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Joey Molland We saw the show this morning and have viewed it a couple of times. It's very good and full of great clips and music and performances. The emotions run high seeing it again. Enjoy it and keep playing the music. Thank you for your support.
-Kathie and Joey-

VH1 Behind the Music. Tonight! At last VH1's Badfinger documentary is upon us (in the U.S. at least). Go to VH1 for the schedule (and the worst shot of Mike I have ever seen!...Please note Mike has lost 30 pounds since this interview!)
-Owen Gibbins-

More can be said of Badfinger.....but if you only had an hour to say it in...I guess this is what should have been said. VH1 did a superb job of the Behind The Music episode of Badfinger... Almost everything was covered....great archival footage (some things that I never knew exsisted).....I'm still buzzing from's on tape to view at my convience. This is most definitely a MUST SEE!!! The legend lives on.

Ron, I agree, they covered what needed to be covered and did a superb job! I also stood by with the remote control nervously awaiting the start. Taped it, watched it, then watched it again. The footage was great, those interviewed got their points across to the veiwer and I loved the line about "beautiful music". I loved how they worked in a many different songs. I loved the closing with "We're For the Dark". I guess I just loved it. Yes, it is a sad story but it was great to hear it told by VH1.
-Brian F-

Congratulations to all the parties involved on the premiere airing of Badfinger - Behind The Music. Overall, I thought it was an excellent, relatively unbiased, history of the band. The archival footage was UNBELIEVEABLE!!! All parties involved in Badfinger seemed to get an equal say in the often-disputed story. (I still feel that one hour wasn't nearly enough to tell the whole story.) Hopefully even more people will be turned on to the WONDERFUL music that Badfinger has brought us over the years.
-kevin e!-

I watched, I taped, I liked.

Pete Ham

Although I do not remember the group as I was a little girl, as I watched *Behind The Music*, I remembered their music. Towards the end of the show I really connected with what happened to Pete Ham. My brother did the same exact thing & I could not hold back my tears. I cried for an hour after the show for Pete & I could still see the pain in everyones eyes over his tragedy. Somehow I feel greatly connected to Pete. It is leading me to find out more about the group & their personal lives. Great show VH1.

Behind The Music was great! All the old footage & home movies made it alot of fun to watch. It could have been much longer, hell it could have been a miniseries, but it was sure great to see the story told on mainstream TV!
-Owen Kelley-

all I can say

Set my VCR to catch the Sneak Preview. The footage was brilliant! All the parties put their two cents into this. Now if only this would get aired overseas. Time to write in and convince them /Apple,Capitol,VH-1/ that the rest of the world should be allowed to witness this show. Brando, How about it?
-Paul Nyman-

Just caught the sneak-peak of Badfinger Behind-the-Music. About time! Some great intimate shots of the band through the years. Great job on the show, VH-1. Maybe this episode will be successful and they'll do an episode JUST on Pete Ham! With even more intimate pics and songs! Pete, wish you were here.
-scott andrew-

Tom Evans Bittersweet! It was full of rare home video and pictures and well worth the long wait. It was great to see interviews from people whom I've only read about. When Dave Evans (Tom's brother) said his first reaction to Tom's suicide was "you bastard" I felt the same. It does actually piss you off when you think about it all. Actually, I got a tear in my eye at the ending. Not of sadness, but of pride. The band deserves this and I hope it does wake up a new generation of listeners because of it. No mention of Head First release or Solo stuff on any members though. It pretty much followed the Badfinger Story book.

If there's anyone who asks "who's Badfinger?" when I mention one of my favorite songwriting bands of all time, all I have to do is sing a bar or two of "Come & Get It" or "No Matter What". EVERYONE knows Badfinger music, they just aren't familiar with the group and image. To Joey and all involved in the painful, yet insightful interviews thank you. I enjoyed this VH1 BTM very much. Rarely did any of the "Badfinger" Pioneer movie get re-used in the making of the documentary. It was fresh and inspiring. I hope that fans who see the rest of the group throw crumpled $100 bills at them. The story of Badfinger becomes top-shelf reading for any talented young band looking into management and the ins and outs. I hope bands continue to cover their music. I hope they never give up. They deserve to be recognized and respected. They deserve to be Badfinger. And VH1 couldn't pick a better BTM to produce around this group. Makes the Go Go's and MC Hammer look lucky. Thanks Kathie & Joey.

Just caught the Badfinger Documentary today and was very impressed especially the home movies and the Interviews with the wives and girlfriends ,relatives and the people who worked with them.The only problem was they could have made it a 2 hour special! I especially liked the performances on the Television shows in which I didnt relieased that Badfinger did so many performances on the Airwaves,they could have included the whole songs performances but other than that it was a Job well done. Long live Badfinger!

