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The story unfolds at last!
Updated 16 March 2003

What would be your idea of one of the rarest songs you could ever look for? An obscure import, a famous group's first record before they were famous, a promo only issue, a song recorded under a pseudonym, a song that was never intended for the music market, a song the fans don't know about. "Permissive Paradise" is all of these, and the kicker is that I never even heard of it until 34 years after it was recorded. I have some records that I searched years for; I got this little gem in the mail only nine days after you mentioned it in your newsletter. That's about as good as it gets! -Bryan Waller

As first reported in the BWR newsletter: PASSIN' TIME [ V4.07.162 ] 03-23-02

Undocumented recorded Iveys song re-discovered!!! - "Permissive Paradise"

A quick review:
Simon Cox contacted the BWR and stated: "I thought you might be interested to know that this promo track, ("Permissive Paradise") for a book about swinging London was actually by the Iveys/Badfinger. It was recorded at Apple Studios without the Beatles permission, as (the studio) was still being finished."

And Ron Griffiths responded with:
"The query you have raised is an absolute fact! We were asked to do a song that we were presented with to accompany the book. We recorded it, I think at Trident studios and I took the tape to Apple studios and with the resident engineer "produced" the version which was pressed onto a 'flexidisc.' I do not have the disc anymore but I do have the liner. You may be also interested to know I sang the lead on it. Hopefully it exists somewhere. I will let you know one way or the other..."

Oh, it exists Ron, It exists!!!

Now, credit where credit is due - We have some super sleuths working on this story!!

Simon Cox  ¤  Paul Nyman  ¤  Bryan Waller  ¤  Ron Griffiths

After Simon Cox asked the question, and Ron Griffiths confirmed the story; Paul Nyman and Bryan Waller came up with the goods on this very obscure, recorded Iveys song. Here is what they were able to find. And yes! The song is available on two different currently available CDs that can be ordered, but not identified on the CDs as an Iveys song!!! Read on...

From Ron Griffiths:
"...In front of me I have the liner, (for the flexidisc). The song was written by Jeremy Cox and John Sidey. The book was a "Harrap Book." That company were once addressed as - George G. Harrap & Co. 182, High Holborn, London WC1. The photography was by Frank Habicht. There are two introductory essays by Heather Cremonesi and Robert Bruce. The instruments / vocals on the song are all us, no one else was present. Oh, I forgot to say the picture that you sent IS the front cover of the book itself.. I know because there is a picture of the book on the rear of the disc liner."

The Pleasure Garden (The Iveys)

  • Ron Griffiths - Bass/Lead Vocals
  • Tommy Evans - Rhythm Guitar/Background Vocals
  • Pete Ham - Lead Guitar/Piano/Background Vocals
  • Mike Gibbins - Drums

I asked Ron:
How did the Iveys become involved with this project? Someone saw the band playing in a club, no doubt...

Ron Griffiths:
"With regard to how we came by the song / writers etc. Your theory may well be right, but I cannot vouch for that 100% We did need the money and it was a paid gig for us."

[ Click to Enlarge ]
Flexidisc Liner - Back

About the book/flexidisc - From the Library of Congress

Book Cover
  • Main Title: Young London: permissive paradise; photographs, Frank Habicht; views on the scene, Heather Cremonesi [and] Robert Bruce.
  • Published/Created: London, Toronto [etc.] Harrap, 1969.
  • Description: xv, p. 96 plates, illus. 31 cm.
  • ISBN: 0245596305
  • Notes: Illus. on lining papers.
  • Subjects: Photography of youth.
  • Youth--England--London--Pictorial works.
  • LC Classification: TR654 .H3
  • Dewey Class No.: 779/.9/301431509421
  • National Bib. No.: B69-14622

Photographer Frank Habicht published "Young London: Permissive Paradise" in 1969; it is a collection of mostly black and white photos of London in the "swinging sixties" era, with the emphasis on outrageous fashion statements including near nudity. The evocative photos (by Habicht) that capture the essence of 60s London, taking 7 months and 250 rolls of film to shoot.

Comments from Bryan Waller:
Today, the book can sell for as much as $700 (US). The book was promoted by the song, "Permissive Paradise", which was pressed on a flexidisc. One rare-book seller has told me that his copy came with no record, and another told me that none of his three copies showed any sign of ever having included a record. For this reason, I believe that the flexidisc must have been a separate promotional item.

