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Liverpool UK to Liverpool USA
The Holiday Inn & Convention Center ~ Liverpool, N.Y. ~ February 6, 2004

Hello Badfinger-People! This is Paul Davie, and I’m the “Brian Epstein” of the Syracuse/Liverpool, NY based band called “THE FAB FIVE”. We had the honor and privilege to open up AND back up Joey Molland this past February 6th, at “From Liverpool UK to Liverpool USA – A 40 Year Celebration of The Beatles & The British Invasion”.

I can’t tell you how much ‘love’ was in the room that night. I feel like I’ve made 1000 more friends, and a dozen more BADFINGER friends (from all over the country!) who share the passion. Thank you for all of your compliments on the job I did. You guys wouldn’t believe the obstacles I faced along the way…most notably THE WEATHER. Syracuse had record sub zero cold and snow which prevented adequate advance ticket sales. Most were sold the last three days BEFORE the show, and at the door. And boy, did they sell in droves. We actually sold out to standing room only.

  Liverpool UK to Liverpool USA  

"When I Was A Boy"
October 22, 2002

Joey walks on stage with a well-used Gibson J-160E acoustic guitar... (applause and standing ovation)

"Thanks for comin' everybody. Appreciate it. I hope that this is a night to remember." (strumming) "I'm gonna tell ya about a few stories about stuff and uh...." (strumming) "How I did all this, you know. Whatever I did. What did I do? Well I, I don't know. What did I do? I went to school like you. I, I grew up. I had a mam and a dad and all of the rest of it. And we made some records."

"And I'm supposed to get up here and tell a story about it and act like I rehearsed it or something.... Of course, I'm just ah... completely PARANOID about the whole bloody thing and..." (strumming) "we'll see what happens, won't we!"
-Joe Molland

  When I Was A Boy  

Joe Mo in Kokomo
May 31, 2002

Joe, Mark, John and Steve were setting up and doing a brief sound check. Billy will be arriving shortly. During the sound check, Joe is doodling around with different guitar riffs and launches into his obscure song "Merry Christmas, Follow Your Star." Mark Healey, sitting by the drum set, looks up quizzically and smiles. Barb comments; "I asked Joe about playing that song the following morning. He said, "If you never play them, they die."

It was also about this time that Joe spent a few minutes talking with the fans from the stage; thanking everyone for coming to the show. He asked how everyone was doing and if everyone was having a good time. We all yelled back that we were. Then Joey said, "Well then, drink up. This round is on me!" One of the waitresses walked up to our table and asked, "Is he serious?" "I'm sure he is" she was told! So for the next few minutes, the waitresses took everyone's order and delivered them all!

  Joe Mo in Kokomo  

Sykesville Concert
The Sykesville Ag and Youth Fair - Badfinger in concert - August 10, 2001

The concert is about to begin. Joe walks up to the mic, looks out over the audience, (of several hundred) and jokes: "Is everyone else at the school bus demolition?" "When I first heard that it was a school bus demo, I thought that you were going to pick out the new school busses for next year!" (laughs) "I didn't know that you were going to smash them up!" (laughs) Joe has just captured the entire audience. Joe spins around and kicks into the first song - the evening begins...

"The photos are really great, man. They are the best I have ever seen of the band. They are also currently my screen saver on my computer. My favorite is the one with the reflection on Joe's guitar. I can't wait to see what you do with them."
-Sir Barb

  Sykesville Concert  

Cincinnati Chilifest 2001

A Hot Time in Cincinnati... ~ Joey's Badfinger concert in Ohio ~ July 14, 2001

Cincinnati ChiliFest Concert Series - Hugh Blow-out!

The greenish glow in the sky in downtown Cincinnati that was witnessed by thousands at 9:00 PM brought in many calls to the Cincinnati police on July 14th. Was it a rare occurrence of the Northern Lights? Or maybe the fireworks show after the Reds game? No! It seems that during a concert show featuring Joey Molland's Badfinger, concert-goers by the hundreds, in unison lit their lighters in tribute to the band. Big mistake! After thousands of people digested thousands of pounds of chili, the inevitable happened... The not-so-sweet smell of success...

And now if you believe that, try following this story...

  Cincinnati Chilifest 2001  

Chicago Beatlefest 2001

The official 25th Anniversary Midwest Beatles Fans' Convention - Chicago - August 17-19, 2001
Featuring (for me): Mike Gibbins of Badfinger!

Mike's table was well located, just off the main center isle that lead into to the International Beatles Marketplace, where you could browse the thousands of Beatle memorabilia and collectibles that were all for sale. Some items needed a VERY fat wallet! As I turned the corner, I could see the 'Exile Music' - 'Mike Gibbins' banner. I had found him, and there he was sitting with his wife Ellie! I walked up to Mike and sticking out my hand I said, "Hello Mike!" "Rick Kellogg from the Badfinger Web Ring." Mike shook my hand and said, "Hi Rick!" "I've already been warned to look out for you!" "Two girls were here earlier looking for you..."

  Chicago Beatlefest 2001  

"Party in the Park - Taste of" Event - Saturday, July 15, 2000

The weather was almost perfect. Beautiful blue sky, white puffy clouds, low 80's and a nice steady breeze from the Northwest. The crowd was appreciative and Joey's Badfinger made an hour pass so very quickly!

  Party in the Park  


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