Mike Gibbins I too thought Behind The Music was great! The old footage and home movies were excellent! I suppose now our little secret is out and we are going to have to share Badfinger with the rest of the world! I certainly hope so! I only wish Pete and Tom were here to enjoy the adulation they are bound to receive, and I hope it helps breathe new life into Joey and Mike's careers. Do you suppose Pete and Tom were sitting there watching Behind The Music with John Lennon & Harry Nilsson? What a party that would have been!
-Owen Kelley-

Oh man, what a drag... I don`t mean the Behind the Music`s quality (it was awesome) but the sadness that follows the story. So much loss, and so many wounded. I know that`s how it happened, but it still sucks to see it. It all comes down to bad decisions, you know? As Joey said in the end: "get a lawyer and read the contracts" Good advice for any aspiring musician. The show was good, but the feelings that follow are somber. One moment in particular made me cringe. Seeing Tommy on "Shock Theater"! Arggg! I remember that horrid show! That clip proves the depths the band sunk to near the end. I hated seeing that. So we finally get to see our idols in the spotlight. HeadFirst will be good too, but I think a period of quiet reflection will follow. It won`t change the story, but it`ll remind everyone of the good music that came from it. Rest in Peace Badfinger.
-Tom S-

I've only seen the very first segment of the show, which I taped this morning, and already I'm thrilled! My wife doesn't want me watch the rest until a little later, when we can watch it together, but I can't wait! I'm so happy for all the parties involved, and feeling again that wistful feeling that comes from knowing that Pete and Tommy are not around to see the fruits of their efforts finally being recognized. I only hope that the buzz from this show gives the public the impetus needed to bring about further exploration the group's output.

Thanks to VH1 for giving the general audience a good record of the Badfinger tale. Fans always know there is more to tell, but this is the record that will be seen and known and is done in the very well balanced style that VH1 has developed. Now Badfinger has a place in this medium alongside all the greats of the business, just as they always should have.

Ron Griffiths I thought Behind The Music was an incredible production! I loved all of the old movies & video stuff! I loved the part when Joey introduced himself as "stoned", I think he was telling the truth too because he had a bass and Tommy had a guitar! I do wish they would have mentioned that Tommy had a CD of demos released as well as Pete Ham, and I wished they would have mentioned that Mike and Joey both have new releases due out soon. They dwelled on the fact that Tommy & Pete were such prolific songwriters, but people tend to forget that Joey wrote almost half of the recorded material on the Badfinger albums that he was a part of. It sure is great for them to be on a major TV production, I hope it helps everyone out!
-Owen Kelley-

Yes, I did enjoy the BTM special. Badfinger has been "my band" since the mid 70's. Love the guitars, love the vocals, I still have all of their albums, all orginally bought in the 70's, still have the "Straight Up" songbook, but not the "Badfinger Plays Ovation" poster that hung on my bedroom wall. I havn't seen them much on film, so this was a real treat.After the show, I was left with mixed emotions. These guys were so young back then, naive young adults trying to earn a living in a tough business without much direction. Couldn't they have found someone they knew to direct them? Stan Polley will get his one day. Thanks VH1 for the exposure, that is a story, long overdue, that just had to be told.
Steve Seneca-

VH-1 thanks for a really great Behind The Music show. Such a tragedy for those young guys. Another hour featuring just those music videos or tv appearances could be added like a Storytellers presentation. Ah you can dream!
-Trisha Blake-

Finally! Great job by BTM. Now everyone will know. Two hours would have been better.

Bob Jackson Thursday morning I was watching VH1 & they had a little deal about Badfinger on a music news type of format and it had a little interview with Rod Roach in it. You could tell that it was all taken from the Behind The Music production, but Rod never ended up in the finished show. It makes a person wonder what other cool stuff is on the cutting room floor. VH1 will probably replay this little segment again sometime, so be sure to watch for it.
-Owen Kelley-

It is the day after and I am finally able to dab away the tears and shake off the long overdue excitement of watching the VH1 Badfinger - Behind the Music Special. I am absolutely thrilled with the production and portrayal of each member of our beloved group. The staff at VH1 was able to separate the various complex issues and cut to the core fate of Badfinger in a truly unbiased and compelling fashion. It was especially moving to see some of the faces in the long line of those who knew them well, great people like John, Marianne, David, Ron, Mike, Gaynor, Beverly, Anne, Bob, Joey, Kathy, Bill and Paul McCartney! There emotions illustrate just how special Pete and Tom were, they are dearly missed. Saddened as I think about how nice it would have been to see Petera and Stephen speak lovingly about her fathers. The tragic story of Badfinger has now been told to the world and we must now welcome those aboard to help us honor the "Greatest Band That Continues To Be". Putting all professional differences aside, I believe we must all agree to acknowledge the amazing dedication of Dan Matovina. A simple "Thank You" is all that is necessary for a job well done. Anything less would not be enough to repay him for the decade worth of effort he has put forth in resurrecting the name Badfinger. Many thanks go out to all the webmasters for their dedication as well, if not for them we would have no forum to communicate our thoughts. It is now up to us to show all that come aboard what we can do for an encore! Respectfully,
-Mark V. Perkins- Disclaimer:
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