Ron Griffiths, who sang lead, recalls the song having been presented to the Iveys, who recorded it at, possibly, Trident Studios. Ron then produced the issued recording at Apple Studios. Although not written by the Iveys, "Permissive Paradise" is unmistakably their sound. Ron's strong lead vocal and Tom Evans' harmonies stand out clearly, and the record features a great psychedelic guitar lead, by Pete Ham.

Permissive Paradise" is available on "Syde Tryps One", a 1995 compilation CD of British psychedelia on Wooden Hill. It is also included in "The Best of the Rubble Collection, Vol. 3", a 1999 CD compilation on Bam Caruso. "Syde Tryps One" credits the flexidisc and dates it as 1968, but I am unable to confirm the recording or issue date.

Paul Nyman continues:
The song on these CDs are in fact the Iveys singing, as Ron handles lead vocals and Tom and Pete are definitely singing background vocals. I looked through a few online used book sellers. The book isn't listed in any of them as available and mentions nothing of a flexidisc being part of the package unfortunately? Looks like it is only available from the 'Rare Book' dealers.

The CD compilation that I have, ("The Best of the Rubble Collection, Vol. 3") is generic. The artwork is colorful, but there are no details on any of the groups represented here. The song is similar to the basic sounds of "I've Been Waiting" (from the "Maybe Tomorrow" album). Ron's vocals are definite. The songs is more upbeat with a bit of innocent sex reference in the lyrics. Consider the time period of free-love and you get the idea with the youth of London then.

(Lyrics transcribed by Paul Nyman/Bryan Waller - Mentoring by Ron Griffiths)

Permissive Paradise (Jeremy Cox/John Sidey) Length - 3:35

(All right)

Permissive paradise.
And it's nice to know that our love is free.
Permissive paradise.
No suburban dream's gonna hang on me.

What do you think you're doing?
Where do you think you're going?
Nowhere, people.
Go blow your minds out and see.

The truths of yesterday no longer apply.
The dreams you had then, they were bound to die.
You're living a lie, and that's why you can't see me.

Permissive paradise.
We've got eyes to see that the joke's on you.
Permissive paradise.
In the promised land, we're the chosen few.
(Oh, we're the chosen few, yeah!)

What do you think we're doing?
Just where do you think we're going?
Nowhere, people.
The message is coming through.
(Permit me, baby!)

What do you think you're doing?
And where do you think you're going?
Nowhere, people.
Go blow your minds out and see.
(See, see)

The truths of yesterday no longer apply.
The dreams you had then, they were bound to die.
You're living a lie, and that's why you can't see me.

Permissive paradise.
And it's nice to know that our love is free.
Permissive paradise.
No suburban dream's gonna hang on me.

What do you think you're doing?
And where do you think you're going?
Nowhere, people.
The message is coming through.

(Yeah, pretty baby)

Permissive paradise.

And it's all so very nice.
(All so very nice)

No suburban youth can live there.

London swings.


"...Well maybe I was being a little bit sarcastic.... I must admit I am not in the least bit embarrassed by the lead vocal..considering it was done slightly tongue-in-cheek."

"It was done with soul, baby!!!!"

-Ron Griffiths

Side 2 Label

Flexidisc Liner - Front
[ Click to Enlarge ]

  Listen: "Permissive Paradise"  

Notes about the above lyrics and song:

Ron Griffiths:
"You really have put me on the spot with wanting to know when we recorded it... Bill Collins probably has the dates in his diaries - guessing, I would say it was at around the time of the "Maybe Tomorrow" sessions, possibly before...

Bryan Waller:
"The lyrics in parentheses are background vocals, usually by Tommy. I had fun using some of my old techniques - headphones, looped playback, repeated listenings to a line or phrase. As a former cryptologic linguist, I have some experience with picking out spoken words from recordings, so I'm pretty confident that I got it, but I'm happy to hear alternative suggestions. It really is a great piece of the early Iveys; you can hear Ron, Pete, and Tommy clearly."

Paul Nyman:
"This is such a strong track even considering the recording quality is a bit weak. Ron vocals remind me of "Summertime Blues" and all sorts of material in the late 60's. If Badfinger had retained Ron it would have been a whole different ballgame come 1970. How did this song get left out after all these years....strangest Iveys track ever! But what a Rock and Roller!!!"

BWR Note: The transcription process...
Paul was the first to put the lyrics down for review. I listened to my copy of the song and made a few minor corrections here and there. Then out of the blue, Bryan Waller contacted me and informed me that he too researched the "Permissive Paradise" song on his own. After seeing his results, he very quickly became part of the BWR research team. We also quickly realized that some of the lyrics just didn't quite fit or make sense line-by-line. Bryan then did a nice job of fixing most of the problem areas except we still had four lines in the lyric that were awkward - at best.

