinger were to play at the ChiliFest in Cincinnati, I knew I was going to go. It was one year, minus one day, since the band was last here in Ohio - and I knew that the wait was going to be worth it. Soon after the date was announced, the word went around that this would be a good time to have a Badfinger fan get together. It ended up that four of us made plans for a long weekend. There was Teresa, (pronounced "Te-ray-sa") Scarpelli from Dayton; Ron Saunders, ("the best of British Rock") from Maryland; Sir Barb Atkinson, ("The Badfinger Boogie") from Oklahoma; and myself that decided to finally get together after knowing about each other only through our Badfinger connections on the Internet.
All four of us knew what we each looked like and we have all chatted with each other on Barb's Badfinger Boogie site for several years; so we pretty much knew that we would all be compatible...or would we??? Teresa and I acted as the hosts for the event since it was in our backyard, so to speak. Ron Saunders was going to fly in to Dayton on Friday morning and Barb was going to drive and arrive on Thursday, midday. But Barb was going to first go up and see the Badfinger show at the Hoffman Estates near Chicago the weekend before. You can see quite a few photos from both Barb and Kevin from the Hoffman Estates on the Badfinger Boogie, so check them out today!
As the date came closer, all the plans began falling into place. My son, Brian, home for the summer from school in Alaska, also decided to be with us on Saturday. Brian had seen Joey's Badfinger play up at the Alaska State fair last year. He was able to go to both shows on Saturday, (in the rain) and again on Sunday. Both days he was able to meet the band and even had a surprise set up for his dear ol' Dad... (More on this a little later)... So, I had won over my son into being a Badfinger fan! Now he is learning and collecting too. Cool!
Since there was going be several days of all of us being together, Barb suggested that we do some things in the immediate area. After several e-mails and suggestions, a plan was put together by myself that included: The Air Force Museum in Dayton, the Cincinnati Zoo, a riverboat 'Fun Lunch' cruse on the Ohio River, (singing - "A two hour cruse" - ala Gilligan's Island) and a trip to the Newport Aquarium in Kentucky followed by the ChiliFest concert featuring Joey's Badfinger!!! Not bad for a three day period. Busy, busy, busy...
Accommodations were offered by Teresa "she's Italian, with brothers - so watch it" Scarpelli so both Ron and Barb had a place to crash. I just commuted back and forth each day from Piqua which is just north of Dayton. Teresa was a little surprised when Barb showed up Wednesday evening, but that was okay as both he and Teresa were going to go the Air Force Museum the next day. When I got off from work on Thursday, my Badfinger weekend finally started! I drove down to Dayton and met them both at Teresa's house. Within five minutes, I felt really comfortable talking and being with both Barb and Teresa. That was great - it was going to be a super weekend!
Dayton Air Force Museum:
Barb read in the local paper that "Guided By Voices" was playing at a local club in Dayton and we decided to go and check them out. I was unfamiliar with the group, but both Barb and Teresa knew who they were. As we entered the club, we were metal detected and frisked for weapons?! Hummmm... What kind of club is this??? After the frisking for weapons, you walk in and buy your beer in long neck glass bottles - I guess those aren't considered to be a weapon! Hummmm... The warm-up band was an all-girl-except-the-drummer band. They thrashed through several songs with angst, or feigned angst and then left the stage. Barb pointed out that it looked like the parents of the girls were near the back of the room watching the show. I think he was right! I did spot a 1969 era Peter Fonda look-a-like wearing blue smoked sunglasses, (really!) in the crowd, so things were beginning to get interesting...
I ordered my Black Russian drink from a 'lady' bartender that you would NEVER take home to meet your parents! She was big, rough looking and had only one spot open on her right arm for another tattoo, the left arm was already full... I gingerly took my drink, slinked away and wedged myself next to a pillar to experience the "Guided By Voices" show. They were good, but the club's sound system was poor - loud, but poor. After about an hour of some pretty good music, lots of splashing beer and the somewhat muddled sound coming from one of the speakers vibrating just above my head; the three of us agreed that the smoke was just too much... My eyes were burning and my ears were ringing. This was my first night of getting home at 2:30 AM. I threw all my clothes into the washer and crashed.. My wife told me the next morning that I stunk! Cool! I haven't done that in many, many years!!!!