Over the next several days, Paul, Bryan, myself and Ron Griffiths shared notes and comments. Through it all, Ron Griffiths was very helpful and lent an ear and his remembrances of what they sang so long ago... Here are some of his comments:

Ron: "Good to hear that there is a copy...albeit less than perfect quality, in existence of "PP." The lyrics you have transcribed make sense except for the line with "applause." I would have to hear it for myself. The line you are missing, which does not seem correct, well I remember singing "Nowhere people the message is coming through." Hope this info' is of would great if there is a master of this."

We had it down as: "Tell the people that the message is coming through." Or even further off: "Though the people who permissibilities coming through," which did not make any sense at all, but it was what several of us heard! We also had another line listed as: "Though the people applaud you my darling see." And Ron wasn't sure that was correct. Bryan got us closer with: "Wow, what people. Go blow your minds out and see." and finally after taking Ron's advise, the correct lyric: "Nowhere, people. Go blow your minds out and see."

Bryan: "I now see that it is the answer to the question, "Where do you think we're going?". I believe it fits in four places. This was the most difficult phrase for me to pick out. I have reformatted the lines so that they are easier to follow. I really think that this is it."

What do you think you're doing?
Where do you think you're going?
Nowhere, people.
Go blow your minds out and see.
After that, it all fell into place very quickly. Great job guys! What a team!!!

From Paul Nyman: A letter forwarded - "Young London" author Frank Habicht

George G. Harrap & Company, Limited                182 High Holborn London WC1
Established 1901                            And at Sydney  Wellington  Toronto

             Young London: Permissive Paradise
                    By Frank Habicht

On publication day, Thursday, 12th June a vintage Parisian
bus will tour the centre of London to promote the book.  Will
all those riding in the bus on this promotion tour please be
at Broad Sanctuary, Westminster, (the parking area outside the
main entrance to Westminster Abbey and the Abbey Bookshop, and
the entrance to Dean's Yard) by 9.45 a.m.  The bus tour is
planned to end at the Bird's Nest (Six Bells) King's Road,
at 12.30 p.m. for the start of the party.

During the bus tour there will be the publicity disc, button
badges and balloons to distribute to the general public
whenever possible (i.e. traffic lights, traffic jams, etc).
The last part of the journey down the King's Road will be
at a very slow speed to enable those in the bus to hand out
as much publicity material as possible.

There will be a public address system on board the bus so
that the publicity disc may be played and live announcements

Please wear a "Young London" badge and bring your Admission
Card to the party with you.


BWR Note:
This is an exact reproduction of a letter that the author/photographer Frank Habicht sent to Paul Nyman recently. No other comments were made by Mr. Habicht... But it fills in a bit more of the puzzle that surrounds the song "Permissive Paradice" recorded by The Pleasure Garden, which we now know to be The Iveys, not credited! It certainly confirms the rarity of this flexidisc. The record was treated as a handout, not something directly included as a bonus with the book! So, maybe only a few hundred were actually ever pressed and distributed! And that makes this story/song even more amazing...

For more information on the Internet about the two compilation CDs - Check these links out

The Best Of Rubble Collection, Vol. 3 Paul Nyman:
I searched on the web and found at least a couple websites containing a scan of the cover of one of the compilation CDs, ("The Best Of Rubble Collection, Vol. 3"). It also has the tracklist and also mentions all the songs with a brief description toward the middle of the webpage.

[ The Pleasure Garden ]

The Pleasure Garden
This London band's "Permissive Paradise," was originally issued as a flexidisc to help promote a book called 'Young London', which was a pictorial account of Carnaby Street era London by photographer Frank Habicht. It really is rather good, with quite a catchy guitar riff and an appealing vocal arrangement.

Compilation appearances include: "Permissive Paradise" on Syde Tryps, Vol. 1 (LP & CD) and The Best Of Rubble Collection, Vol. 3 (CD).

Syde Tryps, Vol. 1 [ Syde Tryps, Vol. 1 ]

[ The Best Of Rubble Collection, Vol. 3 ]

Bryan Waller:
Details about the entire "Syde Tryps" series are available at:

[ "Syde Tryps" series ]

Rick Kellogg:
A partial view of the front cover of the book can be seen on this Japanese site. Ron confirmed that this was indeed the cover layout. It looks interesting - captivating front cover photo! I wonder where she is today...

[ "Young London" Cover ]

Okay, just where do I find this undocumented, re-discovered, recorded Iveys song???

"Syde Tryps 1" or "The Best of the Rubble Collection, Vol. 3"


I have heard this song from both the "Syde Tryps" and the "Rubble" CDs - And the recording on the "Syde Tryps" CD is far superior to that on the "Rubble" CD! They are both sourced from the flexidisc, but the "Rubble" copy has a lot more noise and distortion. My personal recommendation is to get the "Syde Tryps" copy. -Rick Kellogg

Bryan Waller:
"Permissive Paradise" is on "Syde Tryps One", a 1995 compilation CD of British psychedelia by Wooden Hill (TP 002). I purchased it from Midnight Records by calling them in New York at (212)675-2768; the cost was $21.99 + $5.00 shipping in the USA. I also ordered it from a small shop in England, but I haven't received it yet. My copy of the CD is mono, although all CDs carry two channels. I looked at them side by side in a 'wav' editor and they appear identical.

[ Midnight Records ] Search for: "Syde Tryps"

Rick Kellogg:
Do not forget to check on Gemm - a list of music sellers/re-sellers. This changes all the time, so check often and just like on eBay - Buyer beware!!! Read the seller ratings carefully.

[ Gemm ] Search for: "Syde Tryps" or for "Rubble" Look for the correct volume.

Paul Nyman:
I searched on the web and found a listing on a CD compilation titled "The Best Of Rubble Collection, Vol. 3." The label name is Bam Caruso; catalog number: BAMVP109CD, released in 1999. You can use the VVMO order link below:

[ VVMO order link ]

Some closing thoughts... "Go blow your minds out and see" (NOWHERE PEOPLE!)

Wow! What a discovery! An undocumented recorded Iveys song re-discovered!!! - "Permissive Paradise." Bryan said it best in stating:

"What would be your idea of one of the rarest songs you could ever look for? An obscure import, a famous group's first record before they were famous, a promo only issue, a song recorded under a pseudonym, a song that was never intended for the music market, a song the fans don't know about. "Permissive Paradise" is all of these..."

This song was probably recorded in 1968, predating the "Maybe Tomorrow" sessions. It has a psychedelic flavor to it, especially showcasing Pete Ham's guitar virtuosity. The Iveys further explored this style with their song "I've Been Waiting" from the "Maybe Tomorrow" record, so the mood is similar - a very different sounding Iveys - and fun!

For the collector, this recording is a MUST! Good luck finding the actual flexidisc, as they seem to be very rare. Of course, almost nobody knows that the recording, listed as "The Pleasure Garden," is really the Iveys - so good hunting! You might find it at a 'bargain' price. As Bryan stated: "I imagine there must be a few copies of the "Pleasure Garden" flexidisc out there, but they're probably in the hands of people who do not even know what they have. I think we'll be lucky to see even a picture of the flexidisc. Of course, you never know what might pop up on eBay."

For the Iveys/Badfinger fan, this song is a must too! Though not penned by the Iveys, all the vocals and instruments are pure Iveys. Ron's churning bass runs and excellent vocals: "It was done with soul, baby!!!!" Tommy's background vocals are great! He was really into this song! Pete's vocals are more subdued, but he can be heard in several spots embellishing his vocal bits. Pete's guitar covers the spectrum; from the 'chunky' beginning bits to the full blown guitar solo in the middle section. Great stuff! Mike's drums are pretty well faded in the back of this recording but, as always, Mike is there driving this song along, utilizing several shifts in his playing style.

One way or another, pick this song up. It is now a KNOWN part of the Iveys legacy - you just don't possess it yet... And as Ron Griffiths at one time during the past week stated:

"Well we're giving, (these lyrics) a bit of a hammering, (not surprising). I still have doubts about the transcriptions in some areas though. I know damn well I / we sang "NOWHERE PEOPLE!""

That was it! Thank you Ronnie G! Thanks also to Simon, Paul and Bryan - a job well done by all!

Comments from the Fans - "Permissive Paradise" - "I love the song!"

Peggy Burneka:
"I just wanted to congratulate you on your detective work. It looks like you've been doing quite a bit of "sleuthing" (is that even a word?) in tracking down this obscure Iveys track! I, along with many other Badfinger fans, will be trying to find a copy of it, I'm sure. Pretty cool stuff! Congrats on a job well done!"