Guided By Voices Official Web Site:
The next morning, we were all to meet at the Dayton Airport to pickup Ron who was flying in at 10:35 AM. I get up, check my e-mail and see: "I missed my flight" in the Inbox... What! Ron will now be in Dayton at 5:45 PM!!! It seems that he forgot to bring a photo I.D. with him and they would not let him get on the plane. Luckily he was able to reschedule and would still be here in time for most of the events. Okay, implement plan 'B'. Barb and I headed off to the Cincinnati Zoo and Teresa stayed behind to meet Ron at the airport later. But that ended up being a whole other story that I won't go into here...
Cincinnati Zoo:
I was able to get four tickets to the much sought after and sold out Cincinnati Reds vs. the Cleveland Indians baseball game later that evening. So as soon as Teresa picked up Ron, they were to travel directly to Cinergy Field and meet Barb and myself as we would already be there. So at 8:45 PM, during the third inning, Barb and I finally get to meet Ron Saunders - the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse were together at last... Unfortunately, it wasn't enough, as the Reds dropped another game and firmly secured their spot in last place... After the game, we drove back to Teresa's and watched Badfinger videos, sang a few songs and talked until early morning. I drove home and this was my second 2:30 in the morning crash time! The next morning, my wife just rolled her eyes...
Finally concert day!!! (You thought that I would never get there - didn't you... But the adventure isn't quite finished yet - "Hold On").
So far, the weather was perfect! Mid 80's, lots of sun, nice breeze and it looked like it was going to continue. Wow! The plans for Saturday was to have my son Brian, along with Teresa's brother, John (a huge Golden Earring fan - See Goldmine December 22, 1995 Vol. 21, No. 26 - Issue 402 for John's featured story about the band) and a friend of John's, to join us for the days festivities. The plan called for all of us to go on a Ohio River riverboat "Fun Lunch" cruse at noon. Well, the lunch was okay and the banjo pickin' was okay, but my request for Iron Butterfly's "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" didn't get very far. Maybe I should have requested Neil Young's "For The Turnstiles"; that has banjo... We all hit the top open deck and lazily watched the half-million dollar mansions on the hills slide on by. For an hour, we all worked on our sun tanning... After one more round of banjo pickin' and singing "She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain", we exuberantly left the BB Riverboat cruse area and drove over to the Newport Aquarium just down the road a bit.
BB Riverboat cruses:
With advance tickets in hand, we walked by the several hundred people standing in line to purchase tickets and right into the exhibit. Big tip - advance tickets - they work! The Newport Aquarium is pretty interesting and features several long clear acrylic tunnels that you walk through. The effect is quite mesmerizing, watching the fish and eels swim right over you, within inches of you, and you can't see the 'glass'. It feels like you can just reach out and touch them. The walk through only takes about two hours or less and we finished up at about 5:00 PM.
The Newport Aquarium:
We left our cars on the Kentucky side of the river and walked across a bridge that connected to the Yeatman's Cove area in downtown Cincinnati, where the ChiliFest was being held. As we had plenty of time, we were able to try out lots of interesting chili concoctions... I had crab chili with grilled shrimp on the side that was really excellent. So we all milled about and scoped out the best place to see and photograph the concert along the Serpentine Wall right next to the river. At 6:30 PM, "Little Eddie and the Fossils" came on stage and played a pretty good mix of 60's and 70's covers hits that really brought in the crowd and got everyone going. Their set was one and one-half hours long and they seemed to be having fun and the audience was too! Towards the end of their set, a van pulled in behind the stage and Joey's Badfinger piled out. Joe saw Barb and came over to the security fence. Ron and Teresa walked over to say "Hi", and Sir Barb disavowed any knowledge of just who these people were... Joe smiled and said that he would be back to talk after the show.
Cincinnati Chilifest:
The concert - at last!!!