Tom Brennan:
"I love the song! This is one of the best Iveys performances. It has all the classic Iveys elements: Ron's soulful voice and pounding bass guitar, Tommy's harmonies, Pete's searing lead guitar, and Mike's driving drum beat. Based on the sound of the track, I would say it was recorded towards the end of the LP sessions for "Maybe Tomorrow" around March or April of 1969, which is when "I've Been Waiting" and "Give It A Try" were recorded. There is also an electric piano on the track that you didn't credit to anyone. Could it be Pete playing it? I would guess based on the recording structure of the track that Pete played the electric piano on the basic track and overdubbed the distorted lead guitar later."

"Great discovery and great investigative effort all around by you guys! The transcription of the lyrics is excellent! Perfect!"

Mark V. Perkins:
"WOW! Rick, what a great article. This is what I'm talking about, you really make it happen. The song is great, shows off Ron's vocals and Tommy does a great job of doing himself. I thank you for the heads up and I will most certainly try to get a copy of it."

Brenda Watkins:
"Cool! Sorta like getting a singing telegram...and a lot of fun sitting here pressing my little computer speaker against my ear... Very 60's, isn't it? Thanks, Rick! And now, on to the newsletter..."

Ron Saunders:
"Man this is a treat! Thanks Rick for the MP3 of this tune (and to all involved in the tedious work of finding this tune)."

"I like this song very much. That's definitely Ron Griffiths on lead vocals and Tommy's backing vocals are so familiar. I imagine it was Pete playing the keyboards on this track (with a closer listen you can hear some tap electric piano during the 2nd or 3rd verse) sounding a bit like Nicky Hopkin on The Beatles' "Revolution," but not too extreme as on the "Revolution" single. Come to think of it, Hopkin did do some sessions with The Iveys around '68 or '69 - could it be that the well known sessionman was on this track? Thanks again Rick! Peace"

Randy Justesen:
"I really enjoyed the song! Nice job again Rick, thanks! WAY TO GO RON GRIFFITHS!"

Peggy Burneka (a little later):
"This is SO COOL!! I'm on about my fifth listen, and I love it! You can really hear Tommy's strong voice, can't you? And I love Pete's buzzy, psychedelic guitar! And Ron does really sing it "with soul, baby!""

"I know Dan was very surprised to hear about it when you first mentioned it. When I asked him about it, he couldn't believe he hadn't heard of it before, with all the research he's done into every aspect of the story. I know this is very exciting for him to hear, as it is for all of us. It just goes to show, there are always secrets just waiting to be discovered! I think I'll groove on it a few more times before calling it a day!

Joe Pellegrino:
"Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for the MP3 of the Pleasure Garden! As you can imagine last weekend I was searching the Web for the song, and compilation CD. It wasn't until Tuesday morning that I discovered the attachment on my work e-mail. What a great song. And, is it possible that we fans, (including Dan Matovina) had no idea until the year 2002 that there is a Badfinger/Iveys song on a garage band CD? How could this be kept secret for so long...a band like Badfinger that is so much scrutinized? While arguing continues on Randy's page, I would think the fans would be shocked and overjoyed at such a discovery."

Bryan Waller:
"Thank you for the pictures, they look great. The sleeve doesn't look anything like I imagined it would. Are those scans of the labels or did Ron find the record? Because it says "Free Record" on the back, it appears to have been a promotional giveaway to the public. There are probably a few out there that have been ignored or forgotten for years."

Steve Sage:
"Awesome!! I downloaded it and I'm listening to it for about the tenth time right now. (I have it on in the "repeat" mode in my Music Match player) With a bit more production I can imagine it a real hit in those days. As it is it's really a good rocking song with some great harmonies, great playing (Pete's cool fuzz leads, especially) and and an element that's one of the keys to a great rock record, a good rocking, psychadelic fadeout. Kind of makes one wonder what the band would have ended up sounding like, and if their fate might have tuned out differently, if Ron had stayed in the band."

"What an amazing find! Until tonight I'd thought we'd pretty much all dug up about all there is to dig up of our favorite group's history. Could there be any more of these out there? This has made my weekend, and week! You are doing an incredilble job of finding more and more exciting Badfinger news."

Bryan Waller (a little later):
I really appreciate your sending the high quality scans. I can see now that the labels have somehow come off of the record; I think it's great that Ron sent them as well. It's often difficult to find high-quality images of rare records on the Internet. I look forward to seeing your next newsletter."

"It has been a real pleasure working with you on this, and the reward came right away. Thanks again, Rick" Disclaimer:
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