"Little Eddie and the Fossils" finished up and invited everyone to stick around to listen to Badfinger. No problem here... After a few minutes, John Richardson was up on stage setting up the provided drum set to his liking. Then one by one, Mark Healey, Billy Davis, Steve Wozny and Joey Molland took to the stage to begin setting up for the show. The crowd shouted out and they all waved back and then they got busy tuning up - this was going to be good! All seemed to be set in about half an hour, but Steve's keyboard was not set up yet. Badfinger left the stage... And we waited... About twenty minutes later, a car comes screeching up to the stage and several roadies jump out and run up to the stage with a keyboard in hand. Steve's keyboard is quickly set up - Steve walks on, the crowd applauds, he pumps his fist into the air and the rest of Badfinger take the stage!!!
Here is the set list: Who sang what is in ( )
Thank you Scott Jackson for this listing (modified)
01. Come And Get It (Joey Molland)
02. I Don't Mind (Joey)
03. Suitcase (Joey)
04. Baby Blue (Joey)
05. Meanwhile Back At The Ranch (Billy Davis)/Should I Smoke (Joey)
06. The Dreamer (Joey)
07. Midnight Caller (Mark Healey)
08. Sweet Tuesday Morning - solo (Joey)
09. Joey guitar solo - an Eric Clapton song, "The Shape You're In"
10. Mean Mean Jemima (Joey)
11. Money (Joey & Mark)
12. Flying (Joey)
13. Without You (Billy)
14. Midnight Sun (Mark)
15. Day After Day (Billy)
16. Vampire Wedding (Joey)
17. No More (Joey)
18. No Matter What (Joey)
19. Come And Get It - reprise
20. Encore - Rock Of All Ages (Steve Wozny)
Joey and band hit the stage just before 9:00 PM by launching into the song that put Badfinger on the map - "Come And Get It". This is the same 5 piece band that wowed crowds last year, and they were even tighter as a unit this time around. The band consisted of: Joey Molland - lead guitar, vocals; Mark Healey - bass, vocals; John Richardson - drums; Billy Davis - guitar, vocals; and Steve Wozny - keyboards, vocals. As noted in the above set list, the singing duties were spread around much more this year - and that change made for a fuller, richer show.
The stage lighting was not set up the best as the front stage lights were focused about mid-stage and back. And since Joe was standing a bit forward of the group for most of the show, that meant that his face was cast in a bit of a shadow... The photos, when posted will show this problem. The sound system was pretty good, but the mix was off somewhat. Most of Joe's leads were clear, but faded back in strength. As a mater of fact, Teresa's brother, John tapped the sound man on the shoulder during the show and told him to bring Joey's guitar up forward some. That seemed to help to a degree. But there were several other mishaps that happened during the show that showcased the professional level of Joey Molland and band.
The band was charging through the songs with Billy being very animated; encouraging the audience to clap their hands, or he was jumping up and down on the stage. Everyone, band and audience was really getting into the songs and the mood of the show, when all of a sudden during the playing of the song "Meanwhile Back At The Ranch/Should I Smoke", the vocals went out! The crowd very audibly moaned and the technician quickly ran around the side of the mixer board, jiggled some cables and hit a reset switch. The full sound kicked back on and a cheer went up from the fans. The band never missed a beat as the vocals were still coming through their stage monitors. Joe finished up the song with that classic soaring guitar riff at the end - and he hit it perfectly!
The next very weird incident happened halfway through the song "Midnight Caller" being sung by Mark Healey. All at once, the drums stop, John Richardson gets up from the drum kit and walks around it to quickly speak in Joey's ear. He then turns around and walks off the stage! Joe shrugs and keeps playing; Steve does some keyboard magic and fills in the heavier notes from the song, covering for the missing drum parts. What the heck is this? The audience is looking around and no one knows what to think... Soon there is some activity going on behind the drum kit. We can see John and several others messing with the kick drum. John Scarpelli turns around to the rest of us and says the drum head must have broken.
Brian, who is sitting next to me says that they will never get a new drum head on in time, as it takes some time to loosen the keys, remove the broken head, stretch the new skin, re-tighten and tension all the keys... So what to do? After the band finishes up the song, all but Joey leave the stage. Joey walks to the mic and announces that the drum kit is busted and that John was going to try and fix it. He then launches into one of my favorite songs "Sweet Tuesday Morning" with just Joey playing and singing the song solo. After that, John is still messing with the drum and Joe easily moves into an Eric Clapton song, "The Shape You're In" from his album "Money and Cigarettes". (Thanks Barb - I couldn't quite put my finger on which song it was). Midway through that guitar solo, John returns to the stage and sits down behind the drum kit and proceeds to really kick it in. Drum kit fixed!!! The rest of the band members return to the stage, the crowd roars it approval and Badfinger quickly continues the show by playing a great rocking version "Mean Mean Jemima". What an awesome recovery!
After the show, I spoke with John about what happened. He laughed and said that the drum head was rotten when he first started the show and it quickly failed not long into the set. He stepped on the foot pedal and it just went flat to the floor! Since this was a provided kit, no spare heads were available. So John cut out a head from a spare snare unit and duck taped it to the busted head! Duck Tape - The 8th wonder of the world!!!!
All the songs from the show were great, but there were some standouts for me. Billy's singing of "Without You" was really well received by the audience, as was "Day After Day" also sung by Billy. The entire band really smoked on Joey's song "No More" from the "Say No More" album. The audience was up and dancing, clapping their hands and just having a great evening along the Ohio River listening to all the music! There were also several boats just off shore, behind the stage listening to the show too.
After "No More", the band kicked into "No Matter What" and then segued into a reprise of "Come And Get It" to close the show. Joey's band left the stage and the crowd was on its feet stamping, clapping and shouting for more! In a few minutes, Badfinger returns and launches into a rollicking version of "Rock Of All Ages", sung by Steve. This has always been a good rocking keyboard song, and Steve was really into his role. Sweeping keyboard strokes, animated singing and just totally losing himself into the song; this put an excellent cap onto an excellent show... What a night!!!
After the show and before the band came out to talk to the fans, I was able to connect with several Badfinger fans who were at the show, and stopped by to say 'hello'. I met Johnny, who is a long time fan and has contributed several excellent photos to Barb's webpage. He was there with his daughters who were also big fans. I also had the privilege to meet Mark Vander Boegh and his friend up from Kentucky for the day. I had a really great time meeting these people and connecting faces with the names that I knew only through the Internet. Amazing!
After a short while, all the band members came out and spent about an hour or longer talking with all the fans, signing autographs and swapping stories. This is where I found out how John fixed the drum kit and how at the beginning of the show, Steve's keyboard wasn't there. Two roadies were dispatched to a local music store to rent the missing keyboard that Steve required... Good thing they were still open on a Saturday night!!!
When I was able to finally get close to Joe, I quickly introduced myself and Joey grabbed my hand and said "Hello Rick, good to see you again!" "I think I saw either your brother or your son up in Alaska last year." I said "That was my son, Brian, and he is standing right over here." Pointing at Brian holding his camera. Joey looked up and said "Hiya Brian!" "What are you doing here in Ohio?" Joe then thanked Brian for the letter that he had sent to him late last year. At this point, I think Brian was stunned that Joey first off; remembered him from the Alaska State fair shows. And second, that Joe acknowledged the letter that Brian had given to him over eleven months previously...
Here is what Brian has to say about his experiences:
Well for me, it was great to see Badfinger again. I had a blast the first time that I saw them playing at the 2000 Alaska State Fair outside of Anchorage, Alaska. They were scheduled for two shows, the first show was a rainy one. Only about 3-5 people were there for the entire show including me - it was a downpour! I think that night I was the only one that really knew who they were. The second show which was the next day was absolutely awesome! The weather was great with Mt. Denali standing proud in the background of the show. The fans were really packed in for this one! Still, several people really had no idea who Badfinger was. Several drunken attendees asked, "Who are you again?" and "Why haven’t we heard of you before?" But all in all, it was a great two days for me. Both nights I was to meet with the entire band and discuss a possible solo unplugged gig for Joey at my university.
And seeing Badfinger again in Ohio was really great. The show totally rocked and I got to hear a few more songs that I hadn’t heard before. After the show, it was cool to meet the band again.  To my surprise, Steve remembered who I was from Alaska and asked, "What the hell are you doing here?" So I told him that I was just home for the summer. It was cool to chat with him for a while again. Billy also remembered who I was. By far the coolest though was when Joey remembered who I was. I was completely floored. Especially when he remembered the letter that I gave him in Alaska!!!
It was a fantastic show and the band is awesome. I’m totally glad that I’ve had the chance to meet them several times now. I look forward to hopefully meeting them again sometime soon.  Thanks guys, you rock! -Brian
After all that, we said our 'good-byes to Joey and the rest of the guys, and headed back to our cars for our trip back to Dayton and home. But one more item was on the agenda... Find someplace to eat at 12:30 AM on a Sunday morning. We found an "Applebee's" just up the road a bit that was still open. We all sat around the curved table talking about the events over the past several days. It was a whirlwind tour of the Dayton/Cincinnati area, and capped off the best way possible - a great evening with Joey's Badfinger! Wow! This had been a long, but fast weekend that will be remembered by all of us for a very long time. Internet friends have turned into real-world friends. An almost close, kindred relationship has developed between Ron, Barb, Teresa and myself. We have all commented to each other that here, a week later, and we all miss each others company...
Brian and I said our 'good-byes to Teresa, Barb, Ron and John in the "Applebee's" parking lot. We continued our trip back to Piqua. Ron, Teresa and Barb headed back to Teresa's home for the last time that weekend. Barb started his drive back to Oklahoma the next morning, (Sunday) and Ron flew back to Maryland later that same day. We have all returned to our much quieter, much more normal lives... This was my third night, (read - 'morning') of getting home at 2:30 AM...
Later that same day, once I finally got out of bed close to noon, my wife had her hands on her hips and muttering something about me not being 20-something anymore... I laughed, because for a short while, it sure felt like it! I ate something and then proceeded back to the bedroom and crashed for the rest of the day! I'll show her 20-something - but, maybe not until tomorrow.... :-)
>>> R i c k <<<
To Be Posted: Comments from Kathie Molland
Glad you liked the show.
The CD will be mailed out Wednesday, and Thursday. We were two days behind because of the fourth of July. I'm sooooo excited to hear what everyone thinks of it.
Please tell the world. We have a huge network of fans that will call their local independent record stores and see if they'd like to order a few from us. We will be checking with some distributors, but it goes out mainly through us, unless some nice fat juicy deal came Joe's way. Fingers Crossed!!! The cover is a buzz too. -Kathie
And this in from RezPhreak:
I got a chance to listen to "This Way Up" yesterday. This album is a "must have" because not only is the material on it outstanding, but it's mixed extremely well. You can hear each instrument separately without even really trying to... yet, at the same time, you can hear how it's all mixed and each part played integrates into the whole of the song. The whole CD is done extremely well from the songwriting, recording, mixing, and artwork.
This is Joey's first album in 3 years and it is worth every penny. Some songs have a strong John Lennon or Beatles overtone, yet, it doesn't sound like the Beatles. One of the songs is sort of swing/ragtime based number and another one is a simple country like tune that goes over extremely well. Added onto all of this, as an extra treat, Joey's son even plays on one of the CD's 13 tracks.
Be sure to check out my favorite track, "Happy".
Overall, I'd have to rate this album a 8 or a 9 and well worth every penny you spend on it.
Ron ( RezPhreak )
To Be Posted: More comments from Barb, Ron and Teresa
Ron Saunders:
Flew to Ohio from Maryland to see Joey Molland's Badfinger, (and to meet up with some very cool people) and I was not disappointed. Joey rocked (do you hear me?), he ROCKED!! Great sound, very tight and an awesome attitude. Not in any particular order (I would have written down the set list but I was too excited) - Come And Get It, I Don't Mind, Baby Blue, Meanwhile Back At The Ranch/Should I Smoke, Suitcase, Mean Jemima, Midnight Caller, Sweet Tuesday Morning (awesome recovery from a busted kickdrum head), Money/Flying, Vampire Wedding, Midnight Sun, No More, The Dreamer, Day After Day, No Matter What, Without You, Come And Get It reprise and an encore of Rock Of All Ages (let me know if I've left anything out). It was also a dream come true to meet with Joey and the band after the show to talk and kick around a bit. This will be a weekend that will be remembered for a very long time. Badfinger Forever! -Ron
Teresa Scarpelli:
I had an absolutely fabulous weekend as well! It was great meeting you guys! I'm pretty beat, though, and I'm looking forward to getting a good night's sleep! Anyways, I miss you guys! It was so quiet here on Sunday afternoon after everyone left! I really hope we have another "lost weekend" like that again soon! My brother feels the same way. He said he knew what I meant, that you all seemed so familiar, like we all new each other already! I'm sure that Pete and Tommy were somewhere smiling on us! Shine on! -Teresa
Sir Barb Atkinson:
My tour of America's great Midwest came to an end at the beginning of this week. I had a great time! Not only did I see Joey Molland's Badfinger perform twice, I also was blessed with the company of many wonderful people on my trek. At the risk of sounding corny, it is truly inspiring how a common love for a rock band has bonded me to so many people all over the world. I hope to see everyone again soon. -Barb
To Be Posted:  Hoffman Estates Show and Photos - Barb's Badfinger Boogie
GREAT SHOW in Hoffman Estates last Sunday (July 8th). Despite the extreme heat and humidity, everyone had a great time hearing a great variety of Badfinger material. Joey and the rest of the band signed autographs and posed for photos until every last fan was taken care of!! (And there were a TON!!!) I can't wait for the next gig!!! (Hopefully soon!) Check out my photos in the photo gallery!!!! -kevin e!
I've added two new photo galleries, Hoffman Estates and Hoffman Estates soundcheck, to supplement Kevin's excellent photos. Hope to see others share their pics. -Barb
To Be Posted: From Sir Barb - Next Badfinger Fan chat
July's Badfinger chat is this Tuesday the 24th at 9:00 P.M. ET. Try to drop by if you can.
Joey Molland's new CD "This Way Up" is now available.
$15.00 + $2.99 Shipping
CALL (813) 243-1987 to use Visa/MC (9:00am – 6:00pm EST Mon-Fri)
Send check or money order to:
Independent Artists
4737 S. Highway 101
Suite 255
Minnetonka, MN 55345 USA
Mike Gibbins will have a booth at Chicago Beatlefest.
Hyatt Regency O'Hare, August 17-19, 2001
Upcoming shows by Joey Molland's Badfinger
Aug. 4  Colorado Springs, CO with Firefall and Molly Hatchet at Falcon Stadium.
Shows start at 11:00 a.m. Call 719-593-2700 for more info.
Aug. 10  Sykesville, PA Sykesville Ag & Youth Fair
for more info
Aug. 11  Fall River, MA Heritage Park
Call (978) 630-1497 for more info.
The End of History for the Net Music Revolution
The pessimistic conclusion of this Salon feature is that the record labels won the online music wars and that consumers lost. The article is a historical overview of the entire online music story, starting with the flurry of startups during the early days of the Web - sites such as, Napster, Nullsoft,, SonicNet, Scour, and IUMA. The ending is today, when all are either gone, sold to music labels, or sinking under the weight of lawsuits. If you haven't been following the story closely, this will tell you what has happened over the course of the last few years.
Some closing thoughts... Dealing with my loss!
         ,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤`  Äll Çåµgh† Úþ  `¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,
I hope the above mini-documentary gave you some sense of the amazing time that several of us had at a Badfinger show. I cannot promise you that if you go to one of Joey's shows, that you too will find everything to be so much fun, but I bet that you will! If Joey's show is coming close to you - Go! I promise you that Joey takes care of the fans in a very personal way. He is all smiles, hugging the fans, and remembering some of the smallest details from previous encounters. I am still smiling a week later as I poured through this story, trying to remember all the things and funny bits that happened for four Badfinger friends. It was my "Lost Weekend", but what a weekend it was...
On a more sober note, and the reason why I spent so much time detailing this show verbally is that the photo company has lost ALL my photos from the concert... They have put a trace on them and they tell me that there is a good possibility that they will show up. Hummmm... Luckily, Brian took his camera and several of the photos did come out quite well. These I will post on the BWR. I hope to have an eventual update featuring my lost photos soon. I'll keep everyone informed. I hope that I will have the opportunity to meet you at a Badfinger show soon...
See ya!
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And... Thank you for your continued support!!!
>>> R i c k <<